Never Take Advantage Of A Sick Or Ill Person

Some people think it is OK to charge an ill person for services rendered. The Sick person could be elderly and living on limited funds. If you can afford to buy them items do it out of the goodness of your heart and do not charge them for the things you have done for them. Someday you will be elderly and living on limited funds yourself.

Years ago a high paying job for people paid $20,000.00 a year in wages. Now the cost of an average nursing home is $6800.00 to $9000.00 a month. The money they made in one year is gone in about 2 to 3 months. Their social security check is only about $600.00 a month. Their money goes very quickly in their old age. Be a good steward and help them out as often as you possibly can. Never take advantage of a down and out person for you have sunk as low as you can if you do so. I have no time for opportunist or vultures.

Never ask a person for their possessions while they are alive or steal from them. You are a poor excuse for a human being if you have to rob from the sick and dying. The person has made out a will and if you are not in it live with it. Treat people how you want to be treated when you are sick or dying and remember you are setting an example for your children and how they will be treating you down the road.

Do not be a vulture preying on those who are dying. The person whom you are preying on will see you for your true colors. I have seen people just waiting for someone to die and what they might do with their money. People have told me they have made out new wills after they have overheard relatives talking about how they will be spending their money or who will be getting each one of their possessions. If you want money work for it like everyone else has over the years. Never except things to handed to you on a silver platter.

Respect your elders and love and honor them in sickness and be with them through the good and the bad times. May God bless you and all of of your sick, elderly and Ill friends. Remember we are growing older each and everyday. Make life for those you know as pleasant as possible each day that we are blessed to be on earth.

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Cat Intellect

I have a Snacky Mouse that I put cat treats in for my cats. If they bat the Snacky Mouse around just right it dispenses a cat treat for them to eat. Garfunkel has managed to dispense one cat treat from the Snacky Mouse. Conrad is an expert on getting every cat treat dispensed from the Snacky Mouse  each and every time that I fill it with cat treats. Kohl has never tried to get a snack out of the Snacky Mouse. He will look at you in a way that says please help me out. He will wait for me to bat the Snacky Mouse and dispense his cat treat out for him. Kohl figures why bother in batting the Snacky Mouse around if I can get my human owner to do it for me.

I have a cat toy that is like a fishing rod. The cat toy has a plastic stick on one end and a catnip filled fish on the other end that is held on by elastic string. I purchased the toy while I was vacating in Ireland. My cat Kohl loves to leap and chase after the catnip filled fish when I wave it around in the air. Kohl gets a lot of exercise while he is playing with the catnip filled fish. Garfunkel loves to chase after the catnip filled fish and pounce on it now and then. Kohl and Garfunkel love to grab the catnip filled fish their mouth tightly and not let go of it. Conrad is a very shy cat. Conrad was watching my other two house cats play with the catnip filled fish cat toy and was getting more and more interested in it by the minute. Conrad all of a sudden grabbed the cat toy by the plastic stick and ran off with it and put it under my bed. I retrieved the cat toy latter on in the day and put it away for safe keeping so it would be fit for use on another day.

Maggie learned how to operate One Fast Cat ASAP. I showed Maggie how the cat wheel worked one day. The next day she was sitting on it and then she ran around on it for me to watch her. I told her what a smart cat she was. Mr. Oscar Gray tries his best to get everyone’s snacks eaten but I make sure they take turns as much as I possibly can. Cali meows by the door hoping I will let her outdoors. She gets to go out if she lets me put her in the cat playpen where she is safe and sound. I never will forget Ginger  who turned on my answering machine and ended up renting a house for me as the party on the other end rented the house.

Cats are experts at getting what they want from us in every way possible. God bless our smart feline friends.

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Keeping Up Your Faith

If you have faith you believe with a strong conviction that things will get better in your times of troubles and hardships. When we feel helpless about a situation or event in our life we have to put our trust in God. In my times of weakness I pray to God that he will give me renewed strength. God is my source of strength and well-being. With God by my side who can be against me.

Always make time for prayer in your life as it will bring you closer to God and thank him everyday for the blessings that have been bestowed on you. Read your Bible and see how it can help you in your daily living and how you can be a better steward of God. Read a daily devotion and think how you can apply it to your day today. Listen to uplifting and relaxing music and sing praises to God today. Make friends with like minded people and reach out to others.

