Auschwitz, Poland

It was heart wrenching walking through the Auschwitz concentration camp. There was a sign on the gate entrance that said work sets you free in the translation. How anyone could treat anyone like the Jews were treated is beyond comprehension. They lived on a five hundred calorie a day diet. The soup was only a broth. If the grain had worms in it they still had to eat it. Diarrhea and lice were common with their horrible living conditions.

The concentration camp known as Auschwitz, Birkenau , opened in 1940 and was the largest Nazi concentration or death camp in Poland. The amount of Jews that died in Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945 was about 1.1 million. During World War 2 Hitler had his Nazi’s and SS men rounded up and killed many people that he felt were not a superior race. Hitler wanted an only Aryan race. The master race is the Nazi ideology. Hitler was obsessed with racial purity.

During the Holocaust 6 million European Jews were murdered in World War 2 . Nazi Germany was responsible for the genocide of many Jews or people that were not of the Aryan race. Soviet citizens and POWS, Poles, Serbs, Romani, Freemasons, Slovenes, Spanish Republicans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals and Disabled people were also Holocaust victims.

When the Jews entered the Auschwitz concentration camp they had to remove artificial limbs, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and personal items. They left their suitcases, pots and pans and any money they had once they entered the concentration camp. It was heart wrenching to see the baby shoes, makeup, and everything that was robbed from them and how their families suffered from the atrophies that they had to endure.

They were told they had to take a shower before they could enter their living area which was a a ruse to get them to enter the gas chamber. Those that they wanted for work detail were tattooed on their wrist and they wore a striped jump suit.

The gas chambers would kill a person in 20 minutes. The very young and the old were taken to the gas chambers right away. The young and the able were forced to work until they could not and than they were taken to the gas chamber and the cyanide gas would suffocate you. If you happened to live through the gas chamber you would be taken out and shot to death. If you could no longer work or collapsed  you were shot to death.

If you were a Doctor or chemist or had a skill that they highly needed in Germany for the War effort or medical purposes you would live until you could no longer function or someone with more knowledge came a long to replace you.

The ovens burned a lot of bodies in one day because they killed many Jews in one day and they had the ovens operating at full capacity 24 hours a day. People said they could smell the burning bodies for miles away.

They had a general latrine with no privacy. There was a standing cell were four people stood next to each other naked and could not move. There were straw mats on the floor for sleeping and four to five people per mat. If one turned over they would all have to turn over on the mat.  Some people were forced to stand for sixteen days in a row. If you ventured beyond the fence you were shot and killed automatically.

Gold fillings were removed without pain killers. Your hair was shaved off of your head and your hair was made into mattresses or blankets. Human skin was made into lamp shades. It is beyond human what some people have to go through in their lifetime because of who is in control and there is no one that can stop that person. Jesus went through a lot in his lifetime to save us from our sins.

When the war was won the Americans came to to the concentration camp and they were astonished by the condition of the Jewish people in Auschwitz. The people still barely alive were skin and bone. When the camp was liquidated in Jan. 1945 9,054 out of 9,792 people were Jews.

I hope with all of my heart and soul that we never let history repeat itself. There is no one race or religion or one person that is any better than anybody else is. We all want to enjoy our lives in a productive and peaceful manner. God bless our diverse nation.

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Do you just put out a mediocre performance in life ? Mediocre is moderate quality work that is just run of the mill. Put out your best performance in all that you set out to accomplish in life and people will take notice that you paid attention to the various details in your job, your life and so much more.

Anyone can do a mediocre job and it shows up in all aspects of your life. I want to do an above average job that will last for years. Do not be indifferent take a stand and make valid points that will improve the environment, peoples lives and do things that people can benefit from for years to come.

Do not be a middle of the road person. If you do not move forward in life you will have missed out on a great deal of your life. Life is  about moving forward to bigger and better things. If you do not broaden your horizons in life eventually you run out of horizons and no one including you will know what you could have accomplished with the time that God gave you here on earth.

Jesus did not leed a mediocre life as he accomplished so very much while he was here on earth. He is our great redeemer and savior. He leed an exceptional life and he was not indifferent to other people. Jesus gave his life to save us from our sins. Jesus is unforgettable and inspirational. He cared deeply for people that were suffering and in pain and he helped them all at all cost. No task was too big for Jesus to accomplish. He helped the beggar on the street, the hungry, the downtrodden, sick people and anyone that needed compassion and kindness.

