The Older Cat

As your cat gets older he will require more sleep. My older cats like to sleep in the warmest place possible in my house. They like to sleep next to heat runs and in heated cat beds.

All of my older cats still love to play with cat toys. By having a young cat in the house with your older cat will make your older cat more active. My older cats still rule in my house.  If they want to sit on my lap they give my young house cat a gentle little nip on the rump and my lap is theirs now.


Some older cats get arthritis and your vet can give them some pills to lessen their pain. The older cat does not maneuver around as good as he used to. He might jump on top of something and knock things down now.

I have had several cats live to be eighteen years old. They were very limber up to about age seventeen. They would still chase rabbits and kill mice. One of my fifteen year old outdoor cats had one kitten on Dec. 1 . She managed to keep the kitten alive. She would sit on her kitten most of the day to keep him extra warm.

Older cats will not be able to groom themselves like they used to. The barbs on their tongues wear down with age. Help your older cat by brushing and combing out his hair and his coat will have that magnificent luster once again. Remember your older cats immune system is not what it used to be. Make sure all of his shots are up to date and remember to keep all of his annual checkups with your vet. You and your cat can enjoy each others company for many years to come. I hope you and your cat stay happy and healthy to a ripe old age.

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A Stray Cat With Digestive Issues

A stray cat came to a friends house.  She was very friendly and she sat on their laps. She would gently rub across their legs. They gave her to me and I named her Faith because I have faith that she will get better. She could not keep any food down for about five days. She must have been keeping down a small amount of the tuna and salmon that I was feeding her. She had healthy looking bowel movements. I was very concerned for her. My friends said that they would pay my vet bill. I took her to my vet to be tested for feline leukemia and luckily that test came back negative. She also had a complete battery of blood test. I have not yet received the results of those test since it takes one week to process the results.


I had been feeding her the same dry cat food that my other cats eat. She was so thin and emaciated that her stomach was not able to digest foods right from lack of food over a long period of time. I went to a pet store and they suggested that I feed her grain free cat food. Faith has been able to keep all of her food down now.  The grain free cat food that she is eating is free from dyes and preservatives and her stomach is able to digest it without any trouble. My vet said to keep on feeding her the grain free cat food.

I am quite sure she used to be a house cat that someone no longer wanted or they could not afford to keep her. My vet said she was one year old. I had guessed her age to be about six months old. Poor faith had to fend for herself for who knows how long. Faith would have staved to death had it not been for people intervening on her behalf. As good stewards we are to take care of all of Gods creatures great and small. I have faith that Faith’s blood test will be fine and that I can provide her the loving home that she deserves and desperately needs. Always have faith.

Faith has now recovered from her ordeal. She has gained weight and she has not vomited for over one month. With faith all things are possible.  Faith has to be only the size of a mustard seed but it can have huge rewards. Never ever lose Faith that things will get better.

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Kohl and his Cyst Removal

I took Kohl to one of my vets because he had a large cyst above his left eye. My vet said he could not remove the cyst and it would keep getting larger. The cyst would get so large that Kohl would not be able to open his left eye eventually. My vet gave him an antibiotic shot. The shot did not help the cyst get smaller.

A friend of mine said to take Kohl to a different vet for a second opinion. I am sure glad I listed to her sage advice. I took Kohl to another one of my vets. My vet said he could remove the cyst. I was able to pick Kohl up from my vet yet that afternoon. I had him sleep next to me in a cage all night long so I could keep an eye on him and make sure he got  along fine in the night after his surgery.

Kohl profile

The cyst remained swollen for several days. Kohl removed the glue that acted as the stitches. Kohl ate the glue with no side effects. The cyst drained more after Kohl removed the glue and licked away at the area where the cyst used to be. The swelling in the cyst is about gone completely now.

Kohl is in good spirits and is very active again and playing with his cat toys. Kohl has a good appetite and all is well in his World again. Kohl is eight and one half years old. He is sitting in my picture window watching the birds eat out of my bird feeders.


Always remember to get a second opinion in your pets health just as we humans need a second opinion in our health. It might be a matter of life or death if you do not get a second opinion quickly and efficiently.

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Cat Hazards

Many cats die from poisoning each and every year. Make sure all of your poisons and hazardous chemicals are stored where your cat cannot get to them.

