We are a diverse nation and we all bring something different to the table. We have different backgrounds and abilities which blend well together. We have different jobs so we can help one another effectively. We all like different things which ads to the spice of life. Variety is important in your life so you don’t stagnate and keep on learning and discovering new things.

Diverse Skills

By being a diverse nation are skills are very different and we can blend the skills together to discover cures for diseases and keep the electronic age moving full steam ahead. Thank goodness we do not all like the same things. If  all of us thought alike we would all be doing the same thing and driving the same brand and color of car. Life would be very boring indeed and we would not advance or move forward with time.

Vast Variety Is Good

We have a vast variety of items for sale in the World that can benefit many people. We plant a huge variety of vegetables, flowers, trees and much more that supply food and shade and protect animals. The different styles of architecture add beauty to the land. We have bred different colors and sizes of dogs and other animals that add to the of beauty nature. Animals are bred to produce more milk, eggs, leaner meat and more. The different breeds of dogs help with many various task.

A Diverse Nation Can Benefit The Masses

Diversity is what makes a country strong. We have had many different and exciting experiences by learning from people in other nations. All of us want the same basic necessitates out of life. We can bring different methods of learning valuable things if we we collaborate together and work together toward a common goal. We have different jobs, abilities, skills, values, personality traits and attitudes which when blended together accomplishes so much to make the World much better.  Be glad that we are a diverse nation that can benefit the masses.

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Ginger’s Story

I adopted Ginger from a pound that was out in the country. Ginger was covered in fleas. When I got Ginger home safely I put a flea dip all over her and I also washed her with a flea shampoo. It did not take long for her hair  to recover from the damage the fleas had done to it. Ginger soon had a nice looking lustrous coat of hair.

Ginger was a very friendly part Siamese and Himalayan cat. She looked like a purebred Chocolate Point  Siamese cat except for slightly longer hair. Ginger loved to sleep in bed with me at night. She was always quiet in bed and never disturbed my sleep whatsoever. She got along fine with dogs and other male cats. I got Ginger spayed and her front claws removed when she was about 14 weeks old. She recovered from the procedure quickly.

Ginger would wake me up at precisely 6 AM every morning. I always had set my alarm for 6 AM before I had Ginger. I no longer had to set my alarm clock with my trusty cat Ginger watching out for me. Ginger also rented a house for me once. I had forgot to turn on my answering machine when I left my house. Ginger must have gotten tired of the phone ringing and must have hit the on button with her paw. I received that answering machine message and that party rented my house.

Ginger loved to play with toy mice and small balls. She liked to go outdoors on occasion. I kept an eye on her constantly when she was outdoors. She liked to take afternoon naps on my couch or on a chair. Ginger loved Fancy Feast canned cat food. Eventually all I had to do was say Fancy Feast and she would come running for her cat snack for the day.

Ginger was always a very healthy cat. I only remember having to buy medicine for her once in her life. When Ginger turned 18 she started losing weight. Ginger also started vomiting a lot and I would find her in lying in my bath tub. I think Ginger must of had kidney failure. I called up my vet one day and had Ginger put to sleep. I missed Ginger a lot but I cannot stand to see any beloved pet suffer.

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If You Think You Won’t Succeed In Life You Probably Won’t

Success begins with your attitude toward life in general. If you don’t like yourself  others will not like you. If you think it is easy to advance in life you are very wrong. It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to make it to the top of your A game. Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes there seems to be more downs then ups. Remember there will be blue skies ahead.

Listen To Sound Advice

Success comes easier when you have people cheering you on in life. Friends can motivate each other to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. Ask people for advice in life and remember to take their advice. When you are bull headed and won’t listen to any positive advice you will sink and not swim. A great achiever listens to sound advice and runs to the finish line with it.

Move On Quickly

Successful people move on quickly when something does not pan out and they do not cry over spilled milk. When plan A fails move onto plan B and never look back. A successful hobby can turn into a full time business. Put your heart and soul into all that you set out to do in life.


If you have a business that is not doing well ask your friends for advice and help in turning things around in a positive direction. Think of things you might be doing that would turn people away. Keep consistent hours and have an inviting store that is well lite and not overcrowded with merchandise for sell. Keep your store clean and play relaxing music that sets people at ease.

