Goodwill Toward Men

Christmas Season

The Christmas season makes us think of goodwill toward men. Peace on Earth goodwill toward men. Christ came into the earthly world not only to bring peace but to bring humanity. The Christmas season celebrates the birth of Christ a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basics of religion. Christmas became a federal holiday in the USA in 1870. We must always remember that Christ is the reason for the Christmas season. Christmas is not all about celebrations and what kind of gifts you might receive.

Show Goodwill Toward Men

Love, show mercy and walk humbly with God. When you see someone in need of help always help them without expecting something in return. Be kind to people and have empathy for what they are going through. Help others to the best of your ability as you may have health issues of your own. Show kindness and tenderness in all of your acts and deeds with others. Be a cheerleader for people and never put other people down. Be compassionate, understanding, caring and always put yourself in the others persons shoes. Do not Judge others for God is the only judge of man.

Lift Up The Underdog

If you see someone being made fun of put the offender in his place and tell him to stop what he is doing. If someone is sick and cannot keep up with the rest of the group walk beside them. The underdog may be a great leader someday as he will know how not to treat others. If someone is crying ask them if they may like to talk to you about what is troubling them. Send cards and letters to people that live alone or have suffered the loss of a loved one lately. Praise people for a job well done as it will make their day. Put a smile on someones face everyday. Be slow to anger and quick to to forgive.

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Give Your Time To Others

Do not charge elderly people for helping them as they cannot afford to pay out large amounts of money when they made only $4.00 dollars an hour or less years ago. If you will not help them unless you are paid you do not have a lot of compassion for the plights of others. Remember you will be old and the money you have won’t have much of its value left and I am sure you will want a compassionate person to help you out. I have heard of people charging elderly people $20.00 to $46.00 an hour just to help them buy groceries or clean their house. They should be ashamed of themselves. The people they are working for worked 4 hours or one whole day for what they want for just one hours work. Volunteer to help people with health problems mow their lawn, rake their leaves, wash their clothes, get groceries pick up their medicine and so much more. I enjoy helping others to the best of my abilities and I do not expect or want any payment from them and I find it very rewarding. Show goodwill to others by treating them as how you want to be treated someday.


Luke 2  – 14   Glory be to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

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The Art Of Becoming The Well Seasoned Traveler

Plan Out Your Trip

Have a general idea of what you want to see and do on your trip and do not pack to many activities into one day as you do not want be be worn out and tired at the start of your trip. If a museum is closed that you had planned on seeing look at something else that might peak your interest. Museums do remodel and rearrange now and then and they have to be closed to do that. Sometimes Forrest fires will prevent you from seeing something. Drive to a park and look at the beautiful scenery their. I love to look at and visit historic places. Do not get bent out of shape if you have to change your plans for the day as that is just part of life.

Packing Your Suitcase

When you first start traveling you pack everything but the kitchen sink. My first suitcase was huge and hard to maneuver in small areas My suitcase got caught in a train door and almost became a suitcase of two cities of before I ranked it clear from the door of the train. Trying to move it down the train isles was almost impossible. I soon packed a large carry- on suitcase for my main suitcase and I did not miss a thing as I soon found out I could get by without all of those extra items that I use to pack in my huge suitcase.

Expect A lot Of Delays

You will be waiting a long time at the airport before your plane will depart. Getting through security may take up to two hours alone. Take along a book to read and have a cup of Joe and relax. Pay attention to potential gate changes and different times of departure. It will take a while for you to collect your luggage after you land. It takes time for your taxi to come and take you to your place of destination. Buses may be running behind schedule once in awhile so be patient and wait and be nice and kind to people as they cannot help traffic delays. If the weather is bad you will have to stay overnight and hope the weather is better so you can fly out the next day. One time we had to drive home the next day from the airport because the weather was not going to be improving in the near future.

Take A Lot Of Pictures

I love to look at pictures of my trips in the USA and abroad. You can relive your special moments through your pictures. I take pictures of architecture, beautiful scenery, flowers, historic homes, animals, monuments and my friends that I travel with and more.

Buying Treasures And Gifts

I collect crosses and they do not take up much room and they are easy to carry with you on a trip. If you buy a lot of items for gifts or family members find your nearest post office and send it home so you are not burdened down trying to maneuver with it on your trip. Try to buy small items that do not take up much room. Do not over pack your suitcase as some countries make you pick and choose what you want to keep or throw away until your suitcase gets down to the required weight limit.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Keep and eye on your luggage and purse at all times. One woman in England left her purse under her chair at a buffet and it went missing along with her passport and she could not get home for ten days even though she was on a tour with us. No one wants their beautiful trip to end that way. God bless you and have a safe and memorable trip,

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Transitions Are The Continuous Process Of Change

We start out living with our parents and going to school and making friends in life. Our parents may have to relocate and we will have to go to a new home, make new friends and get used to our new surroundings. We continue to grow and learn and become more mature acting human beings. We learn from others everyday that we are alive on Earth and hopefully we will put our talents to good use.