Set your sights high in life and never do a mediocre job. Do the kind of work that Jesus did to the best of your ability and remember to be kind, compassionate, loving, caring and bring hope, love, peace and joy into the lives of others everyday that you are  here on earth. God Bless you and go out and be one of Gods wonderful stewards.

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My Cats Favorite Kitty Litters

All of my cats prefer a clumping cat litter that does not get stuck to their paws. Clumping cat litter tends to smell better longer than a non – clumping cat litter. Cat are very fastidious and they love clean and fresh smelling litter box.

My cats like Tidy Cats Kitty litter. The Tidy Cats litter smells good for a very long time. Tidy Cats comes in a lightweight  cat litter also that is much easier to carry and transport. My cats next door also like the Tidy cats disposable litter box. I have used Tidy Cats litter for many years with no issues whatsoever.

My cats like Worlds Best Cat litter which has a nice corn smell to it. They also like Arm & Hammer cat litter and it is very easy to remove from the litter box. My cats also like Mills Fleet Farm lightweight kitty litter. Wheat Scoop cat litter is an Eco friendly cat litter which smells like fresh harvested corn. They like Fresh Step cat litter also.

My Pet Safe litter box uses a crystal cat litter which my house cats like. The litter last for about 20 days with my three house cats. I use Tidy cats lightweight clumping litter in my Litter – Robot litter box. I use a variety of kitty litters in my Catit litter boxes.

I used some of the Mills Fleet Farm kitty litter today and all of my cats made a deposit to that litter box. I also put Worlds Best Cat litter in my cat litter box in my house and my cats used that litter box in short order. I always use Tidy Cats lightweight kitty litter in the Litter – Robot. My house cats always use the Pet Safe litter box also with the crystal kitty litter.

My cats like their favorite kitty litters and never have any litter box issues when I use their favorite cat litters.

Uplift and Enrich Peoples Lives

Remember to compliment people for a job well done or a service they provided for you. One compliment can make someones day a little bit brighter. Some people like to put people down. A true friend or kind person will never put a person down.


People have many great qualities and abilities that they should be complimented on. I think people that put others down do not feel good about their own situation in life so they put someone down to make themselves look better in their own eyes. It doesn’t take much of a person to put someone down. If you like to be complimented for a job or service that you performed you should extend that same kind of treatment to others.

God wants us to be kind and uplift people each and everyday of our lives. If you can’t think of anything good to say then keep your thoughts to yourself. We put our hearts and soul into our work. If you do not like something tell the owner discreetly and he will most likely correct the problem and make it right with you ASAP. Do not trash a business online as it has a ripple effect that will effect many more people then you ever imagined.

Tell your waitress that she did good job serving your table. Tell the man that trimmed your trees that your place looks so much better now. Compliment people and business’es that go the extra mile for you. Life is short and live the life you have as an exemplary citizen.



You enrich peoples lives by having a genuine concern for their well being. By sharing your knowledge with others, helping them, listening to them and sharing the good times and the bad times with them. Go out and empower people and compliment them and enrich their lives in many different and wonderful ways. Gods blessings to you and yours.

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My Favorite Swiss Village is Giswil, Switzerland

I have stayed in the small village of Giswil, Switzerland at least four times. It is like the village has stood still in time. Some of the people still have horses and old farm equipment that they use in their everyday life. Everything is sparkling clean and very well cared for.

I stayed in the Hotel Krone which was nice and clean and they were very accommodating. It was located right in the main area of the village. The pop. of the Giswil is 3,513. I loved  the charm of the old small churches as it seemed I was stepping back in time by going to a church like my Great Grandfather would have attended years ago.

Wagon Ride & Alpine Cheese

My friend and I took a buggy or wagon ride to a little old Swiss House that had cheese and homemade wine to drink. A woman in the house gave us a history lesson on how the Alpine Swiss Cheese was processed and distributed years ago.

Farm Animals in Giswil, Switzerland

In the early morning hours I was awakened by the Brown Swiss Cattle ringing their cowbells in the meadows which was very comfortable and relaxing sound. The sheep would Baa and the Roosters would report to you that morning had come. I would feed some of the sheep in the morning and I would pat a few of the Brown Swiss Cattle on the head. The dairy farmers would be out at 5 AM starting to milk their cows and a few anxious cats would be following the farmer for their chance at some of the rich wonderful milk from the Brown Swiss Cattle.