I will give you a list of poisons and chemicals that may be fatal if ingested by your cat:

  • drain cleaner
  • mouse poison
  • make up
  • perfume
  • oil
  • anti freeze
  • floor polish
  • car wax
  • rust remover
  • glass cleaner
  • medications for humans
  • fertilizer
  • chemicals
  • gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • and many more

Have a medication on hand that will induce vomiting if your cat has swallowed something that could be fatal. Check  with your vet if he wants you to induce vomiting for your cat. It will depend upon what your cat has swallowed if it is necessary to induce vomiting. If you are not sure if your cat has swallowed a poison but he appears sick call your vet ASAP. Depending upon what type of poison he may have swallowed he could die in a manner of minutes.

Cleo as a kitten

Do not put any mouse poison or ant killer out if you have a cat. if you change your engine oil put the old oil where your cat cannot get to it. Cats will drink anti freeze because it has a sweet taste. Anti freeze will kill your cat. Never, never leave out hazardous items that could kill your cat. Remember to make sure cupboard doors and closet doors are properly shut. Cats can sneak into the smallest of openings and get into trouble very quickly.

Addi on a Trixie hammock

Garbage can be a hazard. Your cat can get his head stuck in a can or a bottle and suffocate. Plastic bags can also cause suffocation if they become stuck in them. Dispose of your garbage properly.

I hope your cat never swallows anything that will harm him. Always be extra careful with all cleaning supplies and chemicals.

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My Cats Broken Leg and His Road to Recovery

kohl is my oldest house cat. He was born and raised on my farm. At the age of four he broke his leg.

He broke his leg on a Thursday evening at 8:00 P M. My cat Garfunkel was walking across the floor at the same time that Kohl was jumping down from a desk. I think Kohl did not want to land on Garfunkel and therefor he landed wrong from his jump to the floor. I heard Kohl screaming in pain. I thought he had stabbed himself. I looked him over and did not notice any bleeding. He ran down to my basement screaming in pain. I finally was able to catch him in a fishing net with a long handle. I then put him in a cage and called my vet.


I told my vet that I thought he may have stabbed himself even though I did not notice any blood. I was frantic with worry. I was talking to my friends through my car speaker phone about Kohl on my way to my vet. I was driving a bit fast thinking he may die before I got there. My vet took him out of his cage and placed him on the floor. It was clear when he tried to walk he had broken one of his legs. My vet gave him a pain pill and then he put him under latter and put a cast on his leg.

Kohl did not put any weight on his broken leg for at least one month. I started moving his leg up and down for him. I would hold him up gently and  help him bounce up and down on both of his hind legs. This seemed to help build up the muscle strength in his hind legs. With my help  he started to use his hind leg that was broken. He made a full recovery.

I hope none of your cats ever get a broken leg.

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Cystitis or Bladder Inflammation and Your Cat

My Russian Blue cat Catrenia had Cystitis. I had Catrenia for about four years before she got Cystitis. She was not as active as usual. Catrenia started sleeping a lot. I noticed her using the litter box quite often. Every time that Catrenia would use her litter box she did not have much of a urine output. I took her to my vet and he said she had Cystitis. My vet gave her a round of antibiotics and some medicine and also a special kind of cat food that helped with Cystitis.


My vet had told me that he would like to have Catrenia if I would ever want to part with her. My vet had told me this about four years ago. I told my vet at that time I did not want to part with her. I was told by two of my vets that she would get a flare up of Cystitis the rest of her life now and then.

I have two other house cats and buying the expensive cat food for Cystitis for all three of my cats to eat was not an option that would  work. I knew that I would miss Catrenia terribly but I thought her best option would be to live with my vet that always wanted to have her. I called my vet up and asked him if he still would like to have Catrenia and he said he would still love to have her. Catrenia lived in the vets office for sometime and she recovered completely by eating her special cat food for Cystitis. She could get a flare up again but now she lives with a vet that can treat her every need. I used to visit Catrenia at my vets office at least once every two weeks. I could see that she was healthy and very contented living there.

2014-01-06 12.10.36

Catrenia now lives in my vets house along with one other house cat that my vet has. Catrenia now can get all the care that her condition calls for 24/7.

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Curiosity Can Kill Your Cat

Cats have been trapped behind walls during remodeling. Kittens have fallen down wells. The kittens owner tied a towel on the end of a fishing pole and managed to get the kitten out of the well by the kitten grabbing onto the towel and reeling the kitten up out of the well. One party had a candle lit in their kitchen and their cat knocked it over and burned most of their house down.