Going To College

Leaving home for the first time is a large transition in any young persons life. You will have to get used to living with a roommate or two if you decide to live in the dorm. You will feel homesick until you start to make some friends in college. You will have to do your own cooking and clean up after yourself and conduct yourself as a young adult. You will have to manage your time wisely and study for test and get your assignments in on time. Hopefully you will have a fulfilling job that will take you far in life and that will help better the lives of others.

Getting Married

You have dated the love of your life for one year and you have decided to set the wedding date. Getting married is a big responsibility in life as you will have to learn to give and take to make your marriage work. You will get in arguments once in awhile and you will have to agree on compromises.

Buying Your First Home

Do not spend more than what you can afford on a home. A big mortgage will drown you in debt for the rest of your life. You can find an older home that is reasonably priced and well maintained as a good starter home. Older homes are constructed of much better materials and most of them have beautiful woodwork  compared to newer home  and they have more character and charm about them.

Having A Baby

Before you have a baby make sure you are financially sound as it takes a lot of money to a raise a child into adulthood. You should definitely send your children to college if you want them to be successful and be able to support themselves in life. Each parent should help raise a child and contribute equally to the child’s life.

Changing Jobs

The average person has 11.7 jobs in their lifetime. New jobs should offer a step up for advancement or you might as well keep you old job. Relocating because of a new job can be very costly. You must think will my spouse be able to get a job also if we move. If you have children you might not want to move until the end of their school year.

Going To Assisted Living

If you need help with things and you do not think you can manage to do what you want to in your home you may want to consider assisted living. You may have health problems or maybe you are not steady on your feet anymore. None of us ever want to leave our home but that time will come for all of us eventually.

God And Transitions

Life is full of transitions some of them are joyful and others are painful. We let go of the familiar things in are life and we venture into the unknown. If you are going through a transition ask God for help and praise and thank him for God will amaze you by his presence in your life. We will have many changes in our lives and God will help keep us on the right path that will help everyone the most.


Deuteronomy 31 : 6

Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them, for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee, he will not fail thee, not forsake thee.

Philippians 4 : 6 – 7

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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Cats And Christmas Trees, Decorations And More

Cats And Your Christmas Tree

If you put up a live tree make sure you do not use a powder that you mix with water to help preserve your tree. Cats have been known to drink the water under your live tree and the water may kill your cat or he will be very sick for a long time. Cats love to climb trees and your tree will fall to the ground breaking decorations and making a big mess. Some cats may try to eat the pine needles and it will lodge in their intestines and cause a blockage. Vacuum up any fallen needles immediately to prevent that form happening to you cat. Pine tree needles can be fatal and cause liver damage to your pet cat. Make sure you cover up the water under your live tree so your cat cannot drink the toxic water. I prefer artificial trees but cats can still knock them over. I like small ceramic trees that are molded with decorations and they have internal lights that cannot cause any damage to your cat.

Cats And Decorations

Never ever put tinsel on your Christmas tree. Your cat may choke or have intestinal distress from eating and chewing on tinsel. If your cat chews on your Christmas tree lights he can be badly burned or electrocuted. Broken glass  and ornaments, and metal hangers can injure your cat. The fewer the decorations on your tree the better off you and your cat will be. I like using plastic, cloth or felt ornaments on a tree as these should be safe if your cat takes them off of your tree. I had a glass ornament fall off of a tree once and it shattered into many small pieces before I had cats. If a cat would eat a tree bulb that you had out to replace one when it burned out your cat could die from the cuts the bulb would cause going down his throat. Be extra cautious with tree decorations and lights if you must use them and you have a Dear beloved pet cat. You don’t want to have a Christmas without your cat because the decorations or lights killed him.

Christmas Packages

Do not put fancy ribbons on your packages under the tree as your cat could swallow the ribbon and it can get stuck in their stomachs and intestines and they will need immediate attention, Do not tie any yarn on any packages as it can get stuck in the back of the throat or inhaled. If your cat gets wrapped up in yarn he could lose his blood supply to that part of the body. Be very careful of anything that is bright and shiny that you may put on your package as cats are attracted to bright shiny objects that may cause them permanent harm or maybe death.

