Being Left Handed In A Right Handed World

When I first went to school trying to find a left handed pair of scissors to work with was quite a challenge. School desk were made for right handed people also. The right handed students had a nice place to rest their elbows on the desk but I did not have that luxury.

My Grandfather thought me how to tie my shoes since he was left handed. We loop our shoe laces the opposite way around. He also thought me how to use a knife and peel vegetables.

When I made pottery in High School they had old fashioned kick wheels yet. Kick wheels can be easily used by left handed students as we just kick the wheel in the opposite direction. By the time I made pottery in college we had only two kick wheels and the others had motors that went in the wrong direction. An older gentleman told me all they had to do was mount the motor upside down and they would work perfectly for those of us that were left handed. We never had a motorized pottery wheel for the left handed students.

In sports left handed people need left handed golf clubs and catchers mitt and we hold the baseball bat differently also.

I tried to play a guitar in school but since it was a right handed guitar it did not go well. I found out years later that they now make a left handed guitar. The strings have to be mounted the opposite way around for us that are left handed.

Mechanics that are left handed have a challenge also as cars are made to be easily repaired by right handed people and an absolute nightmare for left handed mechanics to work on.

Carpentry tools are made backwards for left handed carpenters. I was lucky enough to find a left handed circular saw and what a wonderful find that was for me. Weed whackers throw the grass all over your pant legs and chain saws throw the wood chips all over your body when you are left handed.

I purchased a left handed watch that I love dearly. Left handed people wear their watch on their right wrist. Some vacuum cleaners are off balance because of how the bag or motor are mounted on them making it very hard to vacuum with being left handed.

I have learned over the years how to adapt to being left handed in a right handed world.

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How To Wake Up Your Human If You Are A Cat

My name is Kohl and lay on my Mother’s pillow and meow away in her ear. I find my method of waking up my human very effective indeed. My human gets very annoyed with me when I give her my idea of a permanent in the morning. I need away at her hair and comb through it with my teeth. She gets her fill of my cat perm in a hurry and she gets out of bed and tends to all of my needs and desires. I demand fresh water in the morning. I simply stare and the water dish and she fills it with nice fresh water for me to drink ASAP. I have her trained purrfectly.

My name is Garfunkel and I lay closer and closer to my human Mother until she cannot stand the heat radiating from my little body any longer and she gets out bed. I have another method I use also as you always need a plan B. I lick and lick away at my humans hands and arms. She gets out of bed and cleans out our litter boxes and I make sure I am the first cat to use the cleaned out litter box in the morning. My human was very easy to train.

My name is Conrad and I sleep by my Mothers feet all night long. I am part Siamese so I let that part of me shine through in the morning. I call out to my human Mother in a shrill Siamese voice that could wake the dead in the morning and if she did not wake up with that I would have to call 911. I walk up by her face in the morning as I like it when she pats me on the head in the morning and she holds me close to her for a little while.

Conrad by jewelry box

We love our human and we try to please her as much as she pleases us. We are fortunate to have each other and be in a loving and caring home. God Bless you humans for taking care of us and for letting us train you purrfectly.

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Get It In Writing

You have to get contracts and agreements in writing today as the old fashioned handshake is a thing of the past.

I purchased a SUV at one time that was supposed to be AWD and a six cylinder engine. The SUV was four cylinder and FWD. I had a witness with me when I purchased the vehicle thank goodness. I had the sales manager sign a piece of paper saying they would make things right with me. The other people in the Co. did not know I had a signed letter from the sales manager and refused to do anything. As soon as I faxed them a copy of the signed letter they made things right after a two month wait. I ended up with a one year newer AWD drive SUV  but I still got the four cylinder engine. Without a witness or something in writing you do not have a leg to stand on.

I have friends that got a different color of vehicle than the one they purchased. I have a friend that purchased an air conditioner for his store but they did not hook it up to electricity. They told him he had to have his electrician hook it up. Anyone would think they would hook up an air conditioner when you purchased one. Why would you buy an air conditioner just to look at it day after day in the hot sweltering heat.

I was getting a loan at a bank one day and trying to read over the fine print. The banker said that is not important so I started to cross  that part of the contract off and all of a sudden it became very important. Be very proactive in all of your purchases. In God We Trust all others must sign a written agreement or contract.

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Meowfia Cat Cave from Chewy.Com

I was provided a Meowfia Cat Cave from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

Meowfia cat caves are original and handmade by Artisan women of Nepal. Each cat cave is unique and as beautiful as your cherished cat. When you purchase a cat cave for your cat you also help sustain a family in Nepal and you have an original work of art in your home. The Meowfia cat caves are handmade from 100% New Zealand Merino Wool. Merino Wool makes  a premium felt cat cave. Each Meowfia cat cave is designed and colored differently because they are handmade. I like to support a family in need and Meowfia cat caves offer us the opportunity to do so.