Keep Learning

If you have not finished college you should before you get over burdened with other time consuming things in your life. People with a college education make more money than those without a college education today. The computer age moves on very quickly and without that knowledge you will soon be left behind. Electronics become obsolete in two years now days.

Keep A Positive Attitude And Stay Motivated

Keep a positive attitude, listen to sound advice, keep up on the times, stay motivated and remember you are on the road to success. Never ever give up on yourself and remember if you think you are beaten you are.

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Singing Praises To God And More

We sing praises to God to show him how much we love and adore him. God loves it when his flock sings joyful songs that praise his Holy name. Christmas is the time of year that many songs are sung that tell about the birth of Jesus. Songs tell a story in a way that people can easily remember the story that is being told.  Christ the Savior is born at Christmas. Think of what your life would be like if Jesus had not been born in a manger years ago. The World would not be like it is now and our soul would be lost forever. Sing praises to God everyday.

Songs can tell about true life experiences. Loves songs tell of great love that endures forever. Love songs also tell about heartache and pain when their marriage ends in divorce. Songs tell a story about bad experiences that people have had to endure.

We can take comfort in songs that remind us of days of old. I can remember the lyrics to most of the songs that I heard on the radio or the record player,  and cassette tapes in the late 70;s and 80’s. Music awakens us and brings our memories back again.

Music can be very uplifting and stimulating. I listen to music while I am on my treadmill. I like to listen to fast paced music while I am on the treadmill as I tend to want to keep up with the rhythm of the song I am listening to . Music can relax a person and put them at ease and some music can set your nerves on edge.

Next time you listen to a piece of music try to listen to the story they want to tell you about themselves or someone or something in their life. Music unlocks some stories that may never have been told unless they were written in the form of music. Keep singing and telling stories that need to be told. Sing praises to God with Joy, Love, Hope, Peace and be grateful that God is always by your side.


47:6    Sing Praises To God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.

51:14-15 Deliver me from blood-guiltiness, O God thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud with thy righteousness.

O Lord open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise.

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Floyd And Leonard Auto Electric Located In Mason City, Iowa

I have always enjoyed going to Floyd and Leonard throughout the years. I first went to Floyd and Leonard with my Father as a young child. They repaired automobiles and more years ago. Floyd and Leonard  now sells Toro lawn mowers and Stihl equipment such as chain saws weed wackers and more. They sell generators, pressure washers and much more.

Everyone that works at Floyd and Leonard is very knowledgeable and accommodating to all of your needs and wants.  I have purchased a Stihl chain saw, pole trimmer, weed wacker, two Toro Personal Pace lawn mowers  and a snowblower throughout the years from Floyd and Leonard. They also sell parts for your lawn equipment and other outdoor yard power tools. They also sell motors for lawn mowers and much more.


I love my commercial Stihl chain saw as it is light weight and is easy to work with. It does an awesome job on tree branches and cutting logs in two. My pole trimmer is very handy for removing branches that are high up in the trees. It has an adjustable length rod with the chain saw on the end. The pole trimmer is much safer than climbing up in the tree with a regular chain saw. My weed wacker has lots of power for getting those extra tough weeds cut off. I truly love my Toro personal pace cast deck lawn mower as it moves as fast as I do. It makes taking care of your lawn very easy.

Floyd and Leonard has serviced all of my outdoor yard equipment and riding lawn mowers throughout the years. They have an excellent and outstanding service department. They figured out what was wrong with my 1993 lawn mower ASAP. It only had a short in it that kept draining the batteries down. I have all the blades for my lawn mowers and chain saw blades sharpened at Floyd and Leonard. I purchased an antique trimmer that was very dull and they sharpened it to perfection and it was like new again. They pickup my riding mowers and deliver them back to me again.

I purchased a 2004 lawn mower that had a lot of different things wrong with it. I looked it up online after I had purchased it and noticed that everyone that had purchased that year and model of lawn mower was having lots of issues. The service department employees got everyone of the issues taken care of and now she purrs like a kitten and mows like a lion, I ended up being one of the lucky ones with that particular model of lawn mower thanks to the employees and service department at Floyd and Leonard. I would highly recommend Floyd and Leonard to everyone that needs quality service in a friendly and kind atmosphere.

