What I Value In Life

I Value Spending Time With Friends And Family

I value spending time with friends and family. All of us want a happy family and a good home life and a fulfilling job.Encourage people and try to make a difference in the world. Help people out even if you just give them some of your time you will put a smile on their face. Treat people kindly and respect them and be considerate of their needs.

I Value God In My Life

Without God in my life my life  my life would have no meaning or purpose. God has a purpose for all of his Children on earth. We should share our knowledge of the Bible with others on a regular basis. Treat people with integrity and the upmost respect. We should be trust worthy, faithful, merciful and good  and kind to others as God is with us. Make a positive and everlasting impression while you are around and helping people with their everyday needs.

I Value Gods Creatures Large And Small

Animals bring great joy into my life. I have had many pet dogs and cats over the years. I had a pet goat that lived to be 16.3 years old. I had three horses in my life. I have been around livestock in my younger years. We had cattle, pigs and chickens. Pets are excellent companions as they seem to naturally know when you need them by your side. My cats are like family to me. Each cat has it own and distinct personality. Some cats are introverts and some are extroverts just like people are. Some cats tend to meow a lot and others are quiet another thing they have in common with humans. I love to watch the various kinds of birds eating out of my bird feeders.

I Value The Beauty That God Has Created On Earth

I love to look at majestic mountains. I love to hear the pounding waves of the ocean. Each country has it own beauty that may be uniquely it own. I love looking at the national parks and looking at the flora and fauna. The national parks help make it possible for future generations to enjoy looking at the same things that I enjoy looking at today.

I Value People With Old Fashioned Values

I like people that treat each other with respect and common decency. Being kind and compassionate to people should be a given. I want to be around a person that is genuinely good and has outstanding values. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions and their actions should be good. I like people that take pride in their work. If you borrow something return it in the same or better condition than when you borrowed it. I have found that common sense is not so common anymore. Be generous, treat people fair, be loyal and remember to always thank people for what they do to help you out in life. Having a wonderful relationship with God is a must that helps people with having the right values in life.

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Shopping and Discovering New Things in the Small Towns in Iowa

I like to drive around in the small towns in Iowa and shop at there stores. I have discovered a lot of great treasures in the small towns in Iowa over the years. I like to shop at the hardware stores and buy tools, pyrex dishes, garden equipment, lawn mowers, dehumidifiers, appliances and much more. I like the fact that their stores are not crowded and that you get service after the sell.

I have purchased a lot of furniture at family owned furniture stores for my rental properties over the years and for my home. I have found wonderful recliners, bedroom sets, couches, lamps and much more. I have stopped at carpet stores also and purchased their end rolls of carpet and beautiful wood flooring.

Northwood, Iowa

I drove around on the rural roads in Northwood, Iowa the other day and I discovered a lot of Amish  and Mennonite homes. I discovered a wonderful Greenhouse owned by a Mennonite family. They had wonderful mums, trees, garden supplies and more. I purchased some Deer stay away powder and I will be back later on for some of their mum plants. I also discovered a Mennonite family that had tomatoes and farm fresh brown eggs for sale. I purchased two dozen of her wonderful looking brown eggs. I drove down the road further and I saw an Amish man headed to the field with his two young sons.

St.Ansgar, Iowa

I like to shop at Home Sweet Home in St. Ansgar, Iowa. I have purchased wonderful blankets, cards, dish clothes, baking dishes, Christmas cards, home decor and more. They have a lovely and clean store and they are very friendly and accommodating to all of your needs and wants. I like the local hardware store in town. I have eaten at The Blue Belle Inn over the years and I have also stayed at their Inn. The rooms are nicely appointed and their food is excellent. I like to look at the white albino deer that is displayed in a glass building in town.

Clear Lake, Iowa

I love shopping at Larson’s, Wilcox Furniture, Ralhpene’s, The Red Geranium and eating at the wonderful restaurants in Clear lake, Iowa. All of the stores have very friendly and  accommodating employees. It is very easy maneuvering around downtown Clear lake, Iowa. I love to sit next to the Lake and watch the boats on the water. It is fun just to go for a walk while you are spending your day at Clear lake, Iowa. There are many parks to see and drive through.

