Lanterman’s Mill Located in Youngstown , Ohio

I had the privilege of taking a tour of Lanterman’s Mill with one of the descendants of the original builder of the mill . I always love to look at the mechanical workings of a Grist mill. It is fun to watch the grain move along the conveyor belt into the grind stone area of the grist mill. You can observe the ingenuity involved in the early production of meal and flour. You can smell the aroma’s that the freshly ground flour gives off. I love the gentle sound of the water as it flows towards the water wheel. In their gift shop area you can purchase stone ground cornmeal, buckwheat, and whole wheat flour that are preservative free. Some of the local stores sell their flour also.

lettermans mill

Lanterman’s Mill , a historic landmark, was built in 1845 – 1846 by German Lanterman and Samuel Kimberly. The mill was restored in 1982 – 1985 through a gift from the Ward and Florence Beecher Foundations. The mill is a community treasure that represents one of the many pioneer industries developed along Mill Creek and operates today as it did n the 1800’s grinding grains into flour.

lantermans mill

Walking around the mill is wonderful with breath taking views of the mill and bridges. There are plenty of beautiful flowers to look at. Explore Mill Creek Gorge for a dramatic peek into the area’s geologic history. Gorge Trail is a beautiful two – mile loop along Mill Creek bordered by rugged outcrops of sandstone. A boardwalk spans 1000 feet of this trail.

In 1933 the first floor of the mill was converted into a nature museum, then into the Parks historical museum in 1972. Lanterman’s Mill was entered into the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the interiors in 1974. The renovation of Lanterman’s  Mill was no small feat. Many obstacles had to be overcome during the costly and painstaking renovation which began in 1982. I am very glad that people had enough interest in this grand old mill to save it and get it back into working order again for generations to come to love and enjoy as much as I did.

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