Christmas Toys For Your Cat

When buying toys for your cat make sure they are large enough so your cat cannot swallow them. Do not give your cat any toy with a battery in it as your cat may chew on it and get battery acid in his system that will cause corrosive damage as they are toxic to your cat. Some cat toys come with batteries in them that are pet approved. Give your cat toys that are meant for cats. Some cats like to play with sponges and empty toilet paper rolls which is fine unless your cat starts to eat the sponge. If your cat eats plastic it will have to be removed by you. If you cannot remove the plastic  form your cat he will need surgery to remove it. Hope you and your cat have a safe, healthy and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Hope, Joy, Peace And Love


We all all hope for good health for us and our family. We hope for a positive outcome when we get test at the hospital. Hope is essential to our well-being as we need to be optimistic about the future. We need to harness hope in times of trials and tribulations that things will improve for us. How do you give someone hope?  You can help them, stay connected, accept them and help them find something that completes them and makes them feel good about themselves. We put our hope in God as he is our security. God is the anchor for our souls.


Going on a trip with a friend or your family is a great joy. Being healthy and in a good frame of mind is a great joy indeed. Buying a first home brings joy as you have worked very hard in order to have a home of your own. Eating a piece of your favorite dessert alters your mind and body in positive ways. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate bring joy to adults and children. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I like to relax in a hammock and read a book on a nice and sunny day and sway back and forth in the gentle breeze. We feel joy when we are at our favorite sporting event. The joy of the Lord is your strength.


All of us want peace and harmony on our lives. We want to be free of conflicts and the fear of violence from groups and people. God brings peace into our lives each and everyday. We do not want wars as there is no peace when we are at war with other nations. When we are at peace we have harmony, tranquility and we are not anxious about things in our lives. Relax and unwind and slow down to find peace in your life. To have peace with God and others do not seek revenge, obey Gods commandments, and help people grow their faith in God.


Everyone wants to and needs to be loved by someone. We have God, friends and  family that love us. Love is a deep feeling of affection toward someone or something. Sometimes one will say I love pumpkin pie or that they love to go on a vacation as these are some of their favorite things in life that they find pleasure in. Love is a deep romantic attachment to someone that you have grown close to over time. I love my cats as they bring pleasure and joy into my life. Love of God is associated with worship and devotions toward God.  Love bears all things and love never ends. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16   The basic meaning of love is more than liking someone.  Love means you are deeply  committed or connected to someone or something. Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 1 Corinthians 13 : 4 – 8

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Everyday Household Cleaners And More That Could Kill Your Cat

Bathroom Cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaner can kill your cat or placing the solid cleaners in your tank that dissolve and keep the tank and toilet clean. I never put any solid cleaners in my toilet tank as my cat may decide to take a drink out of the toilet. When I clean my toilet I always close the lid until I have scrubbed out the tank and I have flush the toilet several times. Never leave any toilet bowl cleaner setting in you tank as your cat may drink it and die from ingesting it. When using bathroom cleaners and scrubbing pads make sure your cat does not get any on their paws or lick any of the cleaners as this could kill them.

Floor Cleaners

When using floor cleaners keep an eye on your cleaning bucket and make sure your cat does not take a drink from the bucket. Carpet cleaners can be toxic to cats if they step on wet carpet and they lick their paws. Floor polish could end up on your cats paws if you let them in the room before the polish is fully dry. Do not put perfumed carpet powder on your carpet as your cat may be attracted to the scent and start licking your carpet as this may end up in killing your cat.

Maintenance Sprays or Oil

If you use oil to lubricate your treadmill or spray some oil on your locks on your doors so they work better make sure you clean up any spilled oil so your cat cannot ingest any of it. If you put an oil on your furniture to help preserve the wood wipe of any excess oil with a cloth. Oil can be very toxic to cats.

Laundry Products And Oven Cleaner

Laundry soap and fabric softener can be fatal if your cat licks or swallows any. Laundry pods can be very dangerous as your cat may think they are a toy. If your cat would bit into a laundry pod it could be fatal. Oven cleaner fumes can be toxic to humans as well as to pets.

Paints And Varnishes

Your cat could lick the paint thinking it was something good such as yogurt. Cats can get their tails and their feet in the paint or varnish. Try to keep your cat out of your work area if at all possible. Keep a close eye on your cat at all times. The moment you may turn your back while you are working is the moment your cat may be poisoned.

