Turbulence Ahead

When we are on an airplane and the pilot announce’s turbulence ahead we are not to nervous but when the plane starts rocking violently we become alarmed and very worried as to what the outcome may be. In these troubled times their is definitely turbulence ahead.

We are living in very turbulent times. We are very concerned about our health and the health of our families. We prepare as much as possible when we go shopping. We may put on gloves, a mask and distance ourselves properly but we are very concerned that we may end up endangering our life and the lives of those we hold most dear and other people that we meet along life’s hi-way.

We ask God to protect us and shield us from this terrible pandemic. God and scientist are working on a cure for this devastating and unpredictable virus. I pray to God everyday to help the World find a way to combat and put an end to this pandemic. God is my my pilot as he has lead me out of many turbulent storms in my life.

It is time for everyone to let God be your compass and pilot in life for only he knows how to solve this pandemic that we are in. Be kind to all the people that you meet in the grocery store, gas station, Doctors office and pharmacy. All of  us are very stressed with the shortage of certain everyday products that we used to take for granted. A lot of people I know are not sleeping well at night and are having difficulty concentrating on day to day living.

Pay attention to social distancing as you might save your own life and the lives of many more people. Age does not make any difference with this pandemic as any age group could die. No one is immune from death. Stay home unless it is a great health need or a grocery store run.

If we use common sense we can beat this clever mutating virus.  Thank you God for all the wonderful and amazing health care workers who are working around the clock tirelessly to help keep us healthy and to treat the sick and dying. Remember to thank any and all health care workers that you see on the front line to help stop this pandemic in its tracks.

God bless you and yours and follow social distancing and pray without ceasing. Be kind, compassionate, caring and a good example for others. Be patient and do not lose your temper with anyone that is trying to help you as we are all in this together around the World.

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The Long Way Around By Douglas Cavanaugh Book Review

I was provided a copy of The Long Way Around by Douglas  Cavanaugh to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Long Way Around takes place in rural Iowa and can be purchased at Amazon.Com. A nice young man by the name of Ryan is raised by his Grandfather after his parents die. His Grandfather was in World War 2 and won a purple heart. I love how the author tells about the war experiences of his Grandfather. I have read many World War 2 books in my lifetime and the author has mastered the experiences of the young mans Grandfather. The Long Way Around is a novel but I also consider it to be historical fiction at its best.

I have lived in rural Iowa all of my life and the author grew up in Iowa  and I have been to almost every town that the author has mentioned in the book and how he mentions the towns are completely how I remember them. He mentions the different roads that you take to the different towns in Iowa and what the towns have going for them. My parents and I traveled to these towns and the book brings back wonderful childhood memories of each town.

The young mans Grandfather is a master deer hunter and he teaches his Grandson the art of the skill. I have read Field and Stream magazines and the deer hunting experience’s are spot on. Ryan goes hunting on the grounds of one his Grandfathers war buddies. Ryan fell  out of his tree stand and suffered terrible injures and he had a long road to recovery. His Grandfather and friends where by his side during his recovery. Ryan’s Grandfather also teaches Ryan what he needs to know latter on in life to be a successful person. Ryan’s Grandfather died and Ryan missed him immensely.

Ryan travels and leaves Iowa for awhile. He has adventures when he is gone and he makes new friends along the way. Ryan decides to come back home and live on his Grandfather’s farm. His girlfriend he had in high school has something to tell him that he is glad to know. Ryan is going to be a Father. He marries the love of his life and they go to college and have successful carriers.They have a wonderful family and are blessed with having a wonderful life.

I would highly recommend reading this well written and thought out book. The Long Way Around can also be purchased at goodreads.com. The towns in Iowa came to life as I read the book.


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The Dangers Of Being Self – Focused

Being self – focused is dangerous because you think of yourself only and you become self – absorbed and obsessed with things or possessions. To be a well rounded individual you need to reach out to people and genuinely care about their overall well – being. Being obsessed with something takes you away from positive thoughts and things you should really get done.

Being self – focused is like putting yourself in a little box and opening up the box when it only benefits you to do so. Putting yourself in a neat little box robs you from life and consumes your soul. Reach out to people and surround yourself with people and you will feel much better for doing so. Look at the whole picture in life and live outside of the box.

By being obsessed with yourself you rob yourself of a good connection with God. Without God in your life you will stumble and fall and will not be able to get up again at some point in your life. God  has a path chosen for you. Make sure you walk on the right path and do the right things on that path that will benefit many and not just yourself.

God and people do not care for someone that is self – centered and has lost their way on the right path in life. Pray to God without ceasing to help you stay on the path that will accomplish the most in your lifetime. There are many distractions in life so be extra careful to not be distracted for very long. Evil tries to overtake the good in you if you stay distracted or obsessed with something for to long. If money is your main focus in life you are completely off of your chosen path in life. Money is truly the root of all evil as many get obsessed with amassing a larger and larger fortune that they do not spend to help those that are in desperate need.

Focus on God , family, friends and what you can do to help other people out. Always be kind, compassionate and truly care for the needs of others in your life and those in need that you do not know. Continue to spread Gods good works everyday.