Belief in God is based on Spiritual belief rather than proof. You don’t absolutely have to see God to believe that he truly exist. Faith is found in religion and being involved in your church. Faith is composed of trust, conviction, credence, religion and your church and persuasion. Without faith we would feel our life had no purpose or meaning. We need faith to survive in the world and to be with God someday in heaven.




Take time to be by yourself  and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Looking at Gods majestic beauty in the World should strengthen your faith in God. Gods creation shows us that he has faith in us to be good stewards of the land so that people can enjoy the beauty that God has laid out for us.


Wear your faith proudly and pass it on to others. Faith lets us know that when we get up in the morning God has a faith filled day waiting for us. Faith lets us know that we will live on spiritually forever and our life had a great and glorious purpose in Gods eyes. Keep up your faith everyday and be steadfast.

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Getting Your Hair Done and Going To Farmers Market With Covid -19

I had my hair done today at Main Street Styles located in Clear Lake, Iowa. My hairdresser Jewell wore a mask while she worked on my hair and I wore a mask as well. She had hand sanitizer on hand, clorox wipes,rubber gloves, new face mask for her customers and and more sanitizing agents. Jewell dyed my hair which was in dire need of hair dye. She then washed my hair, cut it, dried it and styled it. I felt like a new woman with my hair cut and dyed.

All of the chairs were wiped down and the tools were sanitized. The magazines were given to the customer to keep or thrown in the trash. The cover that she placed over me was sprayed down and sanitized. Her salon goes the extra mile to keep you looking good while practicing what is necessary to stop the spread of the corona virus.

When I paid my bill and set up my next appt. there was hand sanitizer by the check out counter which I used before I left. We must thank our hairstylist as they put their life on the line while working so very close to us.

My trip to Farmers Market in Clear lake, Iowa was perfect. People were practicing social distancing. You just had to point at the item you wanted and it was put in a plastic bag for you. I left with a wonderful loaf of Apple cranberry bread and one dozen brown eggs. I tried a slice of the bread when I got home and it was absolutely delicious.

The items available at Farmers Market were spinach, onions, rhubarb, honey, soaps, breads, herbs, eggs and much more. The vendors at Farmers Market were very friendly and explained how their bread was made and if was gluten free. We must remember to thank our food providers for having fresh food available for us with the Covid – 19 Virus.

Thank everyone often who is on the front lines in this pandemic for us. Always wear your mask for the next life you save might be your own, a friend, family member and for all the people that someone holds dear in their heart. God Bless you and yours.

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My Cats Hierarchy

My cats have a definite pecking order. Kohl is my oldest house cat and he rules the roost. If he sees another cat sitting in my lap he leaps into my lap and the younger cat leaves my lap and he takes over. Garfunkel is next in line. If Conrad sees Garfunkel on my lap he will sit on the arm of the recliner until Garfunkel leaves. At least they all take turns sitting on my lap and there are no fights.

All of my cats have their favorite resting places. One time Kohl took  over Conrad’s recliner so Conrad took over Kohl”s hammock and after that no one tried to out maneuver each other. Kohl always want to be the first cat in the morning to drink the fresh water. Kohl is always the first one to come when cat treats are handed out but they all get their fair share of treats.

In my other house Addi’s family controls the household along with Cali my part Siamese cat. Addi and her Aunt and family make sure they get what they want. Cali is in charge if only two of Addi’s family are present in the room. Russ gets along with everyone as he is a very loving cat and refuses to take sides. Cali lost her cat hierarchy when Addi was pregnant with her kittens. Addi was protecting her future family and she wanted to keep Cali in line so her kittens would be protected in her mindset. All of the other cats in my other house would help Addi take care of her kittens except Cali. Addi would not let Cali anywhere near her kittens. After Addi’s kittens were grown Cali was the top cat again most of the time.

The cat beds, hammocks, cat trees and window sill cat beds seem to always be occupied by the same cats. They never seem to have any disagreements about their sleeping arrangements. They all take turns eating in the morning out of their food bowls. Cat snacks have to be placed in different areas to make sure everyone gets a snack or two. There are enough heated cat beds so everyone can have their own separated bed of they so desire. Some of my cats like to snuggle up together in the large heated cat beds.

All of my cats seem to like different cat toys at different times so they do not care at all who plays with a cat toy. Brightly colored cat toys and catnip filled toys, singing bird toys, circle game toys and feathers or a fish on the end of a long stick are always a winner with my cats. Kohl’s favorite toys are plastic or cloth green frogs.

