Summertime Dangers And Your Cat

Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh clean cold water to drink as the water will heat up quickly with high temperatures. Some people put ice cubes in their cats water bowls as its keeps the water cooler much longer. Do not put your cat out in the heat or leave them in a car as they could die very quickly with extreme heat. Signs of heat stroke in your cat include a high pulse and rapid breathing along with a red tongue and mouth. If your cat becomes overheated call your vet for directions on what to do for your cat and then take them to your VET ASAP. Your Vet will cool off your cat with cold water and ice packs and maybe an I V drip to re-hydrate your cat.  A car in direct sunlight can be 130 to 172 degrees inside of the car in only one hour.

Fleas can be in the lawn this time of year. Never set your pet carrier on the grass as your cat could pick up fleas quickly. Your cat will be itching and scratching if he picks up fleas and so will you. It will cost a lot of money for flea treatments for your cat and your home to be flea free. Give your cat flea treatment medicine to prevent fleas.

Cats shed even in your house. It is important to brush them out everyday as their fur can become mated quickly. A badly mated cat may have to be shaved. Hairballs are another worry if your cat is not groomed often enough. No one enjoys cleaning up the dreaded hairball.

Make sure your cat does not get locked in a building outdoors. Your cat will die from extreme heat and lack of water. When taking groceries out of your car make sure your cat did not sneak in the car. Do not leave your cat in a cat playpen outdoors in hot weather as he may expire quickly if the sun happens to move to the area that was nice and shady earlier.


In the dog days of summer keep your cat cool and protected from outdoor pest so your cat will have nine lives. Hope you and your cat have the best summer ever. God bless you and feline friends.

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Staying Fit With God

Staying fit with God takes time. Gods followers stay fit by be good stewards, learning more about the bible, spreading the good word and so much more. Go to bible study groups in your local church or take on line courses. Always embrace learning and share what you have learned with as many people as you possibly can.

Read a daily devotional as you start out your morning and reflect on what you just read. Put yourself in the devotion that you just read and think  how it will affect your day or the people you know in your day. Can you see this devotional read in yourself ? Can I use it to improve my relationship with God and others ?

Surround yourself with people that feel the same way about the bible as you do. Help people who have lost faith due to the death of loved one, divorce or an illness. Let them know that God is always by their side even when it seems the situation couldn’t become worse. God knows all of your needs and wants. We get impatient with God at times and want things right now. God will give you what you need in his own time and when he thinks you can handle it. God is a constant in your life and he will never abandon you. Sometimes we feel alone in our darkest hour as no one is near. God is always right next to you with his arms embracing you forever.

Children of God stay fit. Resist temptations that want to pull you away from God. The devil tries to tempt all of us at one time or another. Do not turn to false prophets for help from the storms of life or you will truly die with them by your side. Only God can save you from sinking sand. God is a constant and loving friend that holds you up and is your cheerleader in life forever.

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Clearing Old Cat Toys Out Of My Cats Toy Box

I recently purchased some new cat toys for my cats. I cleared out the toys they had not played with for two years. Cats get tired of playing with the same old toy after a certain amount of time.

By getting rid of some of the old toys other old cat toys become new again in their eyes. Garfunkel played with a large red colored dice for about fifteen minutes. The old mice toys our always a hit after they surface to the top of the toy box once again.

All of my cats liked their new squeak mice, singing birds and a small cloth black cat. Catnip infused toys cause  a lot of excitement and enjoyment for my cats. Cat toys make your old cat act like a kitten once again. Cat toys increase your cats natural hunting skills.

My cats are now digging down deep into their cat toy box, They are playing with new and old toys. The old toys that light up or look like a mouse or frog are my house cats favorite toys. Conrad loves to bat a ball around in his circle toy. Kohl and Conrad love to get snacks out of snack balls or a mind skill game for cats.

My cats next door love their squeaky mice and singing birds along with cat balls. They have a cloth tunnel that they love to play in. All of the cats in the other house love their cat tree as they can watch birds from the top perch.