Kalona, Iowa

I am very familiar with Kalona, Iowa. I love eating at the Tuscan Moon Restaurant  that features Italian food in Kalona as their food is always cooked to perfection. Kalona is an Amish and Mennonite community. I love to see the horse and buggies pull up to the stores. The Amish and Mennonites are excellent cooks and bakers. I was invited to a Mennonite home that served food to a group of eight or more and I must say that that was the best meal I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Keosauqua, Iowa

Keosauqua is located on the big bend of the Des Moines River in southeastern, Iowa. The towns in the area are called the villages of Van Buren County. The Hotel Manning is a very historical hotel. I have stay at the Hotel Manning and I was impressed with the historical architecture of the building. I loved the room and their food was excellent. The oldest court house in Iowa is located here and was built in 1843 it is a must see for everyone. The Lacey Keosauqua State Park is a wonderful and beautiful park to drive through. I would recommend going to all of the villages of Van Buren County for the historical significance.

Various Small Towns In Iowa

I have found wonderful treasures in Pella, Vinton, New Hampton, Farmington, Bonaparte, Bentonsport, Hampton, Traer and other various small towns in Iowa. Always remember there are still some stores left in the small towns across Iowa where you will find a wonderful treasure of your own.

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How We Rise Above Disappointments And Set Backs Makes All The Difference In Our Life


If you do not faith in yourself you will not have faith in God as they go hand in hand. When large unexpected bills show up in your life have faith that you will find a way to get them paid. All of us will fail with certain ventures in our life. The key is to move onto the next venture and not dwell on the failed venture. Staying faithful with God by your side will take you very far in life. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.

Self – Pity

If we wallow in self – pity we cannot help others and we cannot even help ourselves. We  become self absorbed in our own troubles and it consumes your every waking hour. The evil one loves it when you wallow in self – pity. Always pray to God to help you get through the storms of life. We must always remember there is always someone worse off then we are. Be grateful for the things you have and hope things will get better.

Disappointments In Life

All of us will have some disappointments in our life. You may be worried you are not prepared to go out in the world and get a job when you are very young. You may have to go back to college and further your education to get the job of your dreams. You may miss out on certain golden opportunities in your life. Remember another more amazing and better opportunity will come along if you put yourself out there and show your attributes and talents to others.

Set Backs In Life

You may have health set backs in life. You may not be able to do all of the old familiar things that you used to do in your life. All of us have to find a new you now and then. Life will throw many curve balls at us over the years. We have to remain focused on the things that we can do and run with them. Reach out to others and comfort them with their problems and keep busy with the things that you can do. If you think you are beaten you truly are as it is all in a persons state of mind.

Don’t Let Anything Break Your Stride In Life

Do not let negativity into your life as it will want to take up residence. Positive minded people are the people that keep the world moving full steam ahead. Negativity will shallow you up like a vortex and you will keep getting sucked down day after day and you will see no light at the end of the tunnel. Always think of your glass half full and not empty.

Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

Uplift and praise people for a job well done. Go to church and praise God for all of the wonderful blessings he has given to you in your life. God has always been there for all of the storms in my life. Pray to God without ceasing to help you get through the storms in your life. Surround yourself with people that have a positive attitude toward life.

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Growing Up On A Farm In The Midwest

I loved growing up on a farm. We had chickens, pigs, cattle and corn, soybeans and oats when I was young. I would follow my Grandfather all over the farm. My Grandfather found a small gray and white kitten in the field one day. She was beautifully marked and  we named her Flossie. She was an excellent mouser and she had many lovely kittens over the years. I would watch my Grandfather do his daily chores and ask him about what he was doing. My Grandfather died when I was about eight years old. I missed him and my Grandmother very much.

