Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety pack from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned cat food to my outdoor cats. Maggie and her sister devoured the duck pate. Onyx ate up every bite that I gave to him of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken pate.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety Pack cat food from Chewy.Com comes in three flavors: chicken, duck, and salmon. Blue Wilderness is grain free, no by products, nothing artificial, no dyes, and no corn, soy or wheat. Feed two cans to a 6 or 8 lb. adult cat. Blue Buffalo is made in the USA.

I gave some Blue Buffalo duck and chicken canned cat food to my cats next door. Addi rushed over to the duck pate and she finished it up quickly. Russ, Mr.Gray, Hilford and Sherlock ate up the chicken pate. Cali, Faith and Bella shared a bowl of the duck pate which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Cali in an Outdoor playpen

The next day I gave some Blue Buffalo Wilderness Variety Pack canned cat food from Chewy.Com to Maggie and her sister. They tried the salmon pate and the chicken pate. They really loved the duck and the chicken pate. Onyx ate up all of his salmon pate.

Addi on a Trixie hammock

Bella liked the duck and the chicken pate. Hilford, Sherlock and Mr. Gray gobbled down the duck pate lickety split. Nicole was sleeping in her hammock bed but the smell of the Blue Buffalo duck and chicken pate woke her up in a hurry. Peter is still quite shy but the minute I left the room he ate up a good share of Blue Buffalo canned cat food. Mr. Gray absolutely loves to try new variety’s of cat food and he was very impressed with the duck pate and actually ate up more then his fair share. I love cat foods that are made in the USA or Canada.

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Your State Of Mind

If you think you are beaten, most chances are that you will be. Even if the odds are not in your favor keep trying and never give up. There is an inner spirit in all of us that is much stronger then we ever thought possible and we can persevere through most anything.

If you think you dare not try out new things you probably won’t. We learn through are experiences and disappointments. If you never take any risk in life you do not grow in life. Life is a risk everyday but we keep up on our schedules and appointments. Life has a learning curve in it everyday that we are hear on Earth.

tiger merry go round

If you think you are not going to get a good grade on a test you probably won’t. You already have a mind set that has doomed you to failure. If you study hard and apply yourself you will surly excel in something that will take you far in life.

If you think you will lose a baseball game most chances are that your team will indeed lose that game. You are not boosting up your teams spirits you are bringing them down by the way you are acting and the vibes you are putting out there.

Success begins with your state of mind. A positive attitude will always take you very far in life. People like to be around people that have a positive and uplifting attitude as it makes them feel better. I remember a man that was in the hospital and he had received bad news from his Doctor and he was determined he was going to die even though the Doctor had treatments in mind for him. The Doctor said I will not be able to save that one because he is absolutely determined he is going to die no matter what I do for him.


Always keep a positive mind set and remember things could always be worse then they actually are. Be determined to defy the odds even though it might be hard at the time. Remember not to let anything stand in you way of success, you have many powers that you can look for in your life to reach your highest peak. Your friends and God will support you to infinity and beyond.

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What Irks My Cat

My cats do not like to listen to loud music of any kind. My outdoor cats are upset if a new cat enters their turf. All of my cats like gradual changes in their life. Putting a new piece of carpet in your home can irk your cat. The new piece of carpet may smell like glue and your cat can get sick just by smelling your new carpet.


My cats do not like to go to the veterinarian for their yearly shots and checkup. My cats seem to know that I am trying to catch them to take them to the vet. I put their back end in the cage first and than I shut the door on the cage quickly so they cannot make a quick escape from their cage. If you try to put their head in he cage first you may get bitten or scratched up. Cats always seem to know what our intentions are no matter how well we plan things as far as they are concerned.

My cats do like any changes in their dry cat food. When I put out a new cat food I mix the old with the new cat food. I  have also put out a bowl of their old cat food along with a dish of the new cat food for them to eat.


Cats will get irked if you hold them longer than they want to be