The cemeteries back of the churches were kept up to perfection. A lot of live flowers had been planted on the plots. Dead flowers were removed daily and the live plants were watered everyday. The inside of the churches reminded me of very old country churches. The altars were stunning with the small church pews and the bibles in their place back of the pews.

Switzerland’s  Stunning Beauty

I would walk around Giswil frequently and I would enjoy the small tame rabbit family that one family had running loose in their front yard. I would look at all of the farm animals and enjoy the breath taking mountains that are in Switzerland. I could go to Giswil, Switzerland every year and never get tired of it. I can see why some of my ancestors are from Switzerland as its beauty has no match.

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God And Doors

Many doors will be opened and closed for you in your lifetime. With God by your side you will be able to decide what doors should always remain open and what doors should remain closed. Take time with your decision as once a door is closed in your life it can be very hard to reopen it.

Doors are opened on new friendships. Try to always work out problems that may occur with your friends or new acquaintances. I never want to see a door closed on a friendship until you have done everything you possibly can to save the friendship. Relationships in life have to have  give and take in them in order to have them work. Relationships are not always easy to maintain. Do what the other person wants to do and do not have your way all of the time. Reach out to your friends and be genuine. Treat people with the upmost respect. Lift people up and never put them down.

Doors get closed on different chapters in your life according to your position in life, your health, your needs and wants in life. Decide if you you want more doors open in your life or you think it is necessary to close a few. Too many jobs or obligations on the table can be bad for everyone concerned. If you can not do justice to everything that you have to get completed it is time to close a door or two. Put 100 % effort into your jobs and your relationships with others as no one will be disappointed then. Life can be fast paced remember to slow down and smell the roses so to speak.

upper range light

Remember to always keep you door open to God as he will take you far in life. Keep your old friends close to your heart and be open to new relationships in your life. As one door closes in your life another will open as the old saying goes. We will have many chapters in our life and many doors will be opened for us. Move forward in your life with good friends by your side and bring joy, peace, love and hope into others lives. God Bless you on your journey in life.

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Cat Health Problems

I adopted a cat with bad teeth. I had several of her teeth pulled over the years. She would rub and paw away at her face. I looked in her mouth and discovered she had bad teeth. The vet pulled her bad teeth out and it took her about two days to be able eat moist cat food. She was able to eat the hard cat food in about five days.

When your cat gets fleas it will scratch away at its face, body, ears, etc. I prefer the the flea treatments that you place on the nape of your cats neck. A cat can get fleas from old kitty litter that it not changed often enough or a  floor or carpet that is not kept clean. Make sure your cats bedding and litter boxes get cleaned thoroughly. Do not let your cats in and out of the house in the late spring or in the fall before a killing frost or they may bring the unwanted fleas into your home.

Make sure your cat gets distemper shots and rabies shots and more when needed. Make sure you have your cat wormed at your cats checkup also. I have a cat that was born with upper respiratory problems. I found a sinus medicine for him that seems to help. Cats can get urinary problems. If your male cat is howling in pain at the litter box get him to the vet ASAP as he will die from septic shock or kidney failure. If your cat gets worms you may see them in the litter box and your cat will be lethargic and weak and may have diarrhea also. If your cat has diarrhea try some canned cat food with pumpkin or rice. If your cat does not get over the diarrhea in two days take him to your vet ASAP as diarrhea can be very serious.

If your cat gets cut try to stop the bleeding and call your vet ASAP. When a cat gets ear mites I put some ear mite treatment in its ears and it stops shaking and scratching at its ears. If you suspect your cat has eaten or ingested something that may be poison call your vet immediately otherwise your cat could die very quickly. When a cats weight goes down quickly there is some kind of underlying cause and they should be taken to the vet. The older your cat gets he will need more rest and quiet time. I hope you and cat live 9 lives.

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Look For The Positive In Everything If You Do Not Your Whole Life Becomes A Negative

If you look at the glass as half full it will always be half full even when it is full. There is always a silver lining if you only look for it. A sudden illness can be a blessing as you can analyze your life and make necessary changes before it is too late. You can teach others to embrace their illness and move forward in their life. Do things that you always wanted to do and felt that you did not have time to pursue in the past.

Negativity will swallow you up and devour you like a wolf devours its pray if you let it embrace you and control your life. Do not look at life as a negative as life is a gift from God. Positive things occur in everyone’s life some more than others but always embrace the positive moments and run with them to the finish line. Living positively can help you make positive and everlasting contributions to the World.

