Kohl started out in life as a very sick little kitten.

His Mother was a first time mother cat. She only had Kohl very late in  the year. She took care of him to the best of her ability. I left Kohl in a building with a heating pad. He would now lay on the heating pad without his Mother’s warmth due to the lack of her knowledge of how to care for him.

I took Kohl into my house on a Christmas night. I put him in a large cage with a litter box with food  and water. I new he was now old enough he could now survive without his mother’s somewhat care.

He had a major respiratory problem that my vet told me how to treat.

The vet gave me antibiotics for Kohl. He took his antibiotics for about one month. I purchased a kitten bottle at a pet store, it looks like a miniature version of one you could use for your baby. The vet also told me to give him Pediasure which I put in his kitten bottle. He would always drink it without any trouble. He slowly started to gain weight. His hair started to have a bright shine to it. He was on his way to recovery.

Kohl was also feed a special kitten food from the vet. He liked the kitten food from the vet. I would also fed him some canned food from the vet with extra nutrients and vitamins in it.

I would now let him out of the cage now and then. He and my other cats  seemed to get along fine. He liked to play with bright colored green plastic frogs that I bought at a discount store. He also liked to play with bright colored balls also. Yellow mice that came free in a bag of cat food were also a big hit.

Kohl would now play with my other house cats. He would wrestle with them. My oldest cat Sebastian let him know in a hurry who was the leader of the cats. Sebastian was an expert at Kohl’s wrestling matches. Kohl spent many hours in my picture window watching the many birds that would come to my bird feeder.

My cat Garfunkel was wrestling with Kohl today. Kohl used to win these matches all of the time. Garfunkel is getting more courageous and can handle his own now. They like to bite gently on each others neck or ears. The winner is determined by who runs away first. Sometimes there are repeat matches with a different winner. To the winner goes the privilege of sitting on my lap.

Kohl was playing with his favorite  green plastic frog this morning. Later on he played with a large gray mouse that has catnip in it. He loves to lay down by a heat register at night or sleep in his heated cat bed.  He loves to run up and down my steps for his daily exercise routine. He always loves to have a snack of tuna that was packed in water now and then. I also give him dental treats to keep his teeth nice and clean.

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