A tenant of mine did not know that her cat had gotten in her clothes dryer. The cat tumbled around in the clothes dryer for at least 20 minutes. When my tenant opened the dryer door her cat stumbled out and had blood coming out of her mouth. Luckily her cat made a full recovery. Another person told me her cat had gotten into her washing machine. She was washing her clothes on the gentle cycle. When she opened the lid to the washing machine her cat was very angry and upset. Her cat made a full recovery.


When the weather gets colder cats love to sit on car motors and tires. Make sure you always look  on your car tires to make sure you do not run over your outdoor cats. Put used motor oil and used anti-freeze in a container that your cat cannot get into. Anti-freeze has a sweet taste that cats like and they will die from drinking it. Keep all of your poisons and chemicals out of kitties reach.


We once had a cat that got in our grain auger and survived his ordeal. He rode in the grain wagon to the elevator. When the wagon was dumped at the elevator he staggered out. They put him back in the empty wagon and we let him out at our home. He was fine and lived to be an old cat. I think he used up at least on of his nine lives.

Cats are very curios which is a sign of intelligence. They can get into trouble in a hurry by their curios nature. Always check to make sure your cat is accounted for when working on different  projects in your home and outdoors your cats life may depend on it.

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Picking Out a Veterinarian

I have several vets that I can choose from. I like all of my vets equally. I have three different vets that I can take my cats to.

I want a vet that truly loves and cares for all kinds of pets. I can depend on my vet for a night time emergency. My cat Kohl broke his leg at 8:00 PM one evening. My vet put a cast on his leg that evening. He was very concerned about my cats pain and gave him a pain pill immediately.


All of my vets send out reminder cards of when my cats are due for distemper or rabies shots. When I have taken a cat home from being spayed or neutered they call me to make sure that my cat is A OK.

Pick out a vet that will answer all of your questions quickly and accurately. I need a vet that is on call 24/7. Any of our pets can get very sick in the middle of the night. I do not want to go to a vet in the middle of the night that is not familiar with my cat.

If you are boarding your cat give them your vets contact information or they will take your pet to their vet on call.

Some of my vets are large and small animal vets. My other vets specialize in small animals only. They will trim my cats claws free of charge if I go to them on a regular basis.

My vets are polite and helpful and compassionate and very concerned about my cats well being. They treat my cats gently and always give them a full checkup when needed.

I hope this helps you pick out a vet for your cat.

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Signs of a Sick Cat

A healthy cat should have bright and shiny fur.They should have bright clear eyes. The ears should be clean and free of ear mites. A cat that is healthy will want to play and be outgoing. A healthy cat will eat the food that you generally put out for him.Their tail should be straight up or slightly down.

If you notice a sudden change in your cats behavior he may be sick. A cat that quits using his litter box could have a bladder problem or diarrhea. A cat that starts sneezing or coughing could have distemper or something much more serious. If  your cat displays an odd behavior that you have never  noticed before keep watch over him as he may be ill.

The sick cats that I have had displayed their symptoms of sickness slowly. Kittens have started out with a sneeze that has turned into distemper. If your cat starts sleeping most of the day away in an area away from you it could be a sign of illness.If he sleeps in the bathtub it could mean he has a bladder problem or kidney failure. They sleep in your tub to cool down from a fever. If your cat seems to be straining or howling in pain at the litter box and is a male he may have a blockage as far as being able to pass his urine. Take him to your vet ASAP. A condition such as this can be life threatening quickly. When cleaning your cats litter box if you notice blood in their bowel movement  have your vet give him a blood test to find out the cause. If you notice worms in the litter box have your cat de-wormed . Worms  will cause weight loss and a lack of luster to their fur.

I discovered one of my cats had bad teeth by scratching under her chin. She winced in pain. My vet pulled the bad teeth and she was fine.

If your cat vomits for three days take him to your vet ASAP. He could have a serious condition. He could have a blockage in his intestines.

If your cat fails to clean himself or the tail is hanging down he is not feeling well. Another sign of bad health is runny or dirty eyes.

Make sure your cat has his shots up to date. Take your cat in for his annual physical as this will prevent a lot of health problems . Hope you and your cat stay healthy.

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