Warm Cat Shelter

Provide  a warm shelter for your cats for protection from the cold, wet and frigid weather. A building that has shelter from the wind and cold is the ideal protection for your cats in the stormy weather. A heat lamp helps take the chill out of the air. Fresh straw or warm dry bedding makes a cozy bed for your outdoor cats.

I like heated cat beds for my outdoor cats along with a heated water dish. Make sure food bowls are full of fresh cat food and water bowls are free from ice. Give your pets fresh water everyday to drink. Check on your pets often in the cold weather to make sure they are OK and heat lamps and heated beds are working properly.

Frostbite can occur quickly and your cat can lose the tips of his ears or have the pads of his feet frozen. Take your cat to your vet ASAP if you expect they have frost bite. Many cats die from distemper in the cold winter months if they do not have their shots up to date. If your electricity goes out have straw available that your cats can snuggle up in to preserve body heat.

Give your cats a lot of table scraps and canned cat food in the winter to boost up their immune systems and give them extra energy to survive. I like to feed my cats a high quality dry cat food that has a lot of protien in it and hardly any by-products. Feed your cat the best quality cat food that you can for their well-being.

Make sure your cats shelter stays dry and that they are free from drafts and wind. A small electric heater helps take that cold chill out of the building that they are living in. In case of a power outage have old blankets available for your cats to snuggle up in. Keep plenty of fresh dry straw on hand and make sure your cats have water that they are able to drink. Hope you and your cats keep warm and healthy as the weather keeps getting colder.

Pardon Me

We say I beg your pardon if we have not heard a speaker and we wish for him to repeat what he has just said so we clearly understand what he said initially. To say  pardon me is a common courtesy when we have inconvenienced someone.

If we step in front of someone by mistake we say pardon me. When someone pardon’s us they forgive us for our offense. If we have been discourteous we should say pardon me. We should be more courteous to the needs of others.

If a Judge pardons you he has released you from your punishment or infraction of the law. Many prisoners have been granted a last minute pardon over the years that has saved their lives. Some prisoners have been granted a full  pardon that gives them back their rights they had initially.

We ask God to Pardon us when we ask him for forgiveness for a terrible transgression. All of us have sinned and fall short of Gods glory. Gods forgives us for our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us. We should learn from our sins of the past and never repeat them.

We should pardon people for their mistakes. All of us have made plenty of mistakes in our lifetime. We should admit our mistakes and learn from them. Do not make a mistake and try to place the blame on someone else. Own up to your flaws and mistakes and try each day to be a better person.

If you inconvenience someone make it up to them. Be courteous, kind, loving, caring, joyful and show great compassion toward your fellow man. Hold doors open for people. Spread Gods good works everyday and bring sunshine into the lives of others. Put a smile on someones face today. Remember to say pardon me for your discourtesy or if you have inconvenienced someone. Try each day to be a better you.

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Patriot Wings Restaurant Next To The Airport In Mason City, Iowa

My friend and I ate at Patriot Wings Restaurant recently and we were very impressed with our food. I love how the restaurant was decorated for the Fall season. The surroundings and the atmosphere are magnificent. Our waitress came to our table in a timely manner. She took our order and she gave us a nice carafe of water.

I looked over the food that was delivered to the other tables while we were waiting for our food. The food that was delivered looked absolutely mouthwatering . I could hear them tell their friends how wonderful the food tasted. Their conversation ended as they kept eating their food.

We ordered the Black Angus Burger with french fries. Our black Angus burger was cooked to perfection and it tasted delicious. Our french fries were seasoned and not greasy and they were very tasty. Our waitress filled our carafe with water again.


She had wonderful desserts that you could eat in the restaurant or take home with you. I took home a wonderful looking cherry tart and a scone. The cherry tart was out of this world, it was absolutely amazing in its taste. The scone was very tender and had a marvelous flavor.

We saw a plane take off through the window while we were eating our Black Angus Burger and fries. It is fun to watch the planes come and go while you are eating your meal. I always enjoyed eating at the airport restaurant as a young child. I was very fascinated with the airplanes and I still am today.

The restaurant also has a bar so you can enjoy a drink with your meal. I saw several people having a glass of beer. Some women were drinking mimosas. The food and the waitresses and the waiters and the cook and baker do an awesome job. I would highly recommend eating at Patriot Wings Restaurant in Mason City, Iowa next to the airport.

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Trust means that we have confidence in someone. If we confide in someone that means that we trust them with private, personal or financial information. Trust is not given quickly as it takes time to win someones trust. If a confidence is broken the trust between the two parties is also broken. It takes a very long time to earn someones trust back.


To have faith in a person we also trust that person. God has faith in us that we will strive to do the right things in life. God has given us the ten commandments as to how he wants us to live. We as Gods children trust in God as he has always been by our side.

