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  1. Connie J. Thompson says:

    Hi Laura!

    I enjoyed reading your story about Giswil. I have traced my 2nd Great Grandmother to Giswil. I am coming for a visit to Switzerland before a cruise in late August, but Giswil is a little out of our way. I really would like to make a quick trip to see where she was from, as I have learned to love this little woman through studying her life. I was wondering if you could tell me how far of a walk it is from the Hotel Krone to the small chapel (St. Laurentiis) I believe. Or perhaps there is another church right by the Hotel. I can catch a bus from Luzern to the hotel. The train stops a lot further away, but I will have to take the train back.

    Best Regards,

    • Laura Weers says:

      I think it is about a mile walk. The people are very friendly and polite in Giswil and would give you a ride to the church and back to the hotel. There are two churches in Giswil.
      Hope you have a wonderful vacation.
      Thank you so very much, Laura

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