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In Memory Of My Cat Russ

I am writing this post with a heavy heart while I am crying at the loss of my Dear cat feline friend Russ. Russ passed away  sometime between 10 AM and 1 Pm on March 24th, 2020. When I feed and watered my cats in the morning Russ looked fine.  I walked into the house next door this afternoon and cleaned the liter boxes and and when I walked into the living room I found Russ dead on the living room floor. I started sobbing uncontrollably when I found Russ on the floor. I tried to revive him  because he was still warm to the touch even though I knew he was already dead.

Russ was born on May 28th 2012. He was given to me by church friends. Russ was a lovely and gorgeous cream colored kitten. He had an excellent disposition and he always liked to be held and patted on the head. He liked everyone that came to visit him.

I would let him outdoors in the warmer months and he loved to eat grass and roll around on the sidewalk outdoors. He got along fine with all of my other cats next door. Russ and Nicole became best friends and they would sleep side by side on a big plush bed on top of a table. Russ was an excellent baby sitter when Addi had her kittens. Russ would let the kittens play with his tale. Russ would lick the kittens very gently and I am sure they thought of him as Uncle Russ.

Russ would always greet me at the door in the morning. He liked to play with cat toy mice and cat toy signing birds. He loved to rest on the high perch of a cat tree and look out of the window at the birds and any other animal that may be passing by at the moment.

Russ licked my hand very gently and lovingly yesterday. He was such a kind and remarkable loving cat. I had interned to have Russ in my house one day but that will never happen now. Russ will always hold a dear and warm spot in my heart and in my soul. March seems to be a month when  people or pets that I love dearly die.

My only solace is that I know Russ is in heaven as God has called such a dear and loving cat home. God welcomed Russ home with outstretched arms.  Russ is playing with all of my other feline friends that I have lost over the years.  I am sure  my parents in heaven know that I lost my dear Russ and that he is with them also.  I buried him this afternoon and I put a cat tombstone on his grave site. God will take care of you now Russ into eternity. I am grateful to God that he let me have such a kind and loving Russ in my life for as long as he did. God knew that I needed Russ in my life and now God needed Russ in heaven.

Isaiah 41: 10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed. for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


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How To Help Your Flabby Tabby Cat

Buy toys for your cat that he can toss up in the air and pounce on. By interactive toys that you can entertain your cat with such as a fish on the end of a rope. Treat toys are good because your cat has to figure out how to get the treat and he will lose weight in his pursuit of the treat.

Some cats are night time eaters and they really pack on the pounds if they eat late at night. My vet told be to put their food bowls away at night. My cats did lose some weight with that method. Buying senior cat food for an older cat will help them with weight lose. Feed your flabby tabby smaller portions.

I live in a story and a half house that has stair steps and my cats have lost weight from just running up and down the steps. Sometimes they run up and down my steps at record speeds in the middle of the night. My house cats also enjoy playing with a circle game toy for cats that has a ball in the middle that they bat back and forth.

I recently purchased  One fast Cat which is like a kitty treadmill. My cats next door caught onto how to use it rather quickly. My oldest cat next door Maggie had it figured out in record time. I was shocked when I took Addi to my vet recently for her yearly shots and checkup. My vet put Addi on the scale and she had lost four pounds in only three months by using One Fast Cat.  My calico cat Cali lost two pounds. I will be taking more of my cats next door to the vet as the year progresses and I am anxious to find out how much weight they have lost by using One Fast Cat.

I hope this information helps your flabby tabby become a nice shapely lean cat. I hope you and your cat can exercise for many years to come and you remain happy and healthy.

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What I Am Keeping Busy With

I like to read history books and devotional books. I like to call on people and visit with them. I have been working on my spring cleaning. My cats have nice fresh clean towels to start off their spring. I keep busy writing my various blog post. I watch a few TV programs that I have enjoyed over the years.

I try to talk to at least five people a day. We visit about current events and I share my inspirationswithlaura blog post with those that do not have a computer. We can learn a lot of valuable information from each other as we have all had different experiences in our lives.

I love writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas with others through my blog post. I love cats and have been around cats all of my life. My goal is for you to have a happy and healthy cat for many years to come. I am a lay minister for my church  and my goal is to spread Gods good works by writing blog post on my website which is inspirationswithlaura. I like to go to the rest homes and assisted living units and visit with the people there or call them on the phone. I find it very rewarding and a gift from God to be able to visit with them and share Gods good works with them.

I like to keep a clean and orderly home. I like to get my spring cleaning done early and give items to Goodwill, Affordables and more. I love to clean the wood floors upstairs and put clean paper in the dresser drawers and in the kitchen cupboards. I vacuum under furniture and in crevices and corners. I defrost my freezer and rearrange the food and clean my refrigerator. I put a special cleaner in the washing machines that cleans out any debris in them. I clean everything in curio cabinets. Dishes are cleaned and then put back in the cupboards. Everything gets a royal dusting. My basement gets vacuumed and the floors get scrubbed. Old papers get shredded and thrown away.I go through all of my closets and weed out items that are no longer used. My litter boxes get cleaned and the floors next door get scrubbed. A clean home makes for a healthy  home as it cuts down on allergies considerably.

