Purina Pro Plan Kitten Variety Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Purina Pro Plan Kitten variety canned cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review.  All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My outdoor cat family loved the chicken & liver entree. They ate away at it until every single morsel had been consumed in a matter of seconds.

Purina Pro Plan is made in the USA. It is made with protien and lots of vitamins and minerals to support your kittens health. My cats love Purina Pro Plan products.

I gave a can of the Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Entree to my cat family and they growled at each other as they ate away and they ate another can up that evening. All of my cat family adore canned cat food that has fish in it.


I gave a can of the Purina Pro Plan Kitten Variety Canned Cat Food that has Salmon & Ocean Fish from Chewy.Com to my cats and they were head over paws over it. My cat family licked up every bit of moisture and canned food that they could see.

I kept giving my cats the Purina Pro Plan and they were very excited with the contents of each and every can. Some cats are determined to get more than their fair share so I try to keep a close eye on them. I want all of my cats to be treated equally.

Addi and her kittens

Happy and healthy cats and kittens eat a good quality canned and dry cat food. I can always depend on Purina products from Chewy.Com for my cat families well being. Your cat will thank you for thinking enough of them to buy them top quality food products.

I always stick to foods made in the USA or Canada or processed in the USA if at all possible. My cat family loved Purina Pro Plan Kitten Variety Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com.

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The Positive Power Of The North Iowa Bloggers Within Me

I was bullied and mistreated by my kindergarten class. My Kindergarten teacher treated me poorly and she showed me no respect whatsoever. I almost died of Histoplasmosis in Kindergarten and I was sickly and I made an easy target for others pick on. The little girls in my kindergarten class were unrelenting on how poorly they treated me. My teacher and my classmates would laugh at me when  I said something.

I was laughed at and mistreated by my female classmates until I entered fifth grade. My fifth grade teacher would not tolerate that kind of behavior in her classroom. She was the first female figure that I hadn’t known in my life that stood up for me. I was still very shy and would not say much as I still feared being made fun of.

It took me a long time to trust other girls or women. I guess I thought what is in it for them if they liked me. I remained very quite most of my life until I joined The North Iowa Bloggers.


My neighbor and friend started The North Iowa Bloggers and she invited me to join one of her meetings. Our Dear blogger friend Amy Hild always welcomed me in the room with her kind and outstanding smile and mannerisms. Amy made me want to come to the meetings as I knew she would be their with her kind ways radiating from her. I soon realized that women can be kind and caring without expecting something in return.

red lighthouse

When I was sick The North Iowa Bloggers came to see me in the hospital, sent flowers, cards, and prayed for me. They are a wonderful caring, loving, and supportive group of women and men that truly and genuinely care about people.

I talk and visit with people freely and easily now. The bloggers have opened up a new and better chapter in my life. It used to be easier  for me just to write about things but now I can visit freely and easily without having to worry about being judged unfairly. Amy told me never to stop writing and I never will stop. Thank You North Iowa Bloggers for making me into the person I always wanted to be. There is always time to make a change in your life if you let people in with like values and with God by your side.

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What Does It Take For A Happy Cat

A Happy cat loves to be patted and loved and appreciated. My cats love to sleep on soft, comfortable and clean bedding. Fresh water everyday is a must for having a healthy and happy cat. My cats love to have cat treats everyday and plenty of toys to play with.

Cats love to interact with other cats. They like to wrestle with each other and cuddle up together on cold winter nights. Sometimes my cats have their heads resting on each other as they take their afternoon cat naps. Cats love to lay close to you and lick your hand or play with your hair.


Cats love heated cat beds in the winter and heated water bowls. Cats also like fresh cold water in the summer months as their water heats up quickly outdoors on the toasty summer days.


Take your cats to your vet for regular checkups as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the old saying goes. Keep all of your cats shots up to date for your safety, your cats safety and the safety of  the people that help care for your cats while you are traveling.

Cats love to be groomed by you depending upon your particular cats likes and dislikes of certain grooming tools. Cats love to groom each other and they take a lot of pride in their cleanliness. A cat can spend many hour a day on just grooming itself.

