What My Cats Do Everyday

My cats have their daily routines down to a science. My house cats sleep on my bed at night or in one of their cat beds or on a large fluffy mat that the sun shines on in the daytime. My cats make a stop at the litter box and the food and water bowl to start out their morning. They take turns looking out of the picture window at the birds eating out of their bird feeders.

Kohl starts out his morning rummaging through his toy box for the perfect cat toys to play with for the day. Garfunkel is on my bed now watching me blog away. Conrad is in his recliner taking his first catnap of the day at 10:00 AM. Garfunkel will go back to watching birds when I am finished with this blog post.

Conrad will be tossing his green snail up in the air and Kohl will be playing with any toy frog that he can find along with toy mice and a stuffed hedgehog and more. All of my house cats like to get their cat treats out of cat treat dispensers except for Garfunkel. Garfunkel want his treat placed in front of him. Around 1:00  PM it is time for catnap number 2. Garfunkel likes to watch animals, westerns and car racing on TV. At 4:00 PM it is time for catnap number 3.

At 7:00 PM my house cats take a last look at the birds for the day. There last catnap of the day is a little after 7:00 PM. They eat a little bit of cat food before bedtime. When I go to bed they go to bed.

My cats next door sit on their cat trees and watch me and the birds. Peter or Faith are the look out cats in the morning and they seem to tell the other cats that I am up and will be over soon to tend to their needs and wants for the day. I find them sleeping in their cat beds, hammocks, large fluffy cat mat and on guard in the cat trees. They come running once I open the door. I give them fresh water and fill up their food dishes and clean out the litter boxes except for the automatic ones that get cleaned out once a week. Cali and Mr. Gray make a deposit to the litter box right away so I can clean it out before I leave for the morning. They watch me open up a nice can of cat food for a little extra snack for the day for them. They take turns eating their portions of the delicious canned treat.

I find various cat toys laying on the floor when I come over in the morning. Toy mice stuffed with catnip are a big hit along with singing birds, balls and a bat that stomach lights up when it is tossed around. They love it when I pat them on the head in the morning or brush them.

All of my cats love and enjoy different toys and games. My cats have learned my routine as to what time frame I will be taking care of them. My cats give me joy and love everyday of my life.

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If we anticipate the worst in life that is generally what we will get. If you anticipate that good and positive things will come your way they most likely will. We have to be very patient in life.

If I have been worried about the outcome of a test score it was a waste of my time and energy. If I thought I would get an A on a class paper I generally would not because I got a little to confident in myself. Anticipate the proven which is if you study hard you will get an A on your test.

Life has many road blocks that you have to maneuver around to get to where you want to be in your life. You will eventually have health issues that you have to work around. You will have to find a new job or stop working altogether because of your health. Anticipate that you will still have many remarkable journeys and days ahead of you and never ever give up the fight.

Anticipate many days of sunshine and joyous memories in your life. Life is way too short to worry about trivial matters. Climb many mountains, reach for the stars, spend many hours with loved ones and with God by your side to be truly blessed  in your life.

When you wake up in the morning say to yourself “this the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it”. God has put animals on the earth for us to enjoy, flowers, plants, nature, stunning scenery and friends and family that bless our lives everyday.


Do not waste a single day of life as life is a precious gift from God. Help people, be kind, be genuine, be true to yourself and others. Learn something new everyday and share your many blessings with others freely. Anticipate that God will be by your side into eternity and beyond.

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Traveling 101

Always be prepared for the unexpected. Always have your passport tucked away on your person at all times and never let it out of your sight. A lost or stolen passport can end up in an 8 day delay or more in a foreign country  before they are able to replace it. Carry extra money with you and hide it away on your person. Have a list of emergency phone numbers with you at all times and let a friend know where a copy of your passport is and other important documents  if they are needed.

Have someone lined up to take care of your pets, mail, lawn mowing, repairs and whatever situation that may arise while you are gone. Your trusted friend will man the helm while you are away and enjoying life to its fullest potential.

Plan out your trip and always be prepared for the unexpected.