Cats do have a pecking order or ranking system. My cats seem to agree on a system that works for me and for them with no blood shed or missing fur. My cats seem to know that I would not put up with them harming each other and they behave purrfectly well. Hope you and your cats agree on their cat hierarchy standards and your standards for a peaceful and pleasant life together for many years to come.

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Living In A Positive Manner

Always look at your glass half full and not half empty. Negativity will suck you down in a vortex that will devour you if you let it take over your daily thoughts. Surround yourself with positive thinking individuals that are movers and shakers. Think of of at least one positive thing that happened to you today and move forward with that.

Remember you woke up this morning and that was a positive. Plan out your day so you can achieve goals that you have set for yourself. Do not expect the impossible from yourself and set realistic goals that you can live up to. Do your toughest jobs first and then work your way down to the easy jobs. You will be glad you are doing the easy jobs in the afternoon as you have gotten worn down earlier in the day.

God wants us to live in a positive manner and be productive and set a good example for others to live by. Be a good steward whenever and however you can everyday. Help lift up peoples spirits and let them know that you genuinely care about their well – being. You show someone that you care about their well – being by being their for them in good and bad times, talking about the future, looking at them and showing empathy and more.

Negative events happen to all of us. It is best to learn from a negative event quickly and try to turn it into something positive. If you can warn someone about what happened to you and prevent it from happening to them that is  positive. Protect and nurture those that you love and do not let negativity get the better of them.

Start out your day with positive thoughts and think to yourself how can I make the world a better place today. Live up to your fullest potential and never waste a day on negativity. God has faith in you that you can achieve great and remarkable things on earth if you stay focused on the positive and lock the door on negativity. Leave your good mark on the World and make a positive and everlasting influence in other peoples lives as that will leave you a great legacy. God Bless you in all of your endeavors to leave negativity far behind you.

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Cat Personalities

All of my cats have different personalities as some are outgoing and some prefer to be by themselves. Some of my cats love to be held and petted and others will let you hold them for just a little while and then they want down. Some of my cats will give you a love nip and others will draw your blood.

I have had many male and female cats over the years. My male cats will tolerate more and love to be held and made a fuss over for a long period of time. My female cats are less tolerant and seem to have a moody personality. The female cats want to held on their terms only.

My cat Kohl is very friendly and outgoing. Garfunkel is shy and more reserved. Conrad is a one person cat. Cali, Faith and Russ love to press and rub against your legs or hand. Addi is a one person cat and her kittens, Mr. Gray, Hilford, and Sherlock take after their Mother. Maggie is friendly and her sister is a one person cat. Peter is very shy and very reserved. Nicole wants to be left alone and she likes to bite a persons hand.

Cats tend to have the same personalities that their parents had. I once had a purebred Siamese house cat that was extremely moody. She would be fine one minute and the next minute she would bite you without much warning. Siamese cats have their own mind set and we cannot change it.

Most of my cats I have now are domestic shorthair, Siamese, Persian and Himalayan which makes for a more even temperament. I have had purebred Himalayan cats and Maine Coon cats. The Himalayan’s are very quiet with a wonderful personality. I like the Maine Coon cats they are long haired and nice and have a shrill meow.

When picking out a new cat look at its parents personalities and the breed traits of the cat you are considering and then you and your new cat will both be happy for many years to come.

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We are obedient to people in authority when we comply with their orders or request. We need to respect people in authority. We need to follow the guidance of our parents as they only want the best for us and they want us to succeed in life. We need to follow the guidance of our teachers and anyone that is working to make us a successful person. Obedience is a key that unlocks the door to our success. Submit to guidance from figures in authority. Learn from others and comply with their orders or request. If you never heed your employers advice you will be doomed to failure in your job.

Be obedient to what God is calling you to do in your life. Submit yourself to Gods guidance on a regular basis. Obedience unlocks many blessings in our lives that we would never achieve without Gods guidance. Obedience demonstrates our faith and trust in God. We must read Gods word everyday and ask him to empower us with his Holy Spirit so that our life will honour him.

By helping people that are downtrodden and oppressed we are helping God. When we help anyone in need we are one of Gods obedient children. Help get food, clothing, necessities and more to those in need. Be their for someone that is lonesome and in need of a cheerleader in their life. Share the scripture with as many people as you possibly can. Read a portion of the Bible everyday and see how it applies to your life today and how it could benefit the life of someone you know. When you are obedient to Gods word you are never truly alone in life. Gods knows all of your inner workings and what you need in your life before you know it yourself.