Mouse Poison, Fertilizer, Weed Killer And Insect Killer

Place mouse poison in a sealed container that nothing else can get into. Take pets out of your home if you have your home fumigated. Do not put granules around the outside of your home to kill insects if you let your cat outdoors as your cat might think the granules are a cat snack. Keep all of your lawn fertilizers, weed killers and garden sprays in a safe area that your cat cannot get access to.

Keep Your Cat Safe From Household Cleaners And Chemicals And More

Store all cleaners, chemicals, oil, fertilizer, weed killer, poisons, paints and more in an area that your cat cannot get into. Keep an eye on your cat at all times if you are working with any of these. Keep your cat out of your work area. If you suspect that your cat has been poisoned call your vet ASAP. Go to the closet vet in your area as time is of the essence as a few extra minutes could be the difference between life and death for your beloved cat. I hope you and your cat have many beautiful and memorable years together.

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Thanksgiving Day Mishaps Over The Years

The Bird That Would Not Get Done

I put my turkey in the oven at 5 AM  and it did not get done until 2 PM. We sat down at the table and had our Thanksgiving day prayer and we ate everything else except for the turkey. We played some board games and we visited. I kept checking on the progress of the turkey until it was finally ready for us to eat at 2 PM. The turkey had been injected with water to add weight to the bird. I had purchased two of those turkeys but the next one was put in the oven at 3 AM.

The Plight Of The Pumpkin Pie

I had made a pumpkin pie from scratch that I put in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. The pie looked very good as it baked away in the oven. I took the pie out of the oven to check on it and I decided to let it bake an extra 20 minutes. The Pie looked perfect and as I was removing it from the oven carefully all of a sudden it slipped off of the baking sheet and land upside down on the new carpet in the kitchen. I cleaned and cleaned the carpet. We ended up having ice cream.

The Refrigerator Stopped Working At Noon On Thanksgiving Day

Hustle and Bustle was done of moving refrigerator items to my freezer in the basement and my old GE refrigerator from the 1950’s in the basement. Food items were starting to thaw out. I got the food items moved in the nick of time. The refrigerator upstairs was working fine at 9 AM and by 11:30 AM things were starting to move south. I did not have to throw anything away luckily and I was very Thankful for that.

Relatives That Would Invite Themselves

We received a card from them in the mail on Thanksgiving day at 11 AM that they would be at our home for Thanksgiving day lunch. A plane had crashed in our field that morning and luckily no one was hurt except for the plane. It was a very busy Thanksgiving day. We put more food on the stove and everyone had a Thanksgiving day meal.

Grandma And The Gravy For The Outdoor Cats

My grandmother loved to make gravy. After we had all of the gravy that we wanted Grandma went outdoors with the leftover gravy in a skillet. One of our outdoor Toms jumped in the skillet and Grandma was covered in gravy from head to toe as the skillet flew in the air and landed on the cement. Most of my cats were covered in gravy but they had a cleaning party as they licked each other from head to tail.

Even With Mishaps In Life There is Always Something To Be Thankful For

I am Thankful to have God, Family, Friends and Cats In my life. All of my Thanksgivings over the years have been memorable and wonderful get together’s. Be Thankful and Grateful for all that you have been given in your life. Hoping all of us have many more Thanksgivings.

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Live With A Thankful And Grateful Heart

Be Thankful For All That You Have Been Given In Your Life

I was blessed with excellent, kind and caring parents. I am very blessed to have been born in the country as I love living in the country. I am so grateful to still be able to live on my family farm. I am thankful for all of my cats. I love mowing the yard, gardening, trimming trees, painting and just walking around outside and enjoying nature. I am thankful for the rental homes that I owned over the years as I have meet a lot of wonderful and excellent people over the years. I am grateful for all of the outstanding tenants that I have had and still have.

I Am Grateful For An Illness That Has Changed Me For The Better

I am closer to God now than I ever have been in my life. I was drawn to become a lay minister and become a better shepherd to spread Gods word. I am able to visit with everyone now. I was shy and withdrawn from people before I had  my illness. If you are sick embrace your illness and do not let your illness empower you as you must empower your illness as one of your strengths to help others. God has a reason for all things and you must think to yourself what is the reason. The reason may be to your benefit in the long run. I will start a conversation with others now as I seldom would before my illness.

Be Thankful For All The People That Have Helped You In Your Life

Remember that you would not be where you are today without all of the help that you have gotten from family and friends. People that you have hired for different jobs that you needed to get done deserve a big vote of thanks or your life would be in chaos or you may not have heat in your home or your car may not run, etc. Your Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers and many more have helped you so can contribute more to society. A complete stranger may have entered your life and made a big impact on your life that has lead you onto a better and more fulling job.