Plan out your trip in advance and make a list of where you want to go and what you must see. Delays may occur on your trip so allow extra time in your day for delays of all types. Make room reservations so you don’t have to hunt for a hotel room into the wee hours of the night. I keep a traveling diary of each trip that I take as it helps identify pictures and keeps the pleasant memories of my trip alive.

Pack light.

Pack light as we all tend to pack more things than we could ever use. Bring along a small suitcase with wheels that is easy to pull along and maneuvers easily. I also have a small carry on with me that I put one set of extra clothes in just in case it takes  awhile for my main suitcase to catch up with me.

Your hotel room should be to your liking.

Look over your hotel room and if it is not to your liking ask for a different room. If there are not enough towels or you are too cold do not be afraid to speak up and ask them for the items you need to make your stay enjoyable. The hotel will want to please you if possible because they want happy customers that will say how wonderful their stay was there to their friends and family. Word of mouth can make or break a business so think twice before you make a rash statement about a business. Did you tell them you had a problem or did you think they could read your mind somehow.

Unwind and take in all of the sights and sounds.

Relax and enjoy your vacation to its fullest. Leave your worries behind and unwind and relax and take in the scenery, nature, architecture  and the sounds. You may hear cow bells, church bells ringing, the oceans pounding waves and much more. Go to the local museums, concerts, plays and much more. Ask your hotel concierge what some of the main attractions are in the area where you are staying. He can also arrange for a cab to take you there and back to your hotel.

Home again.

You are now home again. I unpack my suitcase and put my clothes in the wash. I go through my mail and get back into the swing of things again. You will be very tired by the second day that you are home so take a nap and recover from your trip. I put all my pictures in an album and I identify them with my travel diary. I certainly enjoyed my vacation to its fullest and I hope you will to. Godspeed to you and your family on your trip of a lifetime.

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Fast Forward

When we are young and in school it seems like time stands still. We live in a fast paced world and things change and move along more quickly than we would like it to.

If you try to recreate an event that happened years ago you will not be able to. Buildings get torn down and people die or move away. I traveled to a place years ago as a child and went back thirty years later and what a grave disappointment that turned out to be. Part of the town was completely gone and the stores had boarded up windows.

Change is a constant and we have to adapt to changes in our life quickly to survive in a fast paced world. Computers get outdated quickly and we have to get used to a new computer about every three years. In the information age we have an answer to all of our questions ASAP on our smart phones. In ten years all banking will be done on line. We check in at the airport on our smart phones and at large hospitals.

Brick and mortar stores suffer because we buy everything online at a cheaper price. We should support our hometown stores and the money that they make is put back in your local community. I like to try on clothes as I do not like the hassle of going to the Post Office to return the item if it does not fit from the online store. Local stores help you out when you have a problem with an item you purchased from them. An online store may take weeks to get back to you.

We must support change. Changes discover new medicines and cures for illnesses that effect all of us eventually. Without change we would stagnate and never move forward. The older we get the harder it becomes for us to embrace change but we must remember that change may save our life someday.

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What I Look For In A Cat

I look for cat that is nice and clean. There eyes should be clear and bright, fur clean, clean hind end and the tail should be up as these are signs of a healthy cat. The cat should be calm and not too hyper and have an easy going personality. A cat that tries to nip and bite will probably present that same kind of behavior now and then the rest of its life.

The cats fur should not be matted or dirty. There face should not be all clawed up as this shows they like to get in a cat fight every so often. I lift up a paw to see if they might tolerate having there claws trimmed. I place the cat on my lap to see if they like to be held and pet. I also put a finger near there mouth to see if they want to try to bite me.

Is the cat you are thinking of adopting outgoing and exploring his surroundings ? A cat that is listless is probably sick. Have the cat checked over by a vet to make sure it does not have feline leukemia and other cat diseases. Cat diseases can be spread very quickly to your other house cats if there shots are not up to date.

Different breeds of cats have different personalities. Do you want a laid back cat or a very outgoing cat ? Read up on the different breeds of cats to see what breed would work the best for your household. I like cats that are part Siamese, Persian and domestic short hair as this blend seems to be the best combination for me.

My cat Kohl is a very easy going cat. Garfunkel is an excellent lap cat. Conrad is a one person cat and I am lucky he choose me for his person. Russ is a very tame and friendly cat. I have fourteen cats and all of them have there own unique and interesting personalities.