I have a bat toy that has feathers and the stomach lights up when they toss it in the air and it lands on the floor. All of my cats absolutely love to play with the cat bat toy. Clear out the unused toys from your cats toy box and some of the old toys will come to life again for more years of enjoyment for your cat.

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Love Is What Life Is All About

Love is what life is all about. You cannot be a great leader unless the people that you represent love you and respect you. One of the ten commandments is :  love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Without love from friends and family what would be the point of doing anything. We love those we care about and we want the best for them out of life. To lay down your life for a friend is the great form of love. Think of all of the service men that have laid down their lives to save us and their friends.

Jesus gave up his life on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven and we may have everlasting life. Those that believe in the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost shall not perish but have everlasting life and dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

To love someone is to commit yourself to their well being and always to be concerned about them. You put your love for them above the love you have for yourself. If you love someone you are kind, compassionate, gentle, caring, considerate and you never want any harm to come to them in any shape or form.

Without love in our relationships with other people what would be the point. The point of life is to help others get through the hard times and share the good times with them also. In the best of times and in the worst of times we need love in our lives to survive in this World.

Tell friends and family that you love them often. It is always nice to be loved and appreciated. Take a friend out for lunch or coffee as this will let them know that you think about them and that you appreciate and love the fact that they are part of your life. God Bless you and your loved ones. Let people know that you love and appreciate the kind acts that they do for you in day to day living.

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Outdoor Dangers That Could Kill Your Pet Cat

There are many coyotes in the country and in the woods that could kill or injure your cat severely. Your cat could get into poisons. Many cats get run over on the roads. A wild animal with rabies could bite your cat.

Poisons and Chemicals

If a neighbor leaves his garage door open and he has mouse poison is his garage your cat could eat it. Mouse poison will send your cat into convolutions if ingested. Your cat will bleed out and have a very painful death. Antifreeze will kill your cat as it will shut down their kidneys. Motor oil, grease, chemicals,gas, diesel fuel and certain plants are very toxic to your cat.



Cats will vomit if they eat certain plants and many Christmas plants and bushes are toxic. Ask your local nursery or plant store if the item you wish to purchase is safe for your cat to nibble on because all cats like to nibble on plants. Do not let your cat outdoors if your lawn has been sprayed for at least 24 hrs. as cats love to munch on grass.


House cats have no idea about the danger that cars pose upon them. Cats like to curl up on the warm motor of a car or sit on top of the car tires. When you start up your car always look on top of your tires if your cat is outdoors. Many cats have died by being hit by cars, and sadistic people that try to run over them.

Birds of Prey

Large birds of prey can kill your kittens or even your adult cat. I saw an Eagle take off with a kitten in his mouth and then he dropped it on the road and it was dead. Dogs have been known to kill many cats over the years.


Fleas can be picked up by your cat outdoors along with ticks. They bite and bite your cat and treatments are expensive. You can get fleas from your cat and have to have your house treated to rid yourself from the infestation. Ear mites can be picked up outdoors also.

Keep an Eye on Your Cats

If you let your house cat out keep a constant eye on him as there are many dangers in the world that could take all of his nine lives. Watch your farm cats also. I like to take a head count of my cats everyday and if one is missing I look for them immediately.

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Spiritual Maintenance

We maintain and update a lot of things in our life. We check our furnaces once a year to make sure they are in prime optimal condition for the cold winter months. We recharge  our air conditioners in our cars so we will be nice and cool in the hot summer months.

Maintenance Is A Constant In Our Lives

Our homes need new roofs every 25 to 50 years. We need to replace worn out appliances and more. General maintenance is constant in our lives. If something is well cared for and maintained it will last for years. A house left unattended will turn into shambles in a very short amount of time.

Maintain Your Relationship With God

If you do not maintain your relationship with God your life will turn into a train wreck because you will end up on the wrong track in life. God will always guide you in the right direction in your life as long as you let him be your guide in life.

