Cats and Cancer

I have had five cats that have had cancer. I had three females and two male cats that died because of cancer. A cat with cancer will start to lose weight. They will rest more than usual and not have their normal energy. Cats with cancer lose interest in their toys and become very lethargic.

Ear Cancer and Your Cat

Mt calico cat had ear cancer. The cancer looked like an animal had bit her ear to begin with. The growth began to look larger and then it began to bleed when she shook her head. I took her to my vet and he said the cancer would eventually spread to her brain. She got along fine for about six months and then the ear started to bleed profusely and I had her put to sleep.

Breast Cancer and Your Cat

I had a Siamese cat contract breast cancer at the age of 14. I treated her with medicine for some time that helped slow down the growth of the cancer. Eventually the medicine quit working and she had breast cancer on everyone of her breast. The cancer metastasized and she was losing weight rapidly. I had my vet put her to sleep. She lived to be 16 years old.

Lung Cancer and Your Cat

My cat Sebastian got lung cancer. He began to sleep more and had trouble going up and down the steps in my house. He was not able to groom himself like he used to. Sebastian lasted about 8 months with lung cancer. My vet put him to sleep. Sebastian lived to be 13 years old. He was a very loving and wonderful cat. The picture is a picture of Onyx. He was Sebastian’s Father.

Liver Cancer and Your Cat

My cat Philmoor contracted liver cancer. I found him in a Perkins parking lot and it was love at first sight. I knew I must catch him somehow. After one hour of offering him food and great determination I was able to catch him. He purred away in my friends lap all the way home. He looked out of the window of the car as I pulled up in my driveway and purred away very contentedly. I think he was trying to say he found his forever home. Philmoor was a very loving and friendly cat. At the age of ten Philmoor started to sleep in a recliner and he would not come when I called him. I took him to my vet and he told me he had liver cancer. My vet showed me how yellow the inside of his ears were. I took him back home and cared for him. He was getting worse quickly so I had him put to sleep. He was a beautiful and kind cream colored cat that I adored.  My cat Bella also had liver cancer and I had her put to sleep. She was about ten years old.

Saying Goodbye To Your Feline Friend

It is hard to have a beloved pet put to sleep. You must think of your pets quality of life and think to yourself would I want to live under these conditions. I cannot stand to watch a pet suffer with a condition that is incurable. Do the right thing for your pet. It is very hard to lose a Dear family pet but you must think of all the wonderful times you have shared together and that your pet will not have any pain whatsoever in Heaven. Your cat can play with the other cats in heaven and be with family that has passed away.

God bless all of our pet friends today and always.

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Respect Does Matter

Respect matters for us to be a polite, kind and caring person that cares for the needs of others. When we respect each other we feel safe to express ourselves in a group and so much more can be achieved. Respect should be a given as you should not have to be told to respect people in authority. If you are not respectful to others they will most likely not show respect to you either. Disrespect for others will follow you around as people are constantly watching how you interact and treat others.

If you rent a house or stay at a hotel you should leave it in the same or better condition then when you first entered it. If you see a problem that needs to be fixed tell someone as they will be more then happy to fix it for you. Do not let their plumbing drip and cause damage to there establishment. Do not steal towels or anything at a place where you stay. Do not turn off the heat in the winter months. Any damages that you cause make for higher rates down the road for you and the next guy.

Show respect to people in authority such as police officers, first responders,  teachers and the elderly. Remember you may need a police officer to save your life someday. Do not try to speed around an ambulance and remember you may be in an ambulance yourself someday. Respect your teachers as they are trying to teach you to be a knowledgeable and successful person. If you did not earn an A on a test do not expect them to just give you an A. You have to work for or actually earn the A by doing everything that is required of you to get an A grade. Treat the elderly with the upmost respect by being kind, caring and polite. They have contributed much to society and have made the world a better place for you. Never be mean or disrespectful to a person that depends upon you for their care and daily needs. Reality check you will be old yourself someday and is that how you would want to be treated ? Ponder that for awhile.

Being respectful to others helps release stress from their daily lives and it creates a fair work environment. Accept someone else even if you do not exactly  agree with their point of view about the matter a hand. Lend a hand or ear to others when needed.

Be quiet in a Cathedral and reflect upon God while you are seated. Shake hands and talk to your church family before and after the service. Model polite behavior. Regardless of how we perceive other people to be we are all Gods creations and it is Gods will or us to show respect to one another today and always. Feel or show esteem or honor for someone or something.

Scriptures :

Matthew 7:12   Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Romans 12:10   Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.