Hope is a form of trust. We hope for good health, weather, friends and so much more. Without hope for a bright tomorrow you are lost. We trust that the sun will come up in the morning and will set at night. Our trust in God and his trust in us is a wonderful gift of love and hope that keeps us going and doing good things with our lives while we are on earth.

The old lyrics ” trust and obey for there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey”. To be happy in any relationship there has to be trust. Without trust you cannot form lifelong ties with someone. Blessed be the tie that binds is a Christian fellowship or shared belief. We all believe that trust is important to a tie that binds us together with God and fellow Christians. United we stand and divided we fall. Christians must unite for a common cause and worship and praise God together for all the blessings and great joys he has given to us. In God we trust today and into eternity.

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Taking Care Of Your Cat When He Is Outdoors

If you let your cat outdoors and he is  declawed he is absolutely helpless as far as defending himself against any animal that might wish to attack him and kill him. Keep an eye out for any stray animals that might show up suddenly and try to harm your cat.

Safety measures you can use to protect your feline friend.

Walk your cat on a leach especially designed for cats as most cat do not like to be on a leash. Place your cat in a cat playpen on a deck that is out of direct intense sun. Check on your cat often and make sure he is not too warm and he has plenty of water to drink. Put flea protection on your cat that is vet approved. Make sure all of his shots are up to date.

Our ever changing weather.

In the winter months frostbite can happen in a hurry. Sometimes the tips of a cats ear have been frozen and the tips fall off. Never leave any pet in a car in the summer or the winter months unless you are in the car also. The temperature in the car can change very quickly resulting in the death of your cat.

Watch what your cat is eating.

Your cat could eat plant that is deadly for cats outdoors. Your cat could vomit or have convulsions from eating a deadly plant. Call your vet ASAP if your cat is acting sick after being outdoors. Do not let your cat get near automotive oil, gas, deck cleaner, pest killers, paint and so much more. Once a poison is injected it might be to late to save your cats life.


Your cat depends on you for his protection.

Be aware of your cats surroundings as things can change in a heartbeat. Keep up to date with you cats health. Keep toxic chemicals locked away. Be a good steward in caring for your cat.

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Why Envy People

We should be glad for people that have achieved their life long dream. We do not know what they have been through to get where they are today. We should never be resentful of another’s good fortune or achievement.

If you feel pain at the sight of another’s good fortune or achievement you are not really happy for them. We should as a good christian be happy for everyone’s good fortune. Achievements do not just get handed to one on a silver platter. People work hard for their achievements.

Envy is bad when you are not elated for your friends accomplishments. Envy is good if you have a longing for something and you work hard and earn the item that you have desired. Praise people on their accomplishments and do not resent them.

If you want another person’s possessions think twice about that. Maybe their possessions have weighed them down and consumed their whole life. Owning something does not make you happy. Friends and family make you happy. Possessions wear out and get sold.

If someone you know has a desirable attribute think to yourself how can I become more like them and do not resent them for it. Strive to be the kind of person that God wants you to be. Be helpful, kind, compassionate, caring, loving, peaceful, hopeful,joyful,faithful and a good steward of God every change that you are given.

I am happy when I see someone achieve their life long dream. Reach for the stars that are in the heavens as they will bring you to new heights in your life. Share your good fortunes with others. Use your achievement to benefit mankind.

God is faithful, forgiving and kind to all of mankind. God is overjoyed at all of our accomplishments and achievements in life. God wants his flock to do well on earth and share our accomplishments with others for the benefit of all. Do not be boastful. Give and never expect anything in return. Be gracious and thankful for all of the blessings in your life and pass them along to others.

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My Indoor Cats Get Bored During Bad Weather

My indoor cats tend to sleep more in bad weather and are not energetic at all. They tend to sleep in my bed or their little heated cat beds. Conrad sleeps in his recliner which I actually purchased for myself  but he has made himself at home in it. Kohl sleeps on my bed most of the day. Garfunkel sleeps on my bed or in a cat bed.

My cats try to watch the birds but it is rather difficult when snow is covering most of my picture window. They do take turns watching the birds which works out fairly well for them. It is difficult for me to fill the bird feeders with four foot drifts to walk through.

My indoor cats tend to eat more during the winter months because they are bored. Kohl makes quite a few trips to his food bowl. My cats do play with their cat toys but they get tired of playing with them with the wind howling and blowing. I buy a lot of new cat toys for my cats to play with as the weather gets colder. They love toys filled with catnip and circle toys with a ball in the center for them to bat around. They never get tired of the circle toys or catnip toys for cats.

My cats next door sleep in their heated cat beds and play with some of their catnip toys that they take to bed with them for the night. They like to share their cat buildings with as many cats as they will hold as their body heat keeps them all nice and warm with that method.