I hope you and your new feline friend have at least nine lives together and more.

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Do you feel you are unsettled in your life ? Are you undecided in where you want to be in your life ?  All of us have ongoing concerns that seem almost impossible to resolve on our own. I ask God for guidance in my life when I feel unsettled about something. Talk over reoccurring events that you cannot seem to find a solution to with your friends as two heads are better than one on solving those tough problems.

If you feel you have lost direction in your life maybe it is time to take your life in a different more positive direction. If your job or someone makes you feel you lack a purpose in life stay away from that person and find a different job ASAP. Do not let another persons negativity rob you of your positive attitude towards life.

Being unsettled on issues is very nerve racking. Do not stay unsettled for too long as it will make you doubt your effort to rise above the storms in life. Being directionless in life makes it easy for someone to guide you in the wrong direction as to almost a point of no return. Never let another person control your life or have too much power over you so they can lead you down a road of no return.

Sometimes if someone is sad or not feeling good about themselves they want everyone else in their life to feel as miserable as they do. If you let them succeed you will be swirling around in a vortex that will take all of the joy and happiness out of your life. Try to help out people that are suffering as much as you can without taking the wind out of your own sails. Life is never easy as there are a lot of pitfalls and events that happen to us that we think are unfair.

Lift people up and never put them down and try to bring joy and happiness into their lives if they will let you in. We try to do our best for people but sometimes it is not enough to make them feel better about themselves. Pray to God to help your family and friends find the joy and happiness that everyone deserves to have in their life.

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Williamsburg, Inn Located in Williamsburg, Virginia

The Williamsburg Inn has been a home for royalty, heads of state and guest from all over the world. The Inn’s policy is to treat every guest as royalty.

John Rockefeller Jr. and his wife made a monumental commitment to the Inn. They helped with design, construction and furnishings. The facility opened in 1937 with 61 guest rooms unlike a hotel, but more like a comfortable Virginia country estate. It  is perhaps the most perfectly appointed Inn on the continent. More than 70 years later, the Inn remains one of America’s finest and elegant hotels.

The Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a member of Historic Hotels of America and top Hotels of the World. The Inn offers its guest a world – class experience. The Inn has a special ambience and timeless style. The inn is located next to America’s premier living history museum. In 2012 the Inn celebrated 75 year of hospitality.

We stayed at the Williamsburg Inn before Christmas. The Inn  was decorated with most beautiful flower arrangements, Christmas tree and Christmas arrangements. Everyday fresh flowers were placed in your room and on tables throughout the Inn.  The flowers and arrangements put you in the Christmas spirit.

The hospitality of the staff was outstanding and the full service concierge and the fact that they had drivers to take you to any place that you desired to go in Colonial Williamsburg. The drivers would open the door for you upon entering the fine vehicle. A doorman held the door open for you as you left and than returned.

Our room had the bedding turned down at night with mints on our pillows. We had robes in our room along with slippers. The towels were thick and luxurious. We had fine soaps and lotions and a rose in our bathroom. Our room was very spacious and elegant.

The food at the Inn was magnificent and very generous. I loved their chicken, fish, Oysters Rockefeller and more on the dinner menu. At breakfast I would order an omelette or two eggs over easy with hash that had sweet potatoes, potatoes, sweet onions and green peppers. I ordered their sweet potato pancakes which were thick and amazingly delicious.  I had espresso ice cream, raspberry sorbet, sticky toffee pudding and American Heritage hot chocolate which was thick and decadent with a true rich chocolate flavor.

I would  highly recommend treating yourself with a stay at the Williamsburg Inn in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Book your rooms now as they are filling up very quickly.



Look At The Total Picture In Life

What do you want to do with your life ? Will your life impact others or  help them ? Set goals everyday for yourself that will help other people. Live within your means of what is truly possible to achieve. Don’t waste time on a project that is going nowhere  and that will bring you down with it.

Life is full of  upsets and unexpected events. Roll with the event if at all possible and do not let the event roll over you. In the total picture of life not every event will come into focus or even get off of the drawing board. Events get postponed or are a grave disappointment. Some events are the events of a lifetime and those are the ones that leave people talking and planning for years to come.

