Kelly Gau Opened A New Studio Located In Lake Mills, Iowa

I was provided Art Supplies from Kelly Gau Studio located In Lake Mills, Iowa to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I love the lighting in her new studio and the abundance of supplies she had to make your art project with. My friends Sara Broers, Mary Levad Lovstad, and Donna Hup started working on our creations. Kelly helped us with anything we needed help with and she was very kind and helpful through the entire art creation.

I found working on my art creation with friends to be very relaxing and a fun and wonderful way to spend our evening. I love cats, traveling and Inspirations with Laura which I incorporated into my art project. I have a gray cat on my canvas, the cats background is a map of the World and butterflies flying freely along with a bright sun and a bright blue cloud. i wanted to incorporate every aspect of what I write about and love on my canvas. You can learn a persons likes very quickly by looking at their art work as their art work reflects a part of them in each and every project that they create on their own.


Kelly Gau Studio takes ages 3 and up that can make their own unique creations. She offers birthday party, after school art, wall hangings and create seasonal art projects. Kelly Gau also has another studio located in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  You can contact Kelly at 1-641-590-3235 for more information.

Children would absolutely love a birthday party canvas art project with all of their friends. Her studio is easy to enter and is right on Main Street in Lake Mills, Iowa.  Making art projects is an expression of your inner self. Get your creative juices flowing and book a creative canvas event at Kelly Gau Studio with your friends as you will be amazed at what you can create and say about yourself in one art project.

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