Anxiety and Your Cat

My cats get overly anxious when I go on a vacation. My cats may stop eating for awhile or throw up what they have eaten. I put my suitcase out where my cats can look at it several days before I leave on my vacation. My cats can get used to the fact slowly by seeing my suitcase sitting out that I will be leaving soon. Cats do not like any changes whatsoever in their daily routine. I leave some of my clothing sitting out so my cats can curl up in it. Cats feel more at ease when they have something with your scent on it to sleep on or smell.


By having a new kitten in the household your older cats will become anxious to begin with. Make sure you spend a lot of time with your older cats so they do not fell left out or think that you do not love them anymore. Give your cat some special cat treats or tuna canned in water and that will make them feel extra special.


I have someone check on my cats everyday when I am on a vacation. My cats are given fresh water everyday for optimal health. Their food dishes are kept full and their litter boxes are cleaned out everyday. My cats have nice clean towels to sleep on while I am gone or my bed or heated cat beds.


Cats like to play with catnip filled mice and other cat toys while you are gone as this helps them relax. My cats like to bird watch through my picture window. Put something out to help your cat occupy his day while you are gone on your vacation. I have plenty of cat toys in my cats open toy box for them to choose from so they will not get bored while I am gone.

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What Does A Cat Owner Want For Christmas

A cat owner always wants the best quality items possible for their feline friends.

I would like a new heated cat bed for my cats so they can enjoy the cold winter nights in complete and total comfort. Chewy.Com has a large selection of fine heated cat beds to choose from. They have heated beds for your indoor and outdoor cats.

Conrad in a heated bed

My cats like their Litter Maid self cleaning litter box. After a long day at work you don’t want to scoop away at cleaning your cats litter box. The Litter Maid self cleaning litter box does all of the cleaning for you so you can have a nice and relaxing evening.

Cat Litter

I like stainless steel water and food dishes as they are easier to clean and do not break if you happen to drop them. Plastic dishes and water bowls become brittle with time. Plastic bowls stain easily and look unappealing .

My cats like to eat more cat treats as the weather gets colder. Chewy.Com has huge selection of fine quality cat treats that are made in the USA to choose from.

My felines like to play with catnip filled cat toys. They like catnip filled toy mice, balls, snails, balls on strings and pretty much any cat toy that is filled with catnip.

A gift certificate from a pet store is an excellent item for you to give to any kind of pet owner. They can pick out what they are in need of for their pet at this particular moment in time.

A cat owner would like some Udderly Smooth Hand Cream from to keep their hands nice and silky smooth after they clean up after their cats.

udderly cream

A cat owner always is in need of good quality cat litter and cat food. I like to make sure all of my cats food is made in the USA or Canada.

I hope this post helps you choose the perfect gift for all of your friends that have a feline or two in their household.

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Buddy Biscuits Grain Free Turkey Cat Treats from Chewy.Com

My cats next door loved the Buddy Biscuits from Chewy.Com. I gave some of the cat treats to Russ, Mr. Gray, Addi and Cali. They simply gobbled up each and every cat treat that I put in front of them.Sherlock, Hilford, and Nicole came out of hiding to eat up the Buddy Biscuits from Chewy.Com. I put out some treats for Peter to eat and he ate up each and every single morsel of he Buddy Biscuits.


Buddy Biscuits are grain free and gluten free. They are made with natural turkey and cheddar and fresh ingredients and nothing artificial. They are a fun, healthy and tasty snack for your cat to eat. Buddy Biscuits with savory turkey and cheddar are made in the USA in St. Louis, MO.

Maggie could not get enough of the Buddy Biscuits. Maggie purred away the whole time she was eating her Buddy Biscuits. Onyx looks in the window so I will notice him and come out with more cat treats for him to eat up. Onyx always gets some more treats by looking at me. Maggie’s sister showed up for some of the Buddy Biscuits from Chewy.Com. She ate the Biscuits up very quickly so Maggie would not eat them up before she did.

My house cats Kohl and Garfunkel ate up the Buddy Biscuits the minute I placed them in front of them. Kohl kept following me around the house in hopes that I would give him some more Buddy Biscuits from Chewy.Com. Garfunkel kept rubbing across my legs. Kohl and Garfunkel will get more cat treats tonight.

Garfunkel 3

I strive to give my cats the healthiest cat food and cat treats that are either made in the USA or in Canada. I like a cat treat that has all natural ingredients and no fillers or anything artificial. My cats give the Buddy Biscuits from Chewy.Com a paws up.

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What Gifts To Buy Your Cat For Christmas

Cats like an extra warm area to sleep. A nice heated cat bed would be the perfect gift for any cat. My cats like to sleep on a big fluffy towel in a box that is easy for them to get in and out of. My cats also enjoy a a hammock cat bed and windowsill heated cat beds.