Spiritual Maintenance

We must all have spiritual maintenance in order for our spirit to live on into eternity. Let the Bible be your guide to keep you on track for a rich spiritual life. Tune into the sounds of nature and always be alert as to what God is calling upon you to do with your life. We will all take many and different paths in our life that will benefit or hurt others. Try to stay on the path that always helps others. There are many temptations in life that will try to rob you of a rich spiritual life with God. Do not be tempted by what the herd is doing as it is easy to be a follower. Only follow what God would want you to follow. If you follow someone make sure they are of pure heart and soul and they do not harm others. Help and uplift people everyday of your life and listen to Gods calling for you for your spiritual maintenance.

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Stores and Food That I Love in Kalona, Iowa

My Grandmother grew up in Wellman, Iowa which is not far from Kalona, Iowa. I have relatives in Kalona, Iowa. My Grandmother was in the Pleasantview Nursing Home in Kalona, Iowa until she passed away. My family and I would always shop in the stores in Kalona and i still enjoy shopping in the stores in Kalona. Kalona is an Amish and Mennonite community. I love watching the Amish buggies go down the road.

 Kalona Antique Company

I always enjoy going to the Kalona Antique Company which is an old church that has been converted into an antique store. I have made numerous small purchases there over the years. In my younger days it was old metal toy cars, marbles and other objects that enticed me.  I purchased a few old oil lamps in my later years. They have a hug assortment of fine items for sale.

Hardware Stores in Kalona

Yotty’s Ace discount hardware store is my favorite hardware store of all time. They have the old hard to find items. I purchased a nice heavy gauge aluminum scoop shovel with a metal and wood handle made like the ones from years ago. I like the old wood floor in their store. I have purchased oil lamp parts, dehumidifier, paint brushes and fire king bake ware and much more. I like the fact that is family run multi generation business. They are very nice, knowledgeable, and accommodating to all of your needs.

I always stop at Gambles hardware to get my garden seeds. I purchased a nice homelite gas operated hedge trimmer that worked perfectly for years. I also purchased a pellet gun there years ago. I love shopping at hardware stores. Gambles hardware stores carry a wide array of products.

 Kalona Coffee House

The Kalona Coffee House can take care of all of your coffee needs. They make stunning lattes and cappuccinos. They have wide array of cold coffee drinks. A nice place to meet and gather with your friends and enjoy an awesome coffee drink. Try one of there muffins for a wonderful snack. Pleasant and awesome atmosphere with the amazing fresh coffee smell.

Tuscan Moon Grill

I love to eat my evening meal at the Tuscan Moon Grill on Fifth in Kalona. I purchased their lamb dinner several times. The lamb came with a large baked potato and grilled vegetables. The lamb was cooked to perfection. I also purchased a glass of white wine and it had a nice delicate flavor. The owner of Tuscan Moon visited with us at our table and he was from Italy originally. I like a restaurant where the owner or chef visits with you directly as you know they take great pride in their restaurant and their customers.

Kalona Creamery

I love the Kalona Creamery. I love their fresh cheese curds and other cheese.They have old fashioned candy bar brands from my childhood days. I have purchased a sky bar, milk duds, etc. They sell canned pork and chicken which is amazingly delicious. You can watch them make the cheese curds.

Stringtown Grocery Store

Stringtown Grocery Store is an Amish convenience store. I have purchased their homemade breads, pies and more. The Amish are excellent bakers. I love their fresh carrots, potatoes, apples, cherries,and so much more. They have all kinds of spices and seeds for sale. They have a wide variety of candy. They have all of the baking ingredients available for sale for all of your baking needs. They have nail clippers, harmonicas and much more for sale. A wonderful and welcoming and very clean store.

Plan a day trip to Kalona

Kalona is a wonderful town to spend your day shopping with your friends or family. You will have plenty of things to do to keep you pleasantly occupied all day long.


What Does It Mean To Welcome Someone ?