Cats love to be showered with attention.  Cats enjoy fish, turkey, chicken and other good quality cat treats. My cats are happy when they are playing with catnip filled cat toys. My cats love to play with a fish on the end of a stick. All of my cats like tuna canned in water. Pamper your cat with love, treats and healthcare for a purrectly happy cat.


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Are You A Puppet On A String ?

Ask yourself do you have a puppet master that controls you every move in your life ? If your answer is yes do something about it right away. Take charge of your own life and never let anyone or anything make you do something that you really do not want to do in your life.

If someone does not like the person that you are and the person that you feel comfortable being then you do not need to conform to their standards as they are not a true friend anyway.  A manipulator feels powerful when you bow down to their every command. Do not let people manipulate you.


You be your own boss in your life and take command of your life and do not let anyone treat you like a puppet on a string. Life is too short to have to make someone like you if you have to conform to their low standards. If you can never do anything right to please a person that you bend over backwards for quit trying to please them and please yourself by taking total command of your own life.

Some people feel like a King on a throne when they have power and authority over another person. No one is any better or more powerful then yourself. Be your own cheerleader in your life and and always look forward and never back. The past is the past and you cannot change its outcome so keep moving forward in life.


You pull your own strings in your life and you move forward in your life at your own pace and not someone else’s pace. Accomplish  much in your life and always strive to accomplish more. Be the best that you can be and make future generations proud of you. Throw your puppet master to the curve as he is only harming you from being the best that you possibly can be in life and being a good steward in life.

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Vetri Science Lysine Plus for Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Vetri Science Lysine Plus for Cats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My outdoor cat Maggie devoured the bite sized chews that I gave her. Maggie’s sister enjoyed her chews very much also.

My house cat Garfunkel ate up his Vetri Science Lysine chews from Chewy.Com the second I put them down for him to eat. I placed a chew in front of Conrad and Kohl tried to take it away from Conrrad but Conrad grabbed it quickly and swallowed it. Kohl got a bite sized Vetri chew latter on.


Vetri Science Lysine Plus has Lysine and DMG to support your cats immune, eye, and respiratory health. An adult at can eat one too two chews twice daily. Vetri Science is manufactured in the USA with imported and domestic ingredients. Vetri Science is a veterinarian recommended brand.

My cats next door got excited the minute they smelled the Vetri Science chews. I could hardly give them the bite sized chews quick enough to meet their satisfaction. Every cat was trying to eat the other cats chews up.I made sure every cat got their fair share of Vetri Science chews.


Russ, Hilford, Mr. Gray, Bella and Cali were the first cats to enjoy the Vetri chews. I placed some chews on a pillow for Addi to eat up which she did in no time at all. I placed some chews in the little enclosed bed that Peter sleeps in and he ate them right up. I placed some chews next to Nicole and she ate them all up. Sherlock ate up his fair share of chews. Faith was waiting patiently by the door for her Vetri Science Lysine chews from Chewy.Com. I gave Faith her chews to eat before I left the house in the morning.


All of my cats were extra happy with their Vetri Science Lysine Plus bite sized  chews from Chewy.Com. My cats gave the chews a paws up ! ! !

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2  Corinthians 6 : 5

In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings ;

Do you feel you are overworked or at your whits end ? I think all of us do at times. Pace yourself with activities not everything needs to be completed in one single day. Do the things that are absolutely necessary and wait to get things done that can be put off for a day or so so you do not feel burned out at the end of the day.

red lighthouse

Keeping busy is a good thing for your mind and body but do everything in moderation or you will pay the price eventually. No matter how old we get we still want to do the things that we used to do because we enjoyed doing them. We must realize at some point that our health is not what it used to be and hire someone to do some of our chores for us.


We tell ourselves that we are too busy to get together with family and friends sometimes. Make sure you always take time to get together with family or friends because someday they will not be here anymore for you to see and visit with. You will regret it to no end if you do not spend quality time with your family and friends. Friends are like beautiful roses in the garden of your life. Family cannot be replaced for your family holds a sacred place in your heart today and always.