How do you picture yourself in life ? Are you happy with the way things are going or do you think you should step it up a notch or two. Change will never happen in your life unless you greet change with open arms. The older we get change happens very quickly. We cannot do all the things that we long to do any longer because of age or sickness. It is time to find a new you before you get stuck in a sinkhole that will take you down.

God knows all of the battles we have fought and he sees the whole picture of our lives. God is the one that can help you help others more effectively and positively. Always share your knowledge with others so it will not get buried eventually along with you.

Smile and put a smile on someone else’s  face today. Socialize with others as often as you can. People that socialize tend to live longer than those that do not. Always look at the whole picture in life and do not get fixated on one small detail or event in life. Remember to ride out lives storms and get back in sink with yourself and others quickly. Life waits for no man.

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Some Of My Cats Favorite Items

My cats love to climb on cats trees and enjoy eating cat snacks, playing with catnip mice and sleeping in fancy cat beds. They love individual attention such as scratching them under the chin and patting  them on the head.

My cats next door love their heated cat beds and water dish in the winter months. They love all kinds of cat snacks and they love canned tuna, chicken,lamb, duck and turkey cat foods. All of my cats love food that has pumpkin in it and diced vegetables.

My cats love to go in their outdoor playpen when the weather is nice. They can watch the birds eating out of the bird feeders and enjoy the great outdoors without being harmed or getting lost. They can take a sunbath or a catnap in the afternoon.

My indoor cats like their self-cleaning litter box with blue crystal cat litter in it. The litter box cleans itself each and every time after a deposit is made. Tidy Cats is another brand of litter that my cats dig every time they use their litter box.

All of my cats love playing with toy mice, balls, birds, reptiles and other catnip filled toys. They love to play with small beanie babies also. They love to play with snack balls and other treat dispensers.

My cats next door love to climb on top of their Frisco cat tree and watch the birds out of the window and keep an eye on me also. Their cat litter choices are Tidy Cats, Wheat litter, Arm and Hammer litter and the Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter and Frisco cat litter.

For my cats Christmas list I generally buy new cat toys for them, canned cat food, seasonal cat treats and a new cat bed and replace old food bowls with nice new bowls. Buy your feline friends some of their favorite items for their birthday, Christmas or a special little surprise for them. May you and cat create new favorite items that you both can enjoy.

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Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates can get very intense and bring out the worst in some people. The beneficiaries in the will seem to have a feeling of entitlement over another person. Families can breakdown completely  over the contents stated in the will and never communicate with each other ever again.

Sometimes if people find out you are sick they will say when you are done with that particular item I would sure like to have it. The sick person will not be giving you anything because you are like a vulture looking over its prey. People that are sick or dying want genuine friends that are loving and caring and not greedy and conniving people by their side.

You have a union that was made in heaven with your brothers and sisters. All of you share the same blood and the same parents and all of you are Gods children. Their is sibling rivalry in all households but do not carry that into adulthood and let it break your bond as brothers and sisters over material possessions and how they are distributed when your parents die. Remember your children learn from your examples. Do you want to be treated like you are treating the person that is dying when you are dying ? I think not.

People have a right to write their will however they want to. I have heard of people asking someone to tell another person to tell the sick person for them to include them in their will. I have heard of people at someones deathbed to say to them please include me in your will. You have gone way to far if you ever do that and greed has won over your soul.

I have heard of adult children clearing out a house and taking things that still actually their parents for their own use. If you are doing that you are stealing from your own parents. Your parents have raised you and nurtured you for years  and they are entitled to your upmost respect and love in their golden years.

Money and greed are truly the root of all evil. Money does not love you but it may consume your every waking hour if you let it. Brothers and sisters and friends are the true Gold that you better hang onto in good times and in bad times for they share your joys and your sorrows. Money does not care at all about your joys and sorrows but it can make you into a sorry excuse for a human being.

God likes a generous and loving, caring and compassionate human being that cares for and respects people without wanting something in return. Greed takes you down a dead end road that you stay on forever. Be generous and loving to a fault.

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