When you welcome someone that has just entered the room you make them feel appreciated and warm and comfortable in the room. If you have not seen the person in along time you may hug them or say it is so wonderful to have you back again.

if you do not feel welcomed in a crowd or in a meeting you feel uncomfortable and on edge. If people stare at you or talk about you in the meeting you want to leave the meeting ASAP. Reach out to others and always remember to treat them nicely and kindly. If you see someone making unfavorable remarks about someone stop them from doing so if at all possible. Think before you speak because the spoken word is like a sped arrow shot in the dark that you will never get back again.


We welcome friends back home from a long trip or a soldier that has come back home from active duty. We love and miss our friends and family members dearly that have left for a long period of time and we rejoice when they are back with us once again. We hope to have a lifetime of wonderful and happy times and someone to travel through the world of life with. Friends and family that love us and we love them back make the world of life. Love is what life is all about. If no one loved you or cared about you what would be the purpose of life.

Sometimes when one does a favor for someone they say your welcome. Welcome means that you care and wanted to help make someones day be a little brighter. God will welcome us to heaven someday. God is kind and considerate, compassionate, gracious, forgiving, and loving and he always welcomes his children back home with open arms.

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My Cat Won’t Eat That

Cats like certain brands and flavors of foods just like we do. Your cat may be allergic to something in the cat food. Depending on where your cat food is manufactured it might have a contaminant in it that may make your cat very ill or even kill your cat if he kept eating it. Observe your cats behavior when you present him with a new brand or flavor of cat food. If he gets sick eating it throw it away and never try to make your cat eat it.

If your cat is purging up his cat food it is probably the new cat food that is at fault. Sometimes if your cat has bad teeth or gulps his food down he will purge his meal. I try to stick to well known brands of cat foods for all of my feline friends.

Some of my cats like certain kinds of cat snacks better than others. Some of my cats are poultry lovers and others are fish lovers. Certain shapes of cat food or snacks are easier for your cat to swallow than other shapes. I prefer the smaller cat snacks for my cats as they can swallow them up easily with no difficulty.

My cats love canned tuna in water as well as their canned cat food. I give my cats dry cat food that is made in the USA. I also give my cats dental treats to help them keep their pearly whites. My cats like to eat some dried catnip now and then. Make sure the catnip has not been sprayed with chemicals as this could be toxic to your cat.


If your cats keeps on purging and you have not given him anything different to eat take him to your VET ASAP as he could have a very serious illness that could KILL him.

Remember we cannot eat certain foods ourselves so why would our feline friends  be any different. Give your cat what he likes and wants to eat in moderation as you do not want an obese feline friend.

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Forgiveness Is Necessary

What does forgiveness mean ? It means that you let go and move on and you don’t hold resentments against the person. Remember to take any responsibility for your part in what you may have done to the person in question.

If you don’t forgive someone it will hurt you much more than it will ever hurt them. They will not lay awake at night thinking about it. Never go to sleep angry or holding a grudge against someone. Let it be water over the bridge and move on swiftly and quickly.

Forgiveness means to grant someone mercy, leniency, clemency and more. Free your debtor of his debts to you. To truly forgive someone you have to let go of all of your resentments toward them. Set the person completely free for any wrong doing that you think they committed against you.

God forgave you for your sins so you should forgive others for their sins against you. Forgiveness is not always easy. We must remember that we all fall very short from being the perfect human being. Hard as we try to be good to people we still fall short. We should strive to be a better and more forgiving person each and everyday of our lives.

When you forgive a person forgive them with your whole heart. Forgiveness does not mean condoning, forgetting, or excusing the offenses.  Do not harbor resentments toward others as this will eat you up inside and devour you like a wolf devours its prey.

You will feel like you have been set free as a caged bird when you forgive someone. Some people harbor a grudge against someone for years to the point that they cannot really remember what started all of it to begin with. Forgiveness is a wonderful and beautiful gift from God and remember to pass it on to others. Let people sing as the caged bird does when it is set free to spread it wings and fly.

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