Do things that you enjoy doing in life if at all possible before it is too late. Travel and discover new things that will enrich your life forever. Eat out often and spoil your family and friends. Make time for everyone that you love and cherish in your life before it is too late to do so. Never ever be too busy to spend quality time with those you hold most Dear in your life.

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Wellness Core Simply Shreds for Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Wellness Core Simply Shreds for Cats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

My outdoor cat Maggie gulped down her Wellness Core Tuna & Shrimp Recipe in broth. Maggie’s sister ate up her portion quickly also. Maggie kept looking at her sister to see if she could steal a morsel of her food to eat but she had no luck whatsoever in her devious endeavor.



Wellness Core contains no grains, by products, wheat, soy, corn, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Wellness Core Simply Shreds from Chewy.Com has only four ingredients. The ingredients in Wellness Core are tuna, fish broth, water for processing and shrimp. Wellness Core has only 33 calories per serving that make for a tasty side or snack for your feline friend. Wellness Core nutritional philosophy that cats, given their primal ancestry, thrive on a diet mainly comprised of meat is the perfect side or snack for your cat.

My cats next door were excited to get a new cat snack. Sherlock is very shy but he ate and ate away at the Wellness Core Simply Shreds Tuna & Shrimp Recipe in broth from Chewy.Com. Bella was eating and licking up any little bit of Wellness Core that she could find. Nicole came out of hiding to try her new cat snack and she was happy as a lark swallowing the flaked Tuna and Shrimp in broth. I gave Cali some and she ate up every little morsel. Mr. Gray moves like the wind whenever a cat snack is presented to him so he up up more then his fair share. Hilford was growling at the other cats while he ate his Wellness as if to say I love this go to your area and let me eat in peace. Russ kept coming back for more. Addi always eats after her kittens are done eating but she did get to enjoy some. Faith kept following me around the house for more Wellness Core Simply Shreds. Peter came out of hiding when I left the house and licked up any unnoticed pieces of shrimp or tuna that my other cats had missed which was not many pieces.


My cats were delighted with their Wellness Core tasty side or snack flaked tuna & shrimp recipe in broth.

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Are You On A Round About In Life ?

Are you stuck on a round about in your life that you seem not to be able to get off of. Don’t keep going around and around on the round about in your life. Seek for changes in your life and get out of your old routine and learn from your mistakes. Take the road less traveled and learn something new and see new things and get the most that you possibly can get out of life with the time you are given here on Earth.


Make positive changes in your life so you can help someone make positive changes in their life. If you do not branch out and learn new things you become stagnate and do not achieve the things in life that you are capable of achieving. Look to God for help finding your direction in life along with advice from your parents and friends.


Strive to make God, your parents and family proud with the path you have chosen for your life. Shoot for the stars with your life and settle for nothing less. You are the only one that can make positive and productive changes in your life. Surround yourself with like minded people that will not let you stagnate and will lead you to being a better more productive person inside and out.


Life is never easy but always remember to get off the round about quickly. Decide to get off the round about right away. Do not dwell on bad news. Do not dwell on the past for it is over and you cannot change its outcome. Make new memories in your life everyday that you are here on earth. Bring Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love into other peoples lives everyday and the round about will move along  in a steady and healthy pattern so everyone can enjoy life with peace and harmony with God by their side.

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MY Cats Give Me Joy, Peace and Love

Holding and patting your cat can put you in a peaceful place. Watching a cat playing and frolicking along and having a good time outdoors in nature is very peaceful and relaxing. A cat sleeping contentedly or cats cleaning each other is peaceful indeed. Mother cats show great love toward their kittens by nursing them and licking them clean and letting their kittens play with their tail. Cats give you joy when they meet you at the door when you come home from work. Just having a cat sit on your lap lowers your blood pressure and puts you in a better frame of mind after a hard day.


