What Is Your Net Worth In Society As A Person ?

A person is not defined as to what he is worth financially. A person is defined as  to what he is worth in society. Do you help other people by listening to them, being kind and helping them in any way that you can ?  If you always help others in anyway  that is possible your net worth is highly appreciated by God and the people you help.

If you help someone that is down and out it should make you and them feel better. We are put here on earth for the same purpose which is to love others and to love God. Take two or more hours out of your day as often as you can to listen to someone and help them with an issue they might be struggling with. You will find out we all have things to share with others that will help them out.

Be a person that others can depend on. If you make a promise to someone stand by it. To be a friend to someone you have to be a true friend to them in every sense of the word. A rainy day friend is about worth what a rainy day is worth after a downpour.

If someone puts their trust in you with a private thought keep that thought absolutely private. If they are seeking your advice on a delicate manner remember to never share that with anyone. Trust does not come quickly but it can disappear in the blink of your eye.

God knows your net worth in society for God created all of us. Show others and God that your net worth in society is  very much needed. Be consistent when you pray for others that are less fortunate than you are. Give to worthy charities whenever you can. Always be kind, considerate, helpful, loving, caring and bring joy to someones heart every single day. God bless you as a person who ‘s net worth in society is priceless.

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