God will help you get through anything and everything that you will ever encounter in this lifetime. God knows what you need and he will give it to you when he feels the time is right. We are very impatient in life and we want things right now. Good things come to those who wait.


Some days it is hard to find a positive event. Think of one thing  every morning when you wake up that made a positive impact on your life or the life of someone you hold Dear. Think of an awesome vacation or an award that you won when you least expected it. Remember today is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I find life to be a positive everyday. Talking to and helping friends and others is a big positive in my life. I enjoy my feline family and watching them play with cat toys and their soft meows and purrs. I love writing Inspirationswithlaura, and about caring for cats on my website: and I also write about my travel adventures, restaurants and review pet products.

Learn something new everyday and live life to its fullest. Enjoy the great outdoors. Do what you love to do and what God has called you to do. I choose to live my life as a Positive as their is no time for negativity in my life. Spend time with family, friends and your loved ones. Go out and be positive and God bless you and yours.

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Cat Beds, Cat Toys And More That Your Cat Will Enjoy For Years

My cats like comfy cat beds that are plush are extra soft the older they get. My cats also enjoy the Meowfia wool cat beds. They curl up in or sleep on top of their Meowfia cat beds. I purchased two Serta orthopedic cat beds that my older cats like. I have purchased K & H heated cat beds that are a tremendous hit with my cat family next door.

I have two Frisco cat trees. My cats in the other house sit on the high perch and watch birds outdoors. Addi slept in the little built in padded box cat bed on the cat tree. My three cats that are not declawed love to claw away on the burlap columns. Faith loves to play with the attached rope and ball on the cat tree. Russ, Mr. Gray, Hilford, Addi, Maggie, Cali, Peter and Faith are using the cat trees everyday of the week.


Cat toys that are a must for all cat owners. My cats go crazy for any kind of toy that contains catnip. My cats love a toy that lights up when it is batted around. Toy mice and singing birds are an all time favorite. Treat balls that dispense a wonderful cat treat give your cat exercise and a nice reward all at once.

My cats love their Catit, Litter Robot and Scoop Free litter boxes. Cats are very fastidious and all of these litter boxes measure up to their high standards. Cali fell in the love with the Litter Robot ASAP. She loves to watch it operate and it is the only litter box that she uses now. Mr. Gray and Peter love the Litter Robot also. All of these litter boxes work well and my cats love them. My cats love Tidy Cats Litter, Arm and Hammer, Worlds Best cat litter and Scoop Free litter.

My cats love various kinds of cat treats and canned cat food with tuna, salmon, turkey, pumpkin, carrots and more. Their favorite cat food is Purina and Taste of  the Wild. My cats love canned tuna packed in water. My cats like to eat a little fresh catnip now and then.

I hope your cat will enjoy these items for many years to come. I hope you and your cat or cats have many pleasant years ahead of you.

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Easter Memories

We would always go to church on Easter Sunday and we would generally go to the sunrise service. We would eat breakfast with our church family. After breakfast we would attend our church service.Our minister would always give a wonderful sermon about Easter. I would have on a new dress and a Easter bonnet on. My Mother would have  a new dress on and my Father would be dressed in his Sunday suit.

Christ and Easter

Christ died for our sins on the cross. No one can have a greater love for one than to lay down their life for one.   Christ is the reason we can know that our spirit or soul will be in heaven someday. Christ is risen. He has risen indeed. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Easter Gatherings

For lunch on Easter we would generally eat with our relatives. We would have a ham dinner, potatoes, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and dessert. While the adults would visit the kids would play board games. The youngest children would eat at the card table while the main table was reserved for the adults.

Easter and Children

Easter eggs would be hidden in the house for us youngsters to find. We would eat the candy inside of the plastic eggs. My Mother would help me decorate Easter eggs with various colors and designs on them. I had an Easter basket for years that my Grandmother gave me. I recently gave it to my young cousins children. I hope they will enjoy it as much as I did as a child. I had a stuffed Easter bunny and little baby chick toys.

Easter is a Time of Renewal

I eat out with friends or relatives after Easter Sunday worship now. Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings. I enjoy tulips and Easter lilies and all of natures beauty each and everyday. I hope you and your family will make many memorable and Happy Easter memories. God Bless you and yours.


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