Watching And Learning

I started to follow my Father around the farm after my grandfather died. I would watch him and the neighbor make many repairs to farm machinery, lawn mowers and much more. My Mother worked in town as a Young Adult Librarian during the day. While she was working I spent time with my Father.  I would gather the eggs from the chicken house. As I grew older I would put oats in the oat seeder for my Father. My Mother would run the baler with our 560 tractor and my Dad and I would stack the bales.

My Farm Pets

My cats and our dog would follow me all over the farm. I had a swing set and one of my cats would lay close by while I was swinging back and forth. My cats would always wait with me in the morning for my school bus to pick me up. We had an old heated milk house that I waited in for the bus in the winter months.

Raising Runt Piglets

I helped raise two runt little piglets Ann and Jerry. Ann was a Hampshire and Jerry was a red Duroc. I made sure they were feed and watered and I tended to all of their needs. They grew very quickly  and then they went to market and the money they sold for went into a saving account for me.

Helping Out With Things On The Farm

I have always loved to walk around on the farm. When I was about 11 years old our pigs broke out of their yard. I noticed them and I got got them back where they belonged after I fixed the broken board in the fence. I could not find a board long enough so I spliced two boards together by nailing them from both ways and bending the nails over. My father never did replace the board that I fixed. The pigs never escaped again.

Working With Farm Equipment

I would empty the wagons when I was a teenager and watch the corn dryer to make sure it did not overheat. I also combined 80 acres of corn on a farm that my Father rented. I loved running the combine and watching the hopper fill up with grain. I would auger the corn out of the combine into my Fathers grain truck.

I Am Very Blessed To Have Been Born On A Family Farm

I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up on a family farm with loving parents and Grandparents. I still love the farm dearly and I always try to make sure everything looks good as an honor to my parents and Grandparents.  God Bless all of the farmers and all of those who help them.

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Light And Darkness

Things always look brighter in the light of day. When it is bright and sunny out you feel alive and regenerated and you want to get a lot of things done. In darkness things seem more foreboding and frightening. On dark and dreary days we feel like our battery has run down.

A Bright And Sunny Day

On a bright and sunny day I want to get a lot of things done. I work outdoors, go for a drive and do something with friends. I consider a sunny day a perfect day. Go out for a drive with your family or spend time exploring new places you have never been to before. You could take food along with you and have a family picnic in the park. Take a walk in the park and follow the marked trails and you will see a lot of wildlife and flowers and trees of various kinds. I loved walking in Lime Creek Nature Center located in Mason City, Iowa. The trails are marked and the various trees are identified.


Places seem more scary when it is completely dark out. In scary movies it is generally dark out when the monster comes out to attack someone. On dark and dreary days I like to read a book or do things in the house that need to get done. It is a good idea to get together with a friend on a dark day as you will both feel uplifted at the end of the day. It seems a lot of severe storms happen in the middle of the night which seem to magnify their power. We do not have to fear darkness for God is always by our side.

Evil And Darkness

Darkness is a symbol of evil and fear. Darkness is like a scary monster that is waiting to devour you in the absence of light. The devil loves darkness as he seems to do his evil deeds in total darkness. Do not have dark thoughts as the devil loves to have you think about about  dark thoughts. Remember to always come out of the darkness and look to the light of God to guide you on the rights paths in your daily living. You always have a light to help you find your way out of darkness. We have lights on our streets, our homes, cars, signs and more so we will find our way around even though it is dark out. Jesus is the light that helps protect us from the evil one.

Light Illuminates Your Path In Life

Without light we would be in total darkness. Pray to God to let you always see the light that shines through him. God will be your beacon in the night for all of your days that you feel a little darkness in. Light  makes us feel better  and light helps our crops grow. Remember the song – ” This little light of mine I am going to let it shine.” Let the light in you shine upon those you love and the people you meet along life’s Hi-Way.



Scripture : James 4 : 7

We can have victory over the devil by knowing the word of God. God is light, in him there is no darkness.