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What My Cats Are Enjoying At This Moment In Time

My house cats love playing with a baby chick cat toy that chirps away when they grab it. Kohl still has his fascination with toy green frogs. Garfunkel like to play with catnip toy mice of various sizes. Conrad loves to bat a ball around that is attached to the hammock cat bed. At night Kohl sleeps on my other pillow and Garfunkel sleeps in the middle and Conrad  is always is by my feet. One night the chirping bird entered my bed and they had it chirping away until 2 A.M. When I got up I found a new home for for the singing bird temporally.

They like to sleep in a cozy plush bed and a heated cat bed in the daytime. Conrad is sleeping in his new recliner and the hammock cat bed. Garfunkel is easy going and finds any bed or place works with his sleep schedule. Kohl likes the plush bed and the hammock the best.

My cats next door have 12 heated beds to choose from. Maggie sleeps on a windowsill cat bed and her sister always sleeps on a wool bed. Cali sleeps on a windowsill bed along with Faith. Peter, Nicole, Hilford, and Sherlock sleep in heated small dog house beds. Addi sleeps on a plush bed. Russ likes to sleep in a hammock cat bed. Mr. Gray likes hammock beds.

My cats next door love playing with catnip toy mice and toy mice that squeak. They love to play with soft fluffy balls and a mouse that hangs on the doorknob. They love to play with a singing toy cardinal cat toy. I just put a pet arch in the house for them to walk through that removes lose hair. I have noticed that their coats are looking more bright and shiny now.

They love Tidy cats litter and Worlds best cat litter. Purina One Cat Food seems to be their favorite dry cat food. They love canned cat food with chicken, turkey, tuna, venison, and duck. They do not like cat foods with by-products, filers or preservatives in it. They love to eat squeezable cat food right out of the package. I open up the package and squeeze the delicious treat in their mouth.

They love to be groomed with a comb for humans as well as one for cats. They do not mind having their hair brushed with a medium bristle brush. The gloves with little plastic bristles are also a favorite grooming tool of theirs. I use a dry shampoo for cats on my cats now and then.

My cats love to be held and fused over and gently patted on the head. They love attention and they get plenty of attention and love from me. What are your cats favorite things in his life ? I am sure they are similar to what my cats like to some degree. Love and cherish your cat or cats. Show your cats the same love that they show toward you day after day. Pets can make the bad days sunny and bright.

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Caring For Gods Creation

It is our job as Gods stewards to look after and maintain what God has created on earth for us to enjoy. We must replenish what we use up. When we go camping we should leave the camp ground like it was before we came. We must not leave our carbon footprint there.

Every time we cut down a tree we should replace it with a nice young tree to take its place. If we see a plastic container laying around we should place it in a trash can where it belongs. If you make a mess clean it up ASAP and do not expect others to clean up after you.

If you see one of Gods creatures in trouble call someone to help. I noticed a cow that had gotten out of a farmers yard so I called the Sheriffs office and told them where the cow was located and they got her back in her barn again. If you see an animal on the road slow down for it so it can get across safely. I noticed a man run over a little boys cat on purpose on day. The cat wiggled out of the little boys arms and was on the side of the road but the man severed over and killed the little boys cat right in front of him. The little boy picked up his dead cat and buried her in a gravel pile. I have no use for anyone that harms a poor defenseless creature. The little boys calico cat is in heaven now and she is wrapped in Gods healing hands.

When hunting do not kill anything that you do not intend to eat. Never torture or harm any of Gods creatures. God gave us dominion over the creatures of the World and it was his intention that we would treat them compassionately. We have a vast universe that is filled with fantastic scenery as long as we do not destroy it. We must as Gods children love and worship our vast universe and all it has to offer as God loves and worships each one of us. Be a good steward and do not leave your carbon foot print behind.Do everything possible to save Gods creatures and leave our Universe clean, majestic and beautiful for future generations to enjoy. Gods universe and creation is a great blessing.

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My Maine Coon Cats Over The Years

My first Maine Coon cat was given to me by  one of my cousins. She was a purebred Maine Coon cat. She arrived at my house in a large wooden chicken crate. My Father told me to look in the crate and I was delighted to  have a new car in my life. She had an excellent disposition and she got along fine with my other cats. They are not lap cats. They get along very well with children. I would carry her around the farm and she would wait with me for the school bus to come and take me to school in the morning.

She had long hair that needed to be brushed out. One time she got in a burdock patch and it took quite awhile to get all of those out of her hair. One time Fresca lost her entire coat of fur. It more or less just all came off one day. She grew back a beautiful new coat of of fur. Some cats will have this happen to them. They can get a fungus or groom themselves too much. Take your cat to your vet if she loses her coat as he can help her. I named her Fresca after the Fresca soda pop.  She was a wonderful and kind cat. She lived to 12 years old.

