The Positive Power Of The North Iowa Bloggers Within Me

I was bullied and mistreated by my kindergarten class. My Kindergarten teacher treated me poorly and she showed me no respect whatsoever. I almost died of Histoplasmosis in Kindergarten and I was sickly and I made an easy target for others pick on. The little girls in my kindergarten class were unrelenting on how poorly they treated me. My teacher and my classmates would laugh at me when  I said something.

I was laughed at and mistreated by my female classmates until I entered fifth grade. My fifth grade teacher would not tolerate that kind of behavior in her classroom. She was the first female figure that I hadn’t known in my life that stood up for me. I was still very shy and would not say much as I still feared being made fun of.

It took me a long time to trust other girls or women. I guess I thought what is in it for them if they liked me. I remained very quite most of my life until I joined The North Iowa Bloggers.


My neighbor and friend started The North Iowa Bloggers and she invited me to join one of her meetings. Our Dear blogger friend Amy Hild always welcomed me in the room with her kind and outstanding smile and mannerisms. Amy made me want to come to the meetings as I knew she would be their with her kind ways radiating from her. I soon realized that women can be kind and caring without expecting something in return.

red lighthouse

When I was sick The North Iowa Bloggers came to see me in the hospital, sent flowers, cards, and prayed for me. They are a wonderful caring, loving, and supportive group of women and men that truly and genuinely care about people.

I talk and visit with people freely and easily now. The bloggers have opened up a new and better chapter in my life. It used to be easier  for me just to write about things but now I can visit freely and easily without having to worry about being judged unfairly. Amy told me never to stop writing and I never will stop. Thank You North Iowa Bloggers for making me into the person I always wanted to be. There is always time to make a change in your life if you let people in with like values and with God by your side.

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Are You A Puppet On A String ?

Ask yourself do you have a puppet master that controls you every move in your life ? If your answer is yes do something about it right away. Take charge of your own life and never let anyone or anything make you do something that you really do not want to do in your life.

If someone does not like the person that you are and the person that you feel comfortable being then you do not need to conform to their standards as they are not a true friend anyway.  A manipulator feels powerful when you bow down to their every command. Do not let people manipulate you.


You be your own boss in your life and take command of your life and do not let anyone treat you like a puppet on a string. Life is too short to have to make someone like you if you have to conform to their low standards. If you can never do anything right to please a person that you bend over backwards for quit trying to please them and please yourself by taking total command of your own life.

Some people feel like a King on a throne when they have power and authority over another person. No one is any better or more powerful then yourself. Be your own cheerleader in your life and and always look forward and never back. The past is the past and you cannot change its outcome so keep moving forward in life.


You pull your own strings in your life and you move forward in your life at your own pace and not someone else’s pace. Accomplish  much in your life and always strive to accomplish more. Be the best that you can be and make future generations proud of you. Throw your puppet master to the curve as he is only harming you from being the best that you possibly can be in life and being a good steward in life.

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2  Corinthians 6 : 5

In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings ;

Do you feel you are overworked or at your whits end ? I think all of us do at times. Pace yourself with activities not everything needs to be completed in one single day. Do the things that are absolutely necessary and wait to get things done that can be put off for a day or so so you do not feel burned out at the end of the day.

red lighthouse

Keeping busy is a good thing for your mind and body but do everything in moderation or you will pay the price eventually. No matter how old we get we still want to do the things that we used to do because we enjoyed doing them. We must realize at some point that our health is not what it used to be and hire someone to do some of our chores for us.


We tell ourselves that we are too busy to get together with family and friends sometimes. Make sure you always take time to get together with family or friends because someday they will not be here anymore for you to see and visit with. You will regret it to no end if you do not spend quality time with your family and friends. Friends are like beautiful roses in the garden of your life. Family cannot be replaced for your family holds a sacred place in your heart today and always.


Do things that you enjoy doing in life if at all possible before it is too late. Travel and discover new things that will enrich your life forever. Eat out often and spoil your family and friends. Make time for everyone that you love and cherish in your life before it is too late to do so. Never ever be too busy to spend quality time with those you hold most Dear in your life.

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Are You On A Round About In Life ?

Are you stuck on a round about in your life that you seem not to be able to get off of. Don’t keep going around and around on the round about in your life. Seek for changes in your life and get out of your old routine and learn from your mistakes. Take the road less traveled and learn something new and see new things and get the most that you possibly can get out of life with the time you are given here on Earth.


Make positive changes in your life so you can help someone make positive changes in their life. If you do not branch out and learn new things you become stagnate and do not achieve the things in life that you are capable of achieving. Look to God for help finding your direction in life along with advice from your parents and friends.


Strive to make God, your parents and family proud with the path you have chosen for your life. Shoot for the stars with your life and settle for nothing less. You are the only one that can make positive and productive changes in your life. Surround yourself with like minded people that will not let you stagnate and will lead you to being a better more productive person inside and out.