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My Cats And Their Favorite Cat Toys

Kohl continues to have a passion for toy plastic frogs. Yesterday the only cat toys out of my cats toy box was two plastic frogs. Kohl can occupy himself all day long by chewing on and tossing the toy frogs across the room. Conrad must have his toy mice to carry proudly throughout the house. Conrad also likes the toy birds. He carries them with his tail straight up in the air as if to say look what I caught for you today. Conrad loves to play with his circle game toy that has a ball that he can spin around in the track. Garfunkel plays with toy balls and toys filled with catnip and toy birds. My cats love to eat cat treats out of their cat treat dispensers.

Catnip Toys And More

Small beanie babies, toy balls, mice, catnip toys, toy birds and small stuffed animals seem to be what my cats next door love to play with. Everyday that I enter the house next door I see mice that squeak on the floor. One day there was a toy lion on the floor along with a catnip filled beaver for cats. Maggie likes One Fast Cat. Maggie figured out how to use One Fast Cat ASAP.

Cat Trees And Hammocks

My cats next door love their cat trees with perches that have built in scratchers and balls attached to them that they can bat around. They have scratchers that are on the floor along with cat hammocks that have rope that they can scratch away at to their hearts content. They also have a game that they press their paws on and small animals pop up.

What Cats Find To Play With

I used to have a Siamese cat that would gather up the old used small sponges. She would then toss the sponges up in the air and then she would pounce on them when they hit the ground. My house cat love to play with my old scrubbers that I used to scrub the dishes with. My cats also like to play with wine bottle corks and old wooden spools. My cats also like to play with medium sized rubber or plastic balls.

All cats seem to love catnip filled toys, toy mice, balls, cat hammocks and small stuffed animals and things that they discover on their own. I hope you enjoy watching your cats at play and relaxing as much as I do. God bless our feline friends.

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Reflect And Pause

Think about your life in general. Think about things you have done and why the outcome turned out as it did. If you do not reflect on life now and then you will not grow as a person. never get stuck in the same old rut because it is familiar or feels safe at the moment. Branch out into other things and never be afraid to try out new ideas as it may be to your benefit for many years to come.

Take Time To Pause

Take time to pause. Stop from doing an action that does not seem right to you. Look before you leap into something you may regret. If something seems to good to be true it most certainly probably is as the old saying goes. Do not invest in something that seems to be a sure thing as you may lose all of your money very quickly. Pause your speech and think to yourself do I really want to say that. Do not speak in anger or send off a nasty letter as after you cool down for awhile you may throw that letter away.

Take time to pause during your week and spend quality time with your family. Life is too short not to spend time with those that you hold dear in your heart. Your children will grow up quickly and move on with their own life much sooner than you think. Time waits for no man.

Reflect On Your Life Often

Reflect on you life often and if you are not happy as a person only you can change the results. It is never to late to start a new job or go on that vacation of a lifetime. When you are tired of one job in your life go out and find a job that will fulfill you and bring joy into your life and the lives of others. Some people reach their full potential in life after they are retired. Great artist, poets and some new business’es have been started by people over 60 years old. It is never to late to find a new you and a more fulfilled you.

Share Your Experiences With Others

The older I get the more I want to express myself by blogging and sharing my experiences with you. I take more time to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I enjoy visiting with people in rest homes and assisted living units. I learn a lot from them as they have a lifetime of achievements and experiences to share with me.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Live within your means and make your dreams come true. If you think you will not succeed in life you probably won’t. If you want something bad enough keep working and reflecting on how you can accomplish reaching your dreams you have for your life. Always reflect on things and do not do things in hast. Pause because the minute words leave your mouth you cannot take them back. Do your very best at any job that you work at and others will know that you take pride in your work, Stop and reflect and pause often.

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Keep Up Your Pace In Life

The pace of life refers to the speed of which changes and events happen in life. If you live in a big city you probably live a fast paced life. Small towns let you live the pace of life that you prefer to live. I like to keep up with a group and I am usually in front with the leader of the pack.