It is not hard to find things to do that will keep you busy and give you a great sense of accomplishment. God bless you with all of your endeavors.

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Vomiting And Your Cat

Cats can vomit for a variety of reasons. Some cats eat their food so quickly that they vomit their meal. Eating certain plants will cause your cat to vomit. A live virus distemper shot can cause your cat to vomit and more.

New Cat Food Brand

If I add another brand of cat food to what my cats are used to eating that will upset their stomach. Eating grass will cause your cat to vomit almost immediately. Cats like to eat grass as it helps them dislodge those nasty hairballs. Eating a lot of human food is not good for your cats digestive system. Feed your cat in moderation as too much of a good thing can cause them to vomit.

Pants And Poisons

There are a large variety of plants that can make your cat very sick or kill them. Do not induce vomiting unless your vet says you can. If you suspect your cat has eaten something poisonous call your vet ASAP. Poisons for vermin can cause your cat to vomit and bled out. Keep your household cleaners and motor oil and more stored in an area that your cat cannot get into. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Allergic Reaction

One of my house cats had a live virus form of a distemper shot. He started to vomit the next day after he had his shot. Four days after he had his shot he vomited and fell over. He came around in about five seconds and ran to the basement. A cat can get  anaphylactic shock which is an extreme often life threatening reaction to an antigen the body has become hypersensitive to. If your cat falls over after a shot call your vet ASAP to see if your cat has a life threatening emergency.

Vestibular Disease

If a cat has been throwing up violently they can have a vestibular disease. By throwing up so forcibly the blood flow to their brain shuts down momentarily  and causes them to fall over and more. A cat with vestibular disease can circle around and be unstable and have nausea. A cat can get vestibular disease at any age.

If your cat is vomiting find out the cause by calling your vet ASAP. Do not wait around to see if your cat may get better because he may die in between. Hope you and your cat are healthy.

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Cats Showing Off

Cats like and crave attention. I had a Red Tabby cat that would play with a circle game toy and he would make sure that everyone in the room was watching him. He had mastered that game to perfection and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that.

I had a black house cat that would walk across the curtain rod with the grace of a tight rope walker. He never once lost his balance while he performed his tight rope walk. We had a black outdoor cat that would balance up high on the feed door and then jump down on the shoulder of whom ever was by the feed door. She could really scare you at 5 in the morning when she landed on your shoulder.

I had a calico cat that would bring dead snakes homes and put them on my doorstep. I guess she wanted to show me what a brave huntress she was. I also had a gray and white female cat take on a skunk and she won the match except for a bite on her face which healed up quickly. She had her rabies shots up to date so I did not have to worry about that.

Cats love to do something naughty while you are talking on the phone. I guess they figure even negative attention is attention. They tend to jump on things that they know are off limits while you are talking away on the phone. I think they also figure that you are not going to interrupt your conversation to correct their bad behavior at that moment in time.

I had one cat climb to the top of the barn roof and she stayed up there for about two whole days before she came down on her own. When she was down she looked at me like were you really worried about me. She knew the answer to that question as I had been worried to death that she might fall down to her death.


My house cat Conrad can get treats out of any treat dispenser ASAP. He has mastered all of the ones I have very quickly. He loves to play with circle ball toys and he is proficient with either paw he chooses to use at the moment. He will sit in the middle of the circle game and bat the ball one way and then the other way using a different paw each and every time.

Cats crave attention and they love to show off whenever and however they can. Cats are great entertainers. We would be lost without our cats and their performances.

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Maintaining Your Soul

I try to maintain my soul by attending church, reading bible verses and reading daily devotions and living my life as God intended for me to live it. God wants us to help share the Bible and what it stands for with as many people as we possibly can.

Be Kind And Generous To A Fault

Be kind and generous to a fault. If you see someone in need help them out. Give them a gift certificate, food, clothing and invite them to eat with you at a restaurant if they say they are hungry. Be kind to people that are less fortunate. You have no idea whatsoever what they have had to endure in their lifetime. They may have had a family member that was very sick and they had high medical bills. Homeless people do not wish to be homeless an event in their life that they could not control is probably what caused them to be homeless.

Pray Daily

Whatever situation that you get into in life always pray to God to help you and leed out of harms way. God helps us maintain our souls everyday in some subtle way. Look at all of the joys in life such as time with family and friends, nature and wonderful majestic scenery. Let God be your guide and pray to him to help you maintain your soul on a daily basis.

God Will Help You Get Over The Bumpy Roads In Your Life

Life will have many bumpy roads, it is how you get over the bumps in the road that make all the difference in your life. Strive to reach the peak of your performance. People watch what you do so do the right thing that will inspire more people to take your leed. Maintenance is about keeping things up. We put a new roof on our house so it will not leek. We have our furnace checked so we will have heat when needed. We get the oil changed in our cars so they operate at their peak performance. Maintaining your soul is no different. Listening to a good sermon on Sunday, spreading Gods good works, kindness, compassion, joy, peace, love, hope. faith, grace and helping people out help maintain your soul.


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