My cats love to snuggle deep down in their Meowfia cat caves from Chewy.Com. They love the nice feel of the Merino Wool on their bodies. Your Meowfia cat cave comes with a nice surprise for you and your cat. Inside of the cat cave is a blue Merino Wool small cat ball for your cat to play with. My cats played and played with the wool ball.

Conrad loves the Meowfia cat cave and he has a a lot of pleasant and cozy catnaps in his Meowfia cat cave bed. He is not keen on sharing his new found treasured cat cave bed with any other cat. If Conrad gets too warm inside of the bed he will make a nest and sleep on top of it. When he wants back in he just pushes at the entrance and he is back in again.

Kohl is an older cat and he fell in love with the Meowfia cat cave instantly. He loves to get in the back as far as he can possibly get. He weighs 15 pounds and still finds plenty of room for comfort and rest in his wonderful Meowfia cat cave from Chewy.Com. My cats are in love with Meowfia cat cave beds made by the women in Nepal from Merino Wool premium felt and sold by caring and compassionate companies like

Give your feline friend some extra love today with a premium and unique Meowfia cat cave that they will have pleasant cat naps and dreams in for years to come. God Bless you and your feline friends  with happy and restful and pleasant dreams every night.

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Take The Road Less Traveled

Change can be a very scary thing in our lives. We get used to and feel very comfortable with our routines day after day. Sometimes God is calling us to make a very significant change in our lives and we are too busy to hear God calling us. Stop and examine your life now  and think to yourself can I be a better and more outstanding person in society.

Do not make fun of people just because other people are doing so. Take the road less traveled and remember you could be the one they are making fun of. Do not walk with the bullies in life walk the opposite direction. Do not let other people turn you into a pack of wolves that is waiting to devour someone. Defend the person the bullies are picking on as this is a true example of one of Gods good stewards.

Listen when God is calling upon you to do something that will better yourself and will help others immensely. God never ask more from you then what you can deliver. Be ready and willing to create a new and better you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Be a more caring and compassionate individual. Help those who are in need. Listen to people that are lonely, afraid, downtrodden, sick, have lost a loved one, and that just need a caring person to talk to. Be a go to person for people.

Take some chances in life. Remember the old saying : Nothing ventured nothing gained. Look to the Bible for examples of what you can achieve in life even when all the odds are against you. Love God, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Some strangers are actually angels among us that are trying to teach us or led us in the right direction in life.

Remember God is always next to you even when you think you are all alone. Be one of Gods excellent shepherds today and always and never leave the flock alone to care for themselves.

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Weruva Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Weruva Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave Maggie and her sister a can of  Weruva Chicken Recipe in Pumpkin Consomme. There were nice sized shreds of chicken in the can of Weruva along with the pumpkin. Maggie and her sister made very short work of Weruva Chicken Recipe canned cat food.

My cats next door enjoyed Weruva Chicken Frick A Zee canned cat food. Russ and Hilford ate all of there portion. Another group of cats consisting of Faith, Sherlock, Nicole and Mr. Gray devoured there portion in record time. Addi and Cali enjoyed eating there portion all by themselves.

I gave Maggie and her sister Weruva Lamb Burini  and Maggie purred away loudly as she ate hers. Her sister ate hers up quickly so Maggie could not eat any of hers. Maggie thought hers was purrfectly good.



Maggie and her sister gulped down a can of Weruva Kitty Gone Wild with Salmon Recipe canned cat food. They ate up the the can of Weruva with gusto. My two outdoor cats loved the nicely sized pieces of salmon and the AU JUS  sauce that covered the salmon.


All of my cats next door and my outdoor cats that I feed  Weruva Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com thoroughly enjoyed each delicious and delectable bit of Weruva awesome canned cat food. Feed according to the age, size and activity level of your feline friend.

I love having a variety pack of canned cat food for my cats to enjoy. My cats can get a little variety in their diet now and then with a variety pack of canned cat food. We get tired of the same food day after day so why won’t our feline friends also get tired of the same kind of cat food day after day. Give your cat a special treat everyday.

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Attitude Adjustment

Proverbs   19 – 19

A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment : for if thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again.

1 Peter 4 : 12 – 14

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you :

But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings ; that, when his glory will be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye, for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you : on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.

Some people need an attitude adjustment when they talk about sick people. I have heard people say that the person got the kind of illness he deserved in life. Christ suffered greatly for our sins and he certainly did not deserve the punishment that he was dealt. God does not punish his loved ones with horrible diseases it is just part of nature that eventually we get illnesses  and diseases that will eventually kill us.