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Be Considerate To Other People

What I witnessed at the post office the other day was very inconsiderate to all concerned. A woman came in to mail a package and said she wanted to mail it first class. The postmaster had it stamped and ready for her. She told him she decided on second class instead. He took of the old postage off and placed the new stamps on the package for her. She than had the nerve to say that now she had decided on third class. The postmaster removed the old postage once more for her. She turned around to see if people were waiting in line. She had held up ten people with her one package to mail. Kudos to the postmaster he never once got mad at her. Her actions spoke volumes about her personality. She was very demanding and inconsiderate to the needs of others and the poor postmaster that went way beyond the call of duty.

Put yourself in the other persons predicament. Think to yourself is that how I would want to be treated before you talk or react to a situation the wrong way. If you see someone struggling with a heavy package help them carry it if you are able to do so. Once a word pops out of you mouth it is said and remembered for many years perhaps. If someone is driving slowly on the road do not be rude and inconsiderate as they may have car trouble or maybe they are hauling something that may break if they would go faster.

If someone comes into an event late ask them why they were late before you over react. You do not have any idea how another person is feeling or what they have been through in their life. Never tell someone I know how it is because you have no idea whatsoever how it truly is. Be considerate to man and beast and always be kind.

I am all grateful for all the kind and considerate people that have blessed me throughout the years. Count your many blessings in life and remember to always thank God every single day. Be thankful for what you have been blessed with such as good friends, health, family, a house to live in and so much more.

As we approach the holidays I reflect back on how I was blessed to have wonderful and caring parents, friends, and family.  I have been blessed with many wonderful pets in my lifetime. Pets are very loving and are a wonderful blessing indeed. Be considerate to your pets and always give them the best care possible. I am very thankful for all that I have been blessed to receive. With God, family, and friends by your side you are very blessed everyday. Thank your family, friends and God in your prayers as you sit down and eat together this Holiday season. Blessings to you and yours and your pet family. Be considerate to the needs of others everyday.

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Cats And Holidays

Make the holidays perfect for you and your feline friends. Many dangers are lurking around the corner where cats could get harmed. Cats are very curious by nature and they can get into trouble very quickly indeed. Bright and shiny objects are like a magnet pulling them in that direction.

Watch your Turkey as it is removed from the oven. An unattended turkey may be impossible for some cats to resist. Your cats may eat some of your turkey making it impossible to serve to your guest. Your cat might have the whole turkey resting on the floor. Keep your food covered and train your cat when he is very young so he knows that kind of behavior will not work in your household.

Christmas trees and cats can be a huge problem. Some cats like to climb them knocking the whole tree over. A cat might knock the bulbs to the floor and try to eat them. A few cats have been known to drink the water under the tree. Never put any chemicals in the water under the tree to help keep the needles on the tree longer. If your cats drinks the water with chemicals in it your cat could die on Christmas day. Be alert to what your cat is doing, Do not let him get near tinsel which can damage their throat and more. Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe,Easter lilies  and more plants can be poisonous if your cat ingests them. Call your Veterinarian ASAP if you think your cat may be poisoned.

Do not give your cat all kinds of human snacks during the holidays. A cats stomach is not designed to handle a hug variety of different foods. I give my cats one little piece of turkey each and they seem to get along fine. Your cat will throw up if you feed him to much. Never give a cat chocolate as chocolate will kill a cat.

Good gifts to give your cats during the holidays are: cat treats, cat toys, heated cat beds, catnip mice, circle game toys,  a new liter box and make sure they get their yearly checkups and shots at your Veterinarian. Hope you and your cats have many safe and Happy Holidays together.

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Life Is A Continuous Adventure

Life keeps moving along and waits for no one. Make life an adventure that you can grow from and learn and experience something new everyday that you are here on earth. Life can be challenging so take on the challenge and keep moving forward in your life. Life is what you make of it to some degree. If you always look at the glass half full it will remain half full no matter what. You can make the glass full and overflowing if you allow it.