Be Grateful That You have Food, Clothes And Shelter

Many people live in cardboard boxes or they live in tents  or they have to brave the elements. Be glad you have clothes on your back for many people do not and they are cold and uncomfortable. Be glad that you had a bountiful harvest for many have nothing to harvest at all. Many people go to bed hungry every night and some only have food one time a day or they may only eat once in three days, Never take what has been given to you for granted and give thanks and be grateful for what god has provided for you.

Be Grateful and Thankful That You Have God By Your Side

God is by your side night and day protecting you from life’s storms. I thank God for my many blessings every night that I say my prayers before I go to sleep at night. Be Thankful and grateful to all that cross your path and enrich your life.

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Thanksgiving Day And What It Means To Me

Prayers On Thanksgiving Day

Today we give thanks for our many blessings. We pray for those in need. We thank God for our family and friends. We pray for those who cannot be with us today. We pray for those that are lonely. We thank God for our good health and we pray for those that are ill. We thank God for all that he has provided us with as we share with those that are less fortunate. May all of you feel peace and love from God on this Thanksgiving day.

Celebrating The Fruits Of Your Harvest

We get together with family and friends and visit while we eat a feast fit for a King. We may watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade on TV. We eat Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, bread, stuffing, cranberries, salads and pumpkin pie. Before we eat we Thank the Lord for the food he has provided for us and our family and friends and we pray for those that are ill and hungry. I generally eat more than I should because the food is so beautifully prepared and very scrumptious and delicious. I would always take several more helpings of stuffing and mashed potatoes when I was young. I always love the leftovers from Thanksgiving day.


As a child we would eat at a relatives house on Thanksgiving day or they would come to our home. The turkey was cleaned and stuffed. We washed and peeled potatoes and cooked the cranberries and I could smell the wonderful pumpkin pie and turkey baking in the oven. My Mother would bast the turkey and make homemade gravy. The men would visit in one area and the women in another area in the house. I always found the men’s conversations more interesting. The women would talk about baking, sewing and their children. The young children would always sit at a card table and eat if the main table was filled with guest. I would always put a foldout turkey on the table on Thanksgiving day and I still have it yet today.


Thanksgiving Day Over The Years

As we grow older the people sitting around the table gets smaller. We still remember them and we are truly Thankful for all of the time that God let them be in our lives. I still can see them sitting at the table in my fond memories of Thanksgiving day. Time waits for no man so spend as much quality time with family and friends as you possibly can as you will never regret it. As a child I would play board games and other games with my relatives and friends on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Day History

Berkeley Plantation in Virginia is where the Good Ship Margaret landed with 36 men in 1619. The men had the first official Thanksgiving in America in accordance with instruction given in a charter by the Virginia Co. The first Thanksgiving was is 1621, the Plymouth colonist and the native Americans shared a feast. Sharing the fruits of their labor is a way for people to bond and grow closer to each other. Thank God for you many blessings.

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Kitten Antics

Kittens Are Love At First Site

I have had many kittens over the years and they never seize to amaze me with their antics. Kittens will play with their Mothers tail as she swings it back and forth. I imagine the kitten thinks of its Mothers tail as  prey to catch. Small kittens will chase after fallen leaves in the fall. Kittens are the cutest of all pets.

Catch Of The Day

I had a Mother cat bring a mouse to her kitten that she had just caught. The kitten would catch and release the mouse and then pounce on it and grab it by the neck for at least one hour. The kittens Mother was getting a little annoyed with her kittens learning curve. Our small dog came a long  later and ate the mouse.

Cat Toys

Kittens love to toss cat toys up in the air and then try to catch the toy or pounce on it. My kittens are very curious creatures and they follow me around the building site as I walk around. We once had a small dog that would let the Mother cat and her little kittens share her dog house with her. Our dog and the cats had a long and outstanding relationship.

Watch Out For Your Kittens Safety

Watch out for kittens sitting on your car tires or getting into the engine compartment of your vehicle as things will not turn out well for your kittens. Do not let your kittens get into cupboards or near any hazardous chemicals. If you think your kitten might have ingested a hazardous poison take him to your vet ASAP.


Kittens love to climb up on things. Do not leave a kitten unattended with a Christmas tree in your house. The kitten could drink the tree water, play with the ornaments, or knock down the whole tree and get seriously injured.

Helpful Kittens

I had one kitten that used to love sit on my shoulder as I walked around my building site. Kittens love to crawl up your pant legs. Start trimming your kittens claws,brushing their teeth, grooming them and training them when they are very young for the perfect grown up cat  in the future. Your older cat will still have many years of antics in him.

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