Conrad in a heated bed

Cats will be delighted if they get new catnip toys for Christmas presents. Cats love to play with balls that they bat around with their paws. A talking bird cat toy will delight your cat for hours as he pounces on it and it chirps like a live bird would. Cats like to play with sponges and empty toilet paper rolls also. Toy mice are an absolute must for Christmas presents in my house as my cats love to toss them up in the air and pounce on them.   Cats love tuna canned in water and a variety of cat treats for Christmas.


New cat dishes and water bowls and litter boxes are healthier for your cat. Old dishes that are all scratched up can harbor a lot of germs in the cavities of the scratches that you can never get 100 % clean and the same goes for old litter boxes.

Get all of your cats shots up to date and have your vet give your cat a complete physical for a Christmas present. A gift of good health is the best gift you can possibly give your cat. You and your cat will have many Christmases to share together over the years. Have your cats teeth cleaned. Dirty or bad teeth can lead to a lot of health issues.

Spend part of Christmas day playing with your cat. Cats love to play with string toys that have a fish or bird at the end of the string. Your cat will bat away at the fish or bird at the end of the string for along time.


I hope you and your cat have many healthy and happy Christmases to come.

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Solid Gold With Chicken Liver And Goat Milk from Chewy.Com

I was provided Solid Gold With Chicken Liver and Goat Milk from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings Savory Mousse With Chicken Liver And Goat Milk from Chewy.Com is Grain Free / Gluten Free cat food. Solid Gold is a holistic and all life stages cat food. Goat milk has a lot of healthy nutrients in it. A Native American gave my Grandmother some goat milk for my Mother to drink when she was very sick as a young child. The goats milk helped save her life along with a nice caring and compassionate Native American man.

Maggie my outdoor cat was very impressed with her serving of Solid Gold. Onyx ate up his serving of Solid Gold with Chicken Liver and Goat Milk quickly. He never passes on a healthy meal or snack from Chewy.Com.

Kohl ate up his Solid Gold the minute I put it in front of him. Onyx is Kohl’s Father so Kohl also knows a healthy snack or treat when he sees it and smells it.


Mr. Gray, Russ, Hilford and Bella ate up their serving of Solid Gold in no time to spare. Cali finally showed up and she got some of the Solid Gold with Chicken Liver and Goat Milk from Chewy.Com. I have fed Solid Gold products to my cats in the past and they have always seemed to like there products.


Maggie’s sister ate her Solid Gold inside of a building. She always puts her paw out and grabs some of the food with her paw and then she licks it off of her paw. Solid Gold passed her taste test. She went over to the Solid Gold and ate all of it up completely. Solid Gold With Chicken Liver And Goat Milk from Chewy.Com passed her paw test.

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Vital Cat Treats Chicken Giblets For Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Vital Cat Treats Chicken Giblets For Cats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 1000% honest and my own.

Vital Cat is freeze dried with only the chicken liver and the chicken heart. Vital Essentials is made with fresh , high quality , raw USDA meats, bones, and whole organs. They do not add hormones, antibiotics, or anything artificial. Grain free, Gluten free, Guilt free ! There exclusive 48 hour slow freeze drying process locks in vital nutrients without cooking the RAW meat and retains all of the active nutritional elements. Vital Essentials are purely raw and instinctively healthy. Vital Cat is designed as as a cat treat and are not intended to be fed as a complete meal. Vital Essentials is proudly sourced, made and packaged in the USA. Vital Cat from Chewy.Com promotes digestive health, oral health, and supports overall health.

I first gave Vital Cat to Maggie one of my outdoor cats and she ate up every single tiny morsel of her Vital Essentials cat treats. Onyx at up his Vital Cat treats quickly also.

I gave some of the Vital Cat treats to Kohl and Garfunkel. Garfunkel ate up his treats as quickly as I could get them out of the bag for him to be able to eat them.

Kohl profile

Mr. Gray tried to eat up the Vital Cat treats that I had given to his brothers Sherlock and Hilford but they had already eaten them. Mr. Gray kept trying to get the cat treats away from my other cats but they ate them up so quickly he had  zero success.

Bella,Cali,Russ and Peter loved the Vital Cat treats. Cali kept wanting more treats along with Bella. Addi ate her fair share of the Vital Essentials Vital Cat treats Chicken Giblets from Chewy.Com also. My cats give these cat treats a paws up.

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Is Your Cat Extra Shy Or very Outgoing ?

Kohl is a very outgoing cat and loves to be around other people. He loves to play with a fish on the end of a stick with anyone that comes to my house to visit. He loves to eat string cheese out of a cat snack dispenser. Kohl makes sure people are watching him get his string cheese out of the cat snack dispenser.


Garfunkel and Conrad are basically my cats only. They love to be held and petted by me and me alone. Conrad’s Mother was very shy and very cautious of all human beings. I do not know about Conrad’s father as he was a feral cat that came to my farm.

Kohl profile

Maggie is a very friendly and outgoing cat and the complete opposite of her sister. She loves to be held and petted by people she has gotten to know for some period of time.

