God Is By Your Side In All of Lives Storms

Adversity, sickness, trials and tribulations come to all of our doors eventually. No one is immune from sickness and the tragedies  that can happen in day to day living. In times of death of a loved one or sickness I grow closer to God. God has a purpose for everything that we go through in life. Our knowledge is not capable of understanding Gods purpose for what we are going through at different times in our life.

Put Your Faith In God

When a sickness or bad situation arises put your faith in God and pray without ceasing. God answers our prayers in his time frame. God answers us when we can accept his answer and learn from it and move forward in life. If you can no longer do a job that you used to do another job may come along that fulfills you and Gods purpose for you in ways that you never thought were possible.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Do not feel sorry for yourself in life as you already know their are others in much worse shape then you are that are moving forward with their lives. Negativity harms you and others. Keep a positive attitude and help others to do the same. If someone has lost faith help them regain their faith in man and in God.

Do Not Relive The Past

Do not relive bad things that happened to you in the past after all the past is the past and you cannot change the outcome no matter what you do. If you live in the past you cannot participate in the future and you cannot make the world a better place. Do not dwell on things, do not think everything will have a bad outcome and do not worry as it robs you from your life.

God Knows All Of Your Thoughts

God knows all of thoughts and all of your needs and wants before they even enter your head. Think positive thoughts and live a life of a good steward. Live a life with purpose and fulfillment. Never let one earthly person have power over you as they may leed you in the wrong direction for their benefit and you will suffer for letting them do so.

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

When something bad happens try to turn it into a positive thing quickly. Can you talk about the tragedy with others so they won’t have to go  through what you have gone through. Life is full of ups and downs as we live in a World full of temptations and brokenness. When you feel down pray to God without ceasing as he will help you as you are one of his children.

Help Spread Gods Good Works

I have always grown closer to God with sickness and tragedies. God is my constant guiding compass. With God in my life all things are truly possible. My purpose in life is to spread Gods good works. My goal in life is to put a smile on someones face everyday and bring joy, hope, peace and love into peoples lives and be kind, compassionate, caring, faithful and loyal. I want to visit people in the rest homes, assisted living units and call them and talk to them. God Bless You and Yours.

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