Life is never easy but always remember to get off the round about quickly. Decide to get off the round about right away. Do not dwell on bad news. Do not dwell on the past for it is over and you cannot change its outcome. Make new memories in your life everyday that you are here on earth. Bring Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love into other peoples lives everyday and the round about will move along  in a steady and healthy pattern so everyone can enjoy life with peace and harmony with God by their side.

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The Unveiling Of The Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture In Honor Of My Parents

The Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture was unveiled at approximately 10 AM on August 8th, 2017 at The Mason City Public Library located in Mason City, Iowa in  honor of my parents Mr. & Mrs. Elmer B. Weers.


Mary Markwalter the Director of the Mason City Public Library gave a wonderful dedication speech about the Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture in honor of my parents.  For more information on the library go to :


I gave a dedication speech about the Little Red Ridding Hood sculpture in honor of my parents. My Father farmed all of his life in Mason City, Iowa and both of my parents had rental property in the Mason City area. My Mother worked in a college library for two years and she was once a school teacher and worked in the Mason City Public Library for many years. She was a young adult librarian, she worked in the reference room and at the circulation desk. The wolf sculpture represents the free spirit of the wolf and all of us have free spirit’s and we are free to read books and  learn knowledge that will last us a lifetime. A librarian spreads knowledge through books one book at a time until the books fill a vast library of knowledge that you can use everyday in your life. My Mother was kind to people and she would always go the extra mile to help people out at the library. My Mother would find books for them, help them with genealogy and much more.


We should serve God, Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father, be kind, compassionate and loving. Bring Joy, Hope, Love and Peace into peoples lives everyday. Always remember the Lord came to serve and not to be served.

Your Legacy is how people remember you after you are gone. Have you left a legacy that will be proud of you for future generations to come ?  Have you made God and your parents proud of you while you have lived on Earth ? Always try to do things that will honor the values and teachings from God and your parents. Your Legacy is not about wealth or money it is all about making the World a better place with the time that God gave you on Earth, Make other peoples lives easier for them while you are on Earth and you will have left an everlasting Legacy that would make your children, parents, and God proud of you. God Bless all of you today and always.


Isaiah 64- 8       But now, O Lord thou art our Father, we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we are the work of thy hand.     We all start out as a formless ball of clay and God leads us along to form the perfect shape for our lives. We have many purposes on earth : mother, father, caregiver, comforter, teacher, lawyer, farmer, librarian, minister, builder, doctor, and so many more necessary professions on earth. Let God make you the vessel that you are supposed to be on earth. You want to be a vessel that will enrich other peoples lives. Always be a good steward so people can see Gods light shining through you and all that you do. Do what you excel in doing and always learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect but strive for the best that you can be and spread Gods good works and you will be the perfect vessel on earth. Go out today and be Gods vessel.

We had a wonderful reception in the Mason City Room at the public library following the unveiling of the Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture. Mary told us the history behind the book Little Red Ridding Hood which was quite interesting.


I saw the sculpture that I purchased to honor my parents on the River City Sculptures on Parade Route which is  a 1.7 mile walk designed to lead people on a looping route to the Cultural Crescent and back to the central core of Mason City, Iowa. For more info go to : The Mason City Chamber of Commerce at will help you purchase a sculpture. Sculptures are a good way to honor or remember a loved one or to support a cause. The sculptures beautify Mason City, Iowa.

A special Thank You to the Mason City Public Library, The Chamber of Commerce , the gifted people that make the sculptures, my friends and to everyone that helped me honor my parents today and for future generations to come. God bless you in all that you do.

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What does it mean to have respect for someone ? You care about the person and you treat them as you would want to be treated. Respect is a two way street if someone does not respect you it is very hard to respect them. You must have consideration and honor for a persons well being as one aspect to the standard of respect. Sometimes respect has to be learned through your actions as to how to treat others honorably and with complete and total respect toward themselves and others. Your actions speak louder then words.


Do you feel compassion, love, joy and hope while you are around a person you respect if not their is actually no respect in your relationship with that person. By addressing a person as Doctor or Mr. or Mrs.,etc. shows a sign of respect for that person. A simple act of holding a door open for a person shows a sign of respect. To show a sign of concern for peoples well being and visiting the sick and helping the poor is respectful and shows the sign of a good steward.


I have always found it easy to respect my elders and other people in authority. I respect other peoples property and treat it as if it was my own. If you borrow something from someone give it back to them in same condition it was in when  you borrowed it from them or return it in better condition.

Do not take people for granted. Show appreciation often. Do not make snap judgments about people as you may have the same fault yourself and not even see it in you. Always remember respect will get you much farther in life then disrespect ever will. Respect God, property, animals, people and always be truthful, compassionate, loving and caring.

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Center Yourself

Psalm 31 : 3 – 7

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for they names sake lead me, and guide me.

Pull me out of the net that they have laid privily for me; for thou art my strength.

Into thy hand I commit my spirit : thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.

I have hated them that regard lying vanities : but I trust in the Lord.