Years later I had Leonardo and he would sit under an old weeping birch tree with me while I did my Algebra. Leonardo lived to ten years old and he was a red tabby color. Years later I had Fluffy and she had several short hair kittens. Fluffy’s Father looked identical to her with long red tabby color hair. Fluffy’s Mother was a gray tabby cat. Fluffy had several cream colored male kittens and a calico female kitten. Her calico kitten had  a black and white male kitten and another calico kitten.

I adopted Snowflake from a woman who’s Mother died and she had to find a home for her Mother’s cat. Snowflake was very friendly and loving. She liked all of my other cats immediately. She liked to be patted and brushed. She died at about age fifteen.

About 30 years after I had Fresca a male kitten named Cool Cat was born on my farm and he looked identical to Fresca after 30 years had passed. I gave him to one of my cousins and he is a house cat and  he is a cherished pet.

I now have Peter a beautiful bi-color black and white Maine Coon cat. He was born on my farm. His father was a black cat named Onyx that was part Siamese, Persian, Himalayan, domestic short hair and Maine Coon cat. His Mother was a gray tabby. Peter loves to watch me when I feed him and clean out the litter boxes in the morning.

I adopted Nola. She was part Maine Coon cat and Himalayan. She had Sophia, Lorenzo and Maxwell. Lorenzo is still alive and well. The rest of the cat family died very young. Sophia lived to be six years old. Nola died at age four. Maxwell was only one year old when he died. The average life span for Maine Coon cats is 10 to 13 years. A few have made it to 15 years.

I hope you may have the pleasure of owning a Maine Coon cat at sometime in your life. They are wonderful, kind  and loving house cats.

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Self Absorbed

If someone is self absorbed they obsess about themselves and their own feelings. They do not think about how the other person is feeling and what their needs and wants might be. If you are self absorbed and never think of other  peoples feelings you are not living the life that God intended you to live. You must think to yourself how would I feel if I were in that particular situation.

Self absorption robs you of life that helps and uplifts others. Being self absorbed will rob you of many friendships in your life as your friends will learn rather quickly that you always put your needs first and foremost. In an emergency or life and death situation it would be natural to take care of yourself and your particular needs at that time.

When you give someone a gift give them give the kind of gift you would like to receive yourself. If you cannot stand the item that you are intending to give as a gift than please do not give it to the person for they will not appreciate it either.

Listen to people and try to help them out with their problems if you possibly can. Sharing a room with another person can be quite a challenge if they want everything to go their way. A party I know has a roommate that is self absorbed. Her roommate got up at 12:45 PM and turned the light on and sorted through her closet for forty five minutes looking for clothes she wanted to wear the next morning.  She had no consideration for her roommate at all. Her roommate did not get any sleep that night after she was awakened.

Some people will only bring food that they like to a party and have no consideration for what the others may want. One man went into a restaurant and came out with food for himself only. The other people in the car were hungry also. He never once asked them what would you like to eat in fact he had the nerve to drive off proudly eating his sandwich.

Don’t be self absorbed and think of  peoples needs and wants ahead of your own. Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. If Jesus would have been self absorbed we would all perish with death and never have everlasting life. Go and be a good steward to all that you meet on lives Hi – way.

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Transporting Your Cat Safely

Transporting your cat can be a major problem if not done correctly. Buy a cat carrier that is not easy for your cat to get out of. Cat carriers with cheap zippers are no good. If your cat squirms and pushes his head against the zipper he can get out and maybe get under your feet while you are trying to drive.

I like cat carriers that are of solid construction or ones that have sturdy zippers. Make sure the doors of your carrier are latched properly once your cat is in the carrier and also make sure the screws are tight that hold the carrier together.

Never wrap up your cat in towel and think he will not escape from you. Any cat in an unfamiliar area is extra nervous and will try to get out of your arms immediately. A vet once told me a lady had her cat in a towel and it escaped and hide by the school in that area. After looking for several hours she finally found her cat and her vet let her borrow one of his cages. Her cat could have run onto a busy highway in that area and gotten run over. She was lucky that her cat lived to tell his tale of momentary escape.

I do not turn on the radio in my vehicle while I am transporting one of my cats. Cats do not like loud music and it could stress them out more than they already are. The speakers in most cars are where your cat would be sitting and therefore the music would be extra loud with their keen sense of hearing.

Talk to your cat while you are traveling with him as your familiar voice will help calm him down. Put a few of his favorite toys in the cage. Place a couple of cat treats in the cage also. If your cat is extra nervous or hyperventilating spray some Pheromone spray for cats that helps calm them down on a piece of cloth and place it in the cage with your cat.

Hope you and your cat have safe travels and visits to your local vet for many years to come.

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Deception is making someone believe a falsehood is the truth. The falsehood will injure the deceived party into making a wrong decision that will harm him in the end. I have had people misrepresent the truth to me. I have purchased a few items over the years that have been gravely misrepresented.