I cannot stand it when people are so rude and impolite to people that are dying from a horrible illness. The person that has the disease is actually a wonderful, kind,caring and compassionate human being. People try to categorize people into neat little packages they  think they know how to unwrap and what makes that person the way they are.

Those of you without sin let you cast the first stone and as you already know no one is without sin. Diseases and illnesses come to us in all of our life’s stages. We did not ask for the disease or illness to stand out in the crowd we want to blend in with the crowd just as we did when we were teenagers.

Do not judge or make fun of ill or sick people you will be their yourself someday and probably a lot sooner then you ever imagined possible. Show the love of God to the sick and ill so they can find peace in this world before they pass on.

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My Favorite Pet Grooming Tools

I prefer to use a comb for a person on my cat Kohl. Kohl loves to be combed out with an ordinary comb. I like to to use a wire comb for cats that have long hair. My Maine Coon cat Snowflake would get mats in her fur. A wire comb is very effective in removing matted hair.

I use a nail clipper like I use for myself to trim my cats claws. I find it easier to use then the cat clippers. I never trim too much off of their claws at one time. I always try to avoid trimming too much off of their claws because I do not want to cut into the quick of their claw. Cutting into the quick of their claw can result in excessive bleeding or an infection.

I have an old rubber glove with little rubber prongs it. This glove works quite well on removing loose hair from your cats coat. I purchased the rubber glove from a pet store about ten years ago.

I have several brushes that I use for my cats. I have used baby brushes to brush out their fur. Baby brushes are good for kittens since they do not have aggressive bristles. I also have several cat brushes. One of my brushes is a rubber brush which seems to work well for all hair types of cats. I have several brushes that have a handle on them with medium bristles. A medium bristle brush works well  on short and long haired cats. I  have one brush that has wire bristles with rubber tips. I use the wire bristle brush on my long haired cats.

Always remember to start grooming your cat as a kitten. They will learn to tolerate being groomed at a young age. Trying to groom an older cat that has never been groomed before can be very challenging. They may not liked being groomed whatsoever and will try to bite and scratch you. Always talk softly and gently to your cat while you are grooming him as this will relax and calm him down.

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You have to be resilient to succeed in this World. You must not let peoples words or actions dwell inside of you. keep moving your life along in a positive direction. Be active in life belong to groups that lift you up and motivate you to get the most that you can out of your life.

Do things that will help others as that will help you become more resilient. By helping other people with their problems your problems become less significant. Stay spiritually connected to God as he helps us each and everyday of our lives on Earth. Don’t worry about small insignificant problems as you will be able to solve them with time and thought.

Bounce back from adversity as soon as you can before it follows you around constantly and consumes you. Tell yourself you can do it even if you think you may not be able to do it. A positive frame of mind can produce much were a negative frame of mind accomplishes nothing.

Always put your best effort into everything that you do. By giving your best you will receive a great gift of accomplishment. Take pride in your work and put your heart and your soul in your work and others will admire your work for years to come.

God wants us to be resilient. Jesus died for our sins so that we may live again in heaven. Live your life on Earth as how you would live your life in heaven. Always have a good, kind, caring, and compassionate personality that others can see in you everyday.

Help others when help is needed and help them feel resilient from the storms in their life. Go to church on the  Sabbath day to praise God for helping you be more resilient in your life.

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Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat Treat From Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My house cats Kohl, Garfunkel and Conrad absolutely love Purina Beyond cat treats. Garfunkel kept covering the other cats treats with his front left paw. Garfunkel ate up a good share of Purina Beyond cat treats from Chewy.Com.


Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat Treats from Chewy.Com are a natural cat snack that is made without grains or artificial colors or preservatives. Each cat snack has vitamins, minerals and quality natural ingredients that are good for your cat. Feed two cat treats for each pound of body weight not to exceed ten per day. I am sure Garfunkel ate up his quota of ten snacks today. Purina is made in the USA.

My cats next door enjoyed some Purina Beyond cat treats today. Mr. Gray was running after the cat treats like a mad man and ate his quota of ten cat snacks in record time. Russ, Cali, Addi, and Faith savored every single little piece of their cat treats. Peter, Sherlock, and Hilford made short work of their Purina Beyond cat snacks also. Nicole came out of hiding and ate all of her cat treats that I had placed under a table for her to eat.

Maggie and her sister went after the Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat treats from Chewy.Com. I am positive that each one of them had 7 cat treats each. I have to lay the cat treats out just at the right time to accomplish that task. The two cat sisters do not really like each other but they have formed a truce this winter to stay warm and enjoy awesome cat snacks.

All of my cats were thrilled with the Purina Beyond cat treats and so was I.

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