Cats And The Predicaments They Get Into

My Mother had a cat years ago that jumped onto the top of a wood burning stove and she burned the bottom of her paws. Their cat let out a horrible wailing sound. They put Vaseline on the bottom of her paws and she healed up quickly from her wood burning stove ordeal.

I had a half grown cat ride on top of the gas tank of my car all the way to the college that I was attending which was about a twenty minute drive from where I live. I noticed my cat sitting on a tire in between my classes. I told the secretary at the college my predicament and she gave me a box to put my cat in. It was Sept. and I did not have to worry about him getting overcome with heat by being in my car. He stayed in the box until my last class. I noticed him looking out of my back window. We drove home and he jumped out with no effects from his adventurous day of travel.


I have had house cats climb up trees when I let them out for awhile. One of my cats stayed up in the tree even though it was starting to rain outside. When she was soaking wet she decided to come in and she gave me a look that could kill. I told her I tried to get you to come in but you would not come.

I have had friends tell me that their outdoor cats had got their heads stuck in a can, jar, hot dog wrapper, etc. Luckily all of them noticed their cats predicaments right away before they suffocated to death. They used a can opener and butter to get the can off of their cats head. They very carefully broke the jar off of their cats head with a hammer and the hog dog wrapper only required a scissors to remove it from Fluffs head.

I hope all of you and your feline friends are successful in getting out of your predicaments.

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Conrad My 8 to 5 Cat

I was supposed to have Conrad at my vet by 8:30 AM. I tried to catch Conrad at 7:30 AM and he was nowhere to be found. I caught Kohl at 7:45 AM as he needed a distemper shot also. I went to my other house and caught Bella and Cali immediately.

I started looking for Conrad again. I went upstairs and to the basement and I could not find Conrad anywhere. I looked back of furniture and under furniture and on top of the furniture and still no Conrad to be seen.Conrad

I took the three cats I was able to catch to my vet for their shots. I told him I could not find Conrad. I tried to locate Conrad when I got home and he was still nowhere to be seen. Kohl sat on my lap after we got home from the vet. I read a history book for a while and then I looked for Conrad again it was 1:30 PM by now. I picked up a few items in town. I visited some people in the Rest Home.

I went outside and got some of my yard equipment ready to go. I cleaned out my cat litter boxes for the second time. I tilled my garden and I planted some seed potatoes. I came back in the house and looked for Conrad again and could not find him anywhere and it was 4 PM by now.

At exactly 5 PM Conrad appeared out of the blue and he looked at me like what are you going to do now lady the vets office is closed for the day. I swear Conrad can tell time somehow and he is truly my 8 to 5 cat.

Conrad by jewelry box

We will be going to the vet next week and Conrad will have a surprise I will catch him at 6 AM. I  will store the cage in the room where I will be catching him three days ahead of our vet appointment. I hope you and your cat are on time for your next vet appointment.

I caught Conrad this morning after he complained to me and hid under my bed for awhile. He hid back of a card table and I was able to grab him my the nap of his neck and put him in my cat carrier. I called my vet and we got right in. Conrad got his distemper shot and his worm medicine. Conrad decided his visit to the vet was not that bad after all. Conrad rode in the front of my vehicle were he could keep an eye on me while I drove. Conrad said the visit to the vet was worth all of his trouble in long run as it will keep him in excellent health hopefully.

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Conrad and the Cuckoo Clock

I had my Cuckoo Clock repaired and it did not work on the wall where it used to work. My clock repairer man told me to move it to another wall.

I moved the Cuckoo Clock  to another wall and it would work for 11 hours or 26 hours and then it would stop. There was no rhyme or reason for my clocks erratic behavior. I checked to make sure he clock was level which it was. One day my clock stopped after two hours, I was extremely frustrated with my Cuckoo Clock.


Conrad is my youngest house cat and he loves to watch birds eat out of my bird feeders. He loves to play with cat toy birds that sing or make a noise.

Conrad  could not  reach my Cuckoo Clock where it used to hang on the wall. The new location for my Cuckoo Clock was next to the bookcase in my dining room. I was reading a book one day in my living room when I saw Conrad jump on top of the bookcase and stop the pendulum of the Cuckoo Clock with his paw so the pendulum would not hit him in the head as he tried to remove the singing bird from my Cuckoo Clock. I told Conrad to stop and jump down from the bookcase which he did.


Conrad is very clever he waits until I am outdoors now before he stops the clock. Conrad has finally lost his fascination with the wooden bird in the Cuckoo Clock and the bird can come out now to announce the hour and the half hour without worrying about Conrad dismantling him.


I told my clock repair man to ask people if they have a cat before he repairs their Cuckoo Clock. He got a chuckle when I told him that Conrad was the cat burglar so to speak. My Cuckoo Clock is glad it can still announce the hour and the half hour with no help from Conrad.

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