Covid 19 Has Changed Our Pace in Life

All of us have had to live with all the changes that Covid 19 has added to our daily living. Covid 19 is not a change in our daily routine that any of us saw coming. In march our lives changed drastically with the pandemic. All of us have to social distance and wear our mask if we want to get back to our old familiar pace in life.

Keep Up Your Pace While Traveling

I like to travel and keep up my pace with the rest of my tour group. I like to walk by the tour guide so I can hear everything that she is telling me about the area that we are looking at. I love to hear the history of the towns and what crops they raise in the area and why the people settled in that particular area. I especially loved my European travels and seeing where my relatives came from and walking down the same streets that they walked down so many years ago.

Surround Yourself With people That Have The Same Pace As You

I had a Personal Pace Toro lawn mower at one time and I loved that mower because it went as fast as I walked. The mower and I had the same pace. I went on one tour and the ladies roommate would always be the last one on the bus and she was always the first one on the bus in the morning. She kept apologizing for her roommate. One day she did not show up for 20 minutes and we had a full schedule of tours that day and the bus driver took off without her. She had to catch a train to get back with our group again. Our tour guide had told our group that we would have to catch a train if we were very late. She kept on being late but she did not have the ability to take over the pace of our entire group.

Keeping Your Pace In Life Is Very Important

Do not be late for appointments as it slows down everyone’s pace that comes after you on that day. Being on time is very important so the pace of life moves along efficiently and smoothly. Business people do not have time to wait around for you. Always think of other people and not only yourself. We want to all keep up our pace in life to the best of our ability. We all have a number of things that we have to get completed in one day. Do not be the one person that breaks another persons pace in life.

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Staying Busy & Relaxing With The Pandemic

I like to stay busy weed whacking around my trees and keeping my yard mowed. I mow once or twice a week depending on the weather. I keep busy writhing blogs and posting them on my website. I  read from a daily devotion book and reflect on how what I read can and will effect my life today. I love to read history books so I have been enjoying reading about the past and how it affects my life now.


I love to work in my garden. I have eaten one egg plant, potatoes, green beans, peas, lettuce and more items will be ready to eat soon. I put wood chips on the ground around my green beans, squash,  under the tomatoes and around my potatoes as the wood chips keep the dampness from giving your plants blight. I will definitely use wood chips from now on as my plants and vibrant and healthy.

Relaxing In A Hammock And Reading A Book

I like to relax and read a book in my hammock that I purchased years ago in a hammock shop in Boulder, Colorado. My hammock is very comfortable and I can watch my birds eating from my bird feeders which hang just beyond the hammock. I love to feel the gentle breeze while I am in my hammock as it is gently swaying back and forth. Relax and eat a wonderful ice cream sundae while you are outdoors.

Drive Around In An ATV

I like to drive around in my Honda Pioneer 1000. I have vents that open in the windshield that let a nice cold breeze flow through. I look at the corn and the soybeans in the fields and I notice that everyone’s yards are mowed to perfection. I have noticed wild turkeys and a few pheasants.

Watch Old Movies With Your Family And Have Quality Time

Watch some old movies with your kids and have some popcorn or a pizza to enjoy eating. Make some of your families favorite foods and sit around the table and truly share quality time with them and ask everyone how their day went. Do not text each other at the table and truly talk over news events and help each other with any concerns or problems they may have.

Walk In Parks And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

I love to walk around in the parks with one friend at a single outing and see ducks, geese and listen to the water that is gently flowing along. I also  notice the different kinds of trees and flowers in the park. The parks are a perfect area for family adventures as you do not meet many people at all in the parks. I like to eat in the parks and have a cold frappe, a fruit smoothie or an iced chai tea. Walking in the great outdoors is truly relaxing and you also get your exercise for the day.

Take Drives In Your Old Stomping Grounds

Take drives in your car and drive around any local lakes that you may have in your area as you can watch the people in their boats and people laying out on the small sand beaches. If you have been yearning to go to your old home town now is the perfect time to go for that short trip and see the old home place again. Drive around and look at houses for that are for sale for something to do. God bless you and your family and stay safe and enjoy each others company while you are busy or relaxing.