Your Time on Earth is a Valuable Gift

View your time on Earth as a valuable gift. Help others to see how their life has impacted others to achieve things that they never thought they could. Be a cheerleader for people and thank them for everything they do day after day that helps the lives of so many.

Be Adventurous

Adventures don’t just come to you. You have to set goals in your life and try your very best to get the goal accomplished in a time frame that works for you. If you want to further your education find a college that works for you. You may want to take online classes as that will work better with your current job.

Embrace Your Illness and Still be Adventuresome

Health problems will slow you down on your goals and adventures. Seek adventures that will work with your current health problems. It may take longer to get to where you really want to be but you will get there. Remember to embrace your illness so it does not empower you. Do task and adventures that are not taxing on your health.

Traveling is Relaxing

Travel can be very relaxing if you stay in the same location for several days. I like to shop at the different stores and eat the various foods that the countries have to offer. I enjoy looking at the scenery and the architecture of the different buildings. I love to listen to the tour guide tell about the history of the country and the area that we are traveling in.

Never Miss Out on a New Adventure

Never miss out on a new adventures in life. Life is too short so live life to its fullest potential. Discover and learn something new everyday that you our blessed to be here on Earth. Be kind,caring and compassionate to your fellow man. Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer you. Don’t wait for the perfect moment for that time may never come. Go while you can for time waits for no man.


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Mason City Honda located in Mason City, Iowa

I purchased a new 2016 Pioneer 1000 from Mason City Honda. The salesman was very knowledgeable and friendly. In about one week after my purchase I received one dozen artisan gourmet chocolate chip cookies to my surprise along with a Thank You note.

My pioneer 1000 has a dump lever for the box in back of it. I filled up the box with tree branches and pulled up the dump lever and out went all of the branches right into my burn pile. The pioneer 1000 makes picking up tree branches a breeze. I have also hauled water in the box for watering trees. I have hauled bags of dirt to fill up holes in my yard. I use it to check on the fields and one can put small rocks in the back that you find in your fields.

I also use my pioneer 1000 in the winter to pick up my mail when it was very icy. I added a windshield and a back window to my pioneer 1000 which made it a lot warmer to move around in especially in the winter. Later on I added two full size doors which really help keep the wind out.

This year I added a snow blade to my Pioneer 1000. The blade will make it easy to get out of my garage this winter. I will not have to shovel as much snow by hand anymore. I control all of the levers on the blade inside of the cab. The operation of the blade is controlled by push buttons which makes it very easy to maneuver the blade. I also had side  view mirrors and a windshield wiper added on. When the snow hits the windshield all I have to do is push a button and the wipers come on and push another button for the wiper fluid.

All of the employees at Mason City Honda are very friendly and accommodating. When I need an oil change or accessories added on they pick up my Pioneer and bring it back to me as soon as they are done.

My Pioneer 1000 is a fun and very useful item to get a lot of task accomplished quickly and safely. The Pioneer 1000 is easy to operate and I absolutely love it.

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Carrying The Basket

Some of us carry a heavy basket. If you see someone that is burdened with a heavy load help them carry the load. We have no idea what kind of a load a person has to carry on their shoulders day after day. Some people seem to get by by having the other person always carrying their basket for them or are they ? God notices if you try to sneak by by not carrying your own basket. People often see minor flaws in others but do not see their own major flaws.

If one person in a group does all of the work all of the time it is not fair to them. Everyone must put an effort into getting the job done and than so much more can be accomplished. Harry Truman said : it is amazing how much can get done if no cares who gets the credit.

When working with others make sure everyone has a job that they can work on for the betterment of the task at hand. We all have different talents so let people put forth their best effort with their particular talent. Remember to always praise people for a job well done. Never criticize the work of anyone that has done the best that they can possibly do.

Do not keep passing the basket down the line. An empty basket benefits no one. How do we carry the basket and pass it along to others. We have a common purpose or cause that others want to support. We want to help the less fortunate, the homeless, missions, our church and anyone that is in need of support and understanding, Carry the basket with as many people as possible and many people will benefit from the love and support that has gone into that one basket filled with love and support from God and his good stewards.

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