I will be glad and rejoice in my mercy : for thou hast considered my trouble ; thou hast known my soul in adversities ;

Center yourself with God. Put God first and foremost and center your life around God. God knows when you need him and he will always answer your call for help and guidance in your life. He will guide you in a direction that will help you and others become what his plans for you are here on Earth.


Be humble and kind and caring in all works that you put forth. Be compassionate and always try to think if I had the same problem that person has how would I want them to act around me. By centering yourself with God you will be able to answer questions like these in the proper way each and every time.

Be yourself and do not try to impress people that are not worth impressing. Your true friends know what you are all about and do not need you to impress them. We show are true intentions through our actions not our words.


God should always come first and then family and friends. God will get you through the darkest of moments in your life. Our lives can and do take many turns in our lifetime. Always reflect is this the turn that God wants me to make in my life at this particular moment in time. Think before you act. Do not send a complaint letter until you have let it sit for three days as you may not find it necessary to send it anymore after you have cooled down. Never react to quickly without thinking things over.

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Your State Of Mind

If you think you are beaten, most chances are that you will be. Even if the odds are not in your favor keep trying and never give up. There is an inner spirit in all of us that is much stronger then we ever thought possible and we can persevere through most anything.

If you think you dare not try out new things you probably won’t. We learn through are experiences and disappointments. If you never take any risk in life you do not grow in life. Life is a risk everyday but we keep up on our schedules and appointments. Life has a learning curve in it everyday that we are hear on Earth.

tiger merry go round

If you think you are not going to get a good grade on a test you probably won’t. You already have a mind set that has doomed you to failure. If you study hard and apply yourself you will surly excel in something that will take you far in life.

If you think you will lose a baseball game most chances are that your team will indeed lose that game. You are not boosting up your teams spirits you are bringing them down by the way you are acting and the vibes you are putting out there.

Success begins with your state of mind. A positive attitude will always take you very far in life. People like to be around people that have a positive and uplifting attitude as it makes them feel better. I remember a man that was in the hospital and he had received bad news from his Doctor and he was determined he was going to die even though the Doctor had treatments in mind for him. The Doctor said I will not be able to save that one because he is absolutely determined he is going to die no matter what I do for him.


Always keep a positive mind set and remember things could always be worse then they actually are. Be determined to defy the odds even though it might be hard at the time. Remember not to let anything stand in you way of success, you have many powers that you can look for in your life to reach your highest peak. Your friends and God will support you to infinity and beyond.

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A high price has been paid for freedom over the years. Many battles have been fought and many lives have been lost for us to be free. Never take your freedom for granted. We live in a country were freedom abounds and surrounds us day after day. We have a right to work for wages and we our free to purchase goods for our needs and wants. We can dress in whatever attire we see fit to be dressed in.



Freedom is a great privilege. We can purchase and own a house or land and reap the rewards of our labor. We are free to form labor unions and other social groups without interruption. Being free means I can travel to others countries and learn more about my family heritage and  the mannerisms of people in different countries. No matter where we live in the world we all want the same things in life. All of us want our children’s lives to be better then ours and we want good health for all of us and our friends.

Use your freedom to help others that are not free in life. Pray for the oppressed, poor, downtrodden and reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Give people a helping hand gleefully and ardently and strive to make their day brighter and much more enjoyable.


We are free to congregate and share our opinions in public places. A lot of young people have spoke up against oppression over the years and sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom for all of us. Sometimes all it takes is one person to save a village as the old saying goes.

I do not take my freedom for granted. My freedom has come at a very high cost which came with the loss of many lives on the battlefield. God bless the USA. Let freedom ring today and into eternity.

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Pottery, Clay and Vessel

Isaiah   64 : 8

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the work of thy hand.

I have made a lot of different pottery pieces in the past. I start out with a formless ball of clay and I start forming it into a shape on the potters wheel. One sign of an experienced potter is a thin vase or cup, etc. A potter without a lot of experience will have thick pottery pieces until he masters the clay and manages to pull it up into a thin shape successfully. It takes awhile to master the skill of pulling the clay into shape without it toppling over and you starting over again.

God has a lot of patience with us as he shapes us. We start out as a ball of clay and God leads us along to form the perfect shape for our lives . On the potters wheel the potter makes useful vessels that he can use to drink out of, eat off of, display flowers in and much more. Pottery is very useful and always serves a purpose. God forms us to serve a special purpose on earth.

We have many purposes on earth : mother, father, caregiver, comforter, teacher, lawyer, farmer, librarian, minister, builder, doctor and so many more necessary professions that enrich and add to other peoples enjoyment on earth. Let God make you the vessel that you are supposed to be on earth. You want to be a vessel that will enrich other peoples lives. Always be a good steward so people can see Gods light shining through you and all that you do. Do what you excel in doing and always learn from you mistakes. No one is perfect but strive for the best that you can be and spread Gods good works and you will be a perfect vessel on earth.


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