Conrad upside down


Cali and Russ and very outgoing and can hardly wait for someone to come to the house to hold them and pet them. They both purr and  purr away while they are being held and petted. Peter is shy beyond shy and likes to hide back of a board most of he day. Addi the Mother of Peter’s kittens is semi shy. Addi’s children Hilford, Mr. Gray and Sherlock do not want to be held or petted. Peter and Nicole are Conrad’s brother and sister. Conrad likes to be held and petted by me only.


I think it is  part genetics in the fact that some cats like to be held and made a fuss over where other cats rather be left alone. In most cases the kittens act like their parents do around people. Some cats can come around and become completely tame with their human caregiver. Cat snacks and tuna canned in water can make a change in your cats personality for the better. Good food and extra love can sometimes make the feral cat extra tame over time and with lots of patience.

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Cats and Games

Your kittens first game is playing with their Mothers tail. Young kittens like to pounce and jump on leaves that have fallen to the ground. Kittens like to throw a dead mouse in the air and carry it in their mouth before they throw it up in the air again. Kittens watch their Mother play games and learn by watching their Mother.

Addi and her kittens

Mother cats will play with a cat toy ball and their kittens will also chase after the ball and roll it around on the floor. My young cats love to bat a ball that is in a circle toy. My kittens watch their Mother play with whatever games I bring into the house for them to play with. My young cats perfect their skills on the various games by watching their siblings play with the games. Toy mice are always a favorite toy that cats love to throw up in the air and pounce on. My young cats also like to carry the toy mice through the house as if to say look what we caught for you today Mother.

Cleo as a kitten

I have a couple of toy birds that are stuffed with catnip and they also sing like a live bird when my cats grab on to them. They absolutely love playing with the cat toy singing birds. My cats also love to play with other cat toys that are stuffed with fresh catnip.



Cats like to play with the cat treat dispensers. My cats keep rolling the dispenser around on the floor until a delicious treat comes out for them to eat and enjoy. I have a catit, friskes, and a temptations cat treat dispenser.

My cats also like to play with large toy bugs and green plastic frogs and various other cat toys. A cat that plays games will be happy and content and psychically fit.

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Catit Treat Ball from Chewy.Com

Kohl started rolling around the catit treat ball. Conrad came running and started dispensing the cat treats that were inside of the catit treat ball. Garfunkel looked it over for a long time and he let Conrad and Kohl eat up all of the cat treats.

The catit treat ball from has an auger inside of it and the treats have to be moved along the auger to get dispensed. Conrad has a natural talent for getting cat treats out of cat treat containers quickly and efficiently. Kohl does know how to work the catit treat ball. Kohl figures let Conrad do all of the work of dispensing the treats and I will just eat them up.

catit ball

The catit treat ball keeps your cats mind and body alert while they get a delicious treat for their efforts. Conrad even had fun rolling around the empty catit treat container. Conrad took the empty catit ball and hide it under the couch for his own personal enjoyment. Conrad quickly dispensed all of the six dental treats I had put inside of the catit treat ball. Any of your cats favorite treats will fit inside of the catit treat ball easily.

My cats love to eat fish treats out of the catit treat ball. My cats love all kinds of dried salmon cat treats. Conrad really loves his catit treat ball.  Conrad does not want to let the nice blue colored catit treat ball from out of his site for long. Garfunkel inspected the catit treat ball more when none of my other cats were watching him. Garfunkel loves to bat the empty catit treat ball around on the floor.

My house cats like their blue colored  catit treat ball. The ball gives them a lot of psychical exercise and mind exercise. A good treat ball for cats of all ages to enjoy.

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Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate  my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Salmon cat  treats to my house cats. Garfunkel ate the treats up vigorously. Kohl tried to get more than his fair share of  Pure Bites Salmon cat Treats from Chewy.Com. I had to place my foot between the snacks so my other cats could eat their share of the cat treats. Conrad ate up the treats placed in front of him first and then he ate the treats that were back of him. Conrad ate up his cat treats strategically so Kohl thought Conrad had eaten up all of his salmon cat treats.

Garfunkel 2

I gave my cat Maggie some of the salmon cat treats. Maggie found that her cat treats were very easy to chew up and to shallow . Maggie loved her salmon cat treats as they were very palatable.

My cats next door got very excited the moment I opened up the bag of Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com. Lorenzo came running full steam ahead for some of the salmon cat treats which he devoured with vim and vinegar. Russ, Hilford, Nicole, Mr. Gray, Cali , and Bella showed up Johnny on the spot for the salmon cat treats. Mr. Gray seemed to be very impressed as he was eating his cat treats. My older house cat Bella found that the Pure Bites cat treats were very easy for her to chew up and to shallow. Nicole came out of hiding just to eat up some of the Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com. I put a few cat treats back of a piece of plywood were my very shy cat Peter hangs out now and then. Peter ate up very single Bite of his delicious salmon cat treat.


Pure Bites are made with only one ingredient which is wild pacific salmon made in the USA. Feed as a healthy treat for your cat.

All of my cats could not MEOW enough praise about Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com.

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