Cats love you unconditionally. Cats follow you through the house and they keep a keen eye on what you are up to in your home. My cats entertain me with their antics. It is fun to watch a cat chase a ball, laser light, their tail or a robotic toy through your house. Cats seem to know when you are not feeling well and they will stay close to you 24/7. Cats have many comforting qualities such as their sweet purrs and their tender touch of their paw on your arm or hand.


Cats love their owners that treat them right and fairly. Cats have waken up their family to alert them to a fire, gas leak and a severe storm such as a tornado. My Siamese cat that I had when my Mother died meowed mournfully at the edge of the bathtub for a week after my Mother died.


Cats become small little family members that we love and adore just as much as they love and adore us. Cats give us comfort, love, peace and joy every single day that they enrich our lives with their presence and grace. Our cats give us all that they have day after day unconditionally.

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The Unveiling Of The Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture In Honor Of My Parents

The Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture was unveiled at approximately 10 AM on August 8th, 2017 at The Mason City Public Library located in Mason City, Iowa in  honor of my parents Mr. & Mrs. Elmer B. Weers.


Mary Markwalter the Director of the Mason City Public Library gave a wonderful dedication speech about the Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture in honor of my parents.  For more information on the library go to : mcpl.org.


I gave a dedication speech about the Little Red Ridding Hood sculpture in honor of my parents. My Father farmed all of his life in Mason City, Iowa and both of my parents had rental property in the Mason City area. My Mother worked in a college library for two years and she was once a school teacher and worked in the Mason City Public Library for many years. She was a young adult librarian, she worked in the reference room and at the circulation desk. The wolf sculpture represents the free spirit of the wolf and all of us have free spirit’s and we are free to read books and  learn knowledge that will last us a lifetime. A librarian spreads knowledge through books one book at a time until the books fill a vast library of knowledge that you can use everyday in your life. My Mother was kind to people and she would always go the extra mile to help people out at the library. My Mother would find books for them, help them with genealogy and much more.


We should serve God, Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father, be kind, compassionate and loving. Bring Joy, Hope, Love and Peace into peoples lives everyday. Always remember the Lord came to serve and not to be served.

Your Legacy is how people remember you after you are gone. Have you left a legacy that will be proud of you for future generations to come ?  Have you made God and your parents proud of you while you have lived on Earth ? Always try to do things that will honor the values and teachings from God and your parents. Your Legacy is not about wealth or money it is all about making the World a better place with the time that God gave you on Earth, Make other peoples lives easier for them while you are on Earth and you will have left an everlasting Legacy that would make your children, parents, and God proud of you. God Bless all of you today and always.


Isaiah 64- 8       But now, O Lord thou art our Father, we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we are the work of thy hand.     We all start out as a formless ball of clay and God leads us along to form the perfect shape for our lives. We have many purposes on earth : mother, father, caregiver, comforter, teacher, lawyer, farmer, librarian, minister, builder, doctor, and so many more necessary professions on earth. Let God make you the vessel that you are supposed to be on earth. You want to be a vessel that will enrich other peoples lives. Always be a good steward so people can see Gods light shining through you and all that you do. Do what you excel in doing and always learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect but strive for the best that you can be and spread Gods good works and you will be the perfect vessel on earth. Go out today and be Gods vessel.

We had a wonderful reception in the Mason City Room at the public library following the unveiling of the Little Red Ridding Hood Sculpture. Mary told us the history behind the book Little Red Ridding Hood which was quite interesting.


I saw the sculpture that I purchased to honor my parents on the River City Sculptures on Parade Route which is  a 1.7 mile walk designed to lead people on a looping route to the Cultural Crescent and back to the central core of Mason City, Iowa. For more info go to : sculpturesonparade.com. The Mason City Chamber of Commerce at masoncityia.com will help you purchase a sculpture. Sculptures are a good way to honor or remember a loved one or to support a cause. The sculptures beautify Mason City, Iowa.

A special Thank You to the Mason City Public Library, The Chamber of Commerce , the gifted people that make the sculptures, my friends and to everyone that helped me honor my parents today and for future generations to come. God bless you in all that you do.

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