Before I purchase a used car I ask to speak to the former owner of the car. You can learn the true scoop on the car by speaking to the former owner. A car dealer once told me the car I was looking at had never been in an accident. I called up the owner and he told me the car had been accordionend. Needless to say I called up the car dealer and told him the jig was up.

If you try to deceive someone it will come back to haunt you. A business will lose customers fast as word of mouth travels very fast as to how they treat their customers. If you have to deceive someone to sell something you are a train wreck that will derail. Represent your product for what it actually can do  and no more. People learn who they can and cannot trust very quickly. If you want return customers who will make your business shine treat them like royalty every time they come into your business and never spread falsehoods about what you have to sell.

Never misrepresent anything. Stay away from double – dealing. Stay away from fraudulent activity. Tell the truth and then you will be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience. Remember the truth will always set you free.

God knows when you are trying to deceive him. Our friends see us for who we are in their eyes but God sees our heart , and we cannot deceive him. Adam and Eve tried it. Gen. 3 : 7 – 24   Cain tried it. Gen, 4 : 1 – 15  and  David tried. Never pretend you are more than what you truly are. God knows you as you truly are inside your heart and soul.

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Why We Are Drawn To Cats

Cats facial features mimic a human baby and therefore we find them very appealing. Cats keep the rodent population down and protect us from diseases the rodents spread.  They sit on our laps and purr away and lick our fingers or rub against us. Having a feline friend reduces your blood pressure and helps reduce your stress also. Cats look as us lovingly and blink their eyes and roll over on their backs for belly rubs. When a cat rolls over on his back he is showing you that he trust you 100 %.

Cats Know Their Names

Cats do know their names. Cats choose to come to us only when they feel like coming to us. Research has been published in a nature magazine suggesting that 78 cats out of 78 cats new their name. Cats are very independent creatures and cope better at being alone than a dog.

Cats Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping with your cats can improve your sleep. People that let their cat sleep in bed at night with them tend to fall asleep faster. You keep your cat warm in bed and he keeps you warm . Your cats breathing pattern reduces stress and you feel at ease and relaxed.

Cats Like Us

You give your cat food and shelter and his natural instincts makes him want to be your pal. Cats follow us around because they like us and they want to know where we are when they feel hungry. Are cats rub against our faces because they want to put their scent on us. Their scent warns other cats that we already have a feline friend in our lives and that the new cat should back off.

Cats Are Relaxing To Watch

Just watching a cat at play or resting is very relaxing. Your cat is at peace and therefore you are at peace also. Cats are very entertaining. Some of the things that your cat does seem almost unbelievable. I had a pool table at one time and my Siamese cat would watch the balls roll into the pockets. She seemed to know almost before I did if the ball would make it in the pocket or not. Cats feel comfortable and safe in small spaces. I had a cat hide in a box of Christmas decorations and it took me along time before I discovered her hiding spot. My Grandmother had a cat that hid in a shoe box and the lid remained perfectly on top of the shoe box. A friend of hers discovered her cats hiding spot.

Living With A Cat Can Give You Nine Lives

I love holding my cats and patting them on top of their heads. I lavish them with toys and heated beds, water bowls, cat treats and all the affection that they can handle. I take them to the vet for their annual checkups and all of their necessary shots. I want my cats to live a long happy and healthy life. Cats ad to the spice of life. I am sure having cats in my life gives me nine lives also. My feline friends all have different and pleasing personalities. Curl up with your cat on your lap and think how you have blessed each other with your presence in each others life.

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Growing With God

How do we grow our relationship with God ? Read the bible for daily inspiration and live a life that is worthy of Gods undying love for you. Visit with people often and try to uplift them. Give to the needy and help people that are in need.

Visit people that are lonely and always try to put a smile on their face. If someone is isolated check and call on them often to make sure they are OK. Everyone can be a shepherd of God if you try. Go to church regularly and listen to your ministers sermon and reflect on the sermon throughout your week. See how you can use the sermon to help others in your life.

If someone is sick and alone they need a true shepherd of God to help them get through this troublesome time in their life. Having someone by your side when you are sick can give you the will to carry on and get better. Sick people also need an advocate to go to bat for them when they cannot fend for themselves any longer.

God wants you to learn from your mistakes and try to never repeat those same mistakes again. Life has plenty of ups and downs. Remember God is always by your side in good and bad times. Let the light in your soul shine through so that others may see it always. Guide people on the right paths in life. There are many distractions in life that can leed someone down the wrong road without a good guide by their side.


Grow your faith with God everyday. Say your prayers everyday and thank God for how he has blessed you today. Let God be your compass in life every single day. Read the bible, devotions and more and practice what you read in your daily living. Sing praises to God and remember to thank God everyday. Live the life that God intends for you to live that will help many people and God will be proud that you are one of his good stewards.

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