My cats next door really go through the cat food in the winter months. I supply them with canned cat food almost everyday along with their dry cat food, I also give them lots of cat treats that they enjoy. They greet me at the door every morning wondering what treats they will have for the day.

My cats get fresh water everyday, cat food, litter boxes cleaned out and a loving pat on their head. Treat your feline friends to many fine cat treats during the winter months.

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The Man Who Worshiped Money So Much He Left Everything Else Behind

There was a man so obsessed with making money that he ignored the fact that his own family was falling apart. His children had many problems that a good caring Father could have helped them with if he was only their for them. He was a humble man and did not put on Aires but his money came first before everything or anybody else.

He did not spend quality time with his wife or family. He walked right by a man wanting food when he came out of a restaurant with a to go box full of leftovers. He ignored the needs of his church family and he ignored what God  wanted him to do with his life. He never traveled and he never took time to relax. He hardly ever talked to people unless it was his financial adviser.

Time kept marching on and he still made no changes in his life his children now had children of their own. He did not spend time with his Grandchildren. He was now obsessed with the fact that he might not have enough money for a rest home in his old age. He worked and toiled away endlessly. One day his body gave out and he finally turned to God for help. He began to see the errors of his ways. He realized he had ignored the cries of the needy, his family, friends, church family and God.

He began to see what he had been missing out on in life. He was missing out on being loved and adored by his family. He had missed out on the beauty of nature and what God was calling upon him to do with his life that would help others.

The man who had worshiped money now worshiped God and family and friends. He now gave freely to the cries of the needy. He found out it is better to give than to receive. Money did not buy him happiness in fact it almost robbed him of everything that is truly important in life.

It takes a disaster or a near death experience to wake some people up to as what is truly important in life. Life is meaningless without love from family, friends and God. Money does not buy happiness or friends. Money can truly be the root of all evil if you worship it before you worship God. Do not let money consume or devour your life. Give freely to worthwhile charities and help as many people as you possibly can while you are here on earth. God bless a joyful giver.

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Cats Are Very Compassionate

Cats know when you are not feeling well. My cats will lay by my side and gently purr away. I have three house cats and they take turns watching over me when I am under the weather. When one cats leaves for awhile another will quickly fill up the empty spot.

Cats have compassion for one another. If one cat is not feeling up to Parr another cat will lay down as close as he possibly can to his sick friend. Female cats will help care for each others kittens. I observed one female cat catching a mouse to feed to another female cats kittens.

Cats have been known to nurse baby puppies, opossums, ferrets and some other small animals. One cat had adopted three baby squirrels that she raised along with her own four kittens. Cats have been burned badly in a fire trying to save all of their kittens. Unfortunately a lot of cats have awakened their owners to let them know there is a fire in their house only to succumb to the fire themselves. Cats have alerted their owners to gas leaks and much more.

Cats will lay down next to people that are dying in a rest home. It is the cats way of comforting them in their final moments. When my Mother died my Siamese cat Sugar would sit on the edge of the bathtub and cry out or wail for one straight week. She remembered my Mother would buy cat food for her and other goodies and take her to her vet visits when she was sick.

I had one cat that was raised in a vets office and rodents were not to be killed as they were someones pets. My other cat saw a mouse and was intending to have brunch. My cat that was raised in the vets office embraced the mouse by encircling it with his feet. My other cat was in shock thinking aren’t we supposed to kill those.

Cats care for their owners very much and we care for our feline friends very much. Cats show compassion to each other and other animals. Cats comfort those in need of comfort and  show great compassion.

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Worrying about things robs you from a day or more of your life. Worrying over anything will not change the results of the outcome. Do not sweat the small stuff in life as it is not worth your time or effort.

The worry wart worried all day long and he never made a difference in his life or the lives of others while he was worrying away his valuable time on earth. God knows all of our worries and troubles and he will take care of all of them in good time. Trust in the Lord for his love for you is constant and never ceasing.

Always put your best foot forward in life and you will always be one of Gods good stewards. Do not worry for God will heal or help you along lives HWY.  Remember not to worry for things will work out.

Do not give in to anxiety or allow ones mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. Talk to people and realize their are other people that have gone through what you have gone through or worse. When you have doubts about the outcome of a situation try to avoid that situation. If you cannot avoid a situation ask others for help and pray to God for the help you need.

Do not stay in a state of uncertainty over actual or potential problems. A potential problem is a problem that has not occurred or may never occur. Do not cry over milk that has been spilled as it can always be replenished. Do not make a mountain out of an ant hill. Keep busy with friends travel, hobbies, reading and enjoying nature and live everyday to its full potential with no worries. God knows everything that you think about every minute of your life and he will carry your worries away. God will lead the way for a better and new tomorrow for you and yours. Go out and live your life as God wants you to. Remember God is always by your side or holding your hand.

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