Be obedient as obedience with God is the key to a happy, joyful, peaceful and a loving life. Avoid gossip, negative thoughts and do not listen to things that do not go by Gods principles as that is how he wants us to live.  Follow the Ten Commandments as they are not called the ten suggestions. We must deny ourselves many worldly pleasures and take up the cross and follow God.

Scripture 1 John 2 : 17

The World and its desires pass away but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

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Where I Have Adopted Some Of My Cats

My Grandfather found my first cat Flossie in our field. Flossie was a very young kitten and she was gray and white in color. She was very friendly and she would follow me all over the farm. Flossie had many kittens over the years that I grew very found of. She and all of her kittens were excellent mousers.

Many of my cats over the years were found in restaurant parking lots. I found one of my house cats Philmoor under a car at Perkins. He was purring away loudly when we pulled into our driveway. He was very friendly and lived to be 10 years old. I found one of my calico cats Victoria at a restaurant and she was waiting by there door for a new owner to rescue her. She had a beautiful calico kitten that looked just like her. I adopted Addi from a restaurant that was partners with a cat shelter. Addi is a very friendly silver tabby cat. Addi had five lovely kittens and I still have three of them and her other two kittens found a wonderful and loving home they were adopted into.

I have found several of my house cats in my local newspaper. All of my Siamese cats were found by listings in my newspaper. I adopted Sugar, Ginger and Tammy. Sugar was a beautiful seal point Siamese cat and she kept me company for many years. Ginger was a lynx point Siamese cat and she was very kind and gentle and she lived to be 18 years old. I adopted Tammy a blue point Siamese cat from a young couple that was having a baby. My grandmother had Tammy for many years and she dearly loved her. Cali my calico cat was one of several cats that a young couple had. They could not afford to keep all of their cats. Cali is part Siamese and she is very vocal and beautifully marked.

I adopted Simon and Garfunkel from a listing on a bulletin board at a restaurant. Their Mother had come to there house pregnant and they had to find a home for her four kittens. Simon died quite young of a disease. Garfunkel is a very kind, gentle and loving house cat.

I have adopted several cats because their owner died and the family had to find new homes for them. I have adopted stray cats over the years. My vet gave me one of his house cats by the name of Red. He had found Red on a golf course in December. Red was a Red Tabby cat and he was very intelligent. Red lived to be 17 years old. My purebred Maine Coon cat Fresca was given to me by my cousin years ago. About 12 years ago a kitten was born on my farm that looked almost identical to Fresca.

I have adopted many lovely outdoor cats from farmers and people that have tried to find homes for cats in their neighborhood. Try to adopt and help out a cat in need of a safe and warm loving home. God bless you and your cat family.

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All of us feel very vulnerable at times. We may feel unsafe, at risk or endangered depending upon our situation. When we are very young or elderly it is easier for people to take advantage of us. When we are young and naive or elderly someone may have the upper hand on us. We are very trusting in general of other people. In times of hardship and trials people tend to pray on other people and take advantage of the situation to line their pockets. We must always be on guard for uncouth characters that are out and about.

We are very vulnerable in times of a pandemic. Some people think price gouging is OK. I think price gouging is as low as you can possibly go. Never take advantage of people that are struggling to get buy and need essential items to survive. Remember the Golden Rule and live by it everyday of your life. The Golden rule is : Do Unto Others As You Would  Have Them Do Unto To You.

There are many phone scammers and internet scammers that make a living taking advantage of vulnerable people. They may get by with that on earth but they will not get by with that on Judgement day. Some places keep sending out donation forms constantly hoping that you will forget that you just paid them.

The price of face masks and other essentials that we need due to the pandemic that we are in are all over the place. My grocery bill since march 1st 2020 has gone up $40.00 for the same exact items. Everyone has to pay a lot more for all of their essential items.

Are health care workers on the front lines are very vulnerable to catching Covid – 19. Remember to thank health care workers everyday as they are fighting to help save our lives. People with preexisting conditions and illnesses are very vulnerable to catching Covid – 19. Stay home and only go out for essential items for the next life you save just might be your own. Covid – 19 does not discriminate  anyone or any age group. All of us could die from this pandemic that we are in.

Be nice to people, businesses, and all people that you meet.  If a store is out of an item that you need or want do not loss your cool for it is not their fault if they are waiting for supplies. Do not get irate and out of control with workers. It takes longer for all of us to get supplies than it used to as that is the new normal. We have to beat this pandemic together as it is very real and it could kill any of us at anytime. Follow all of the rules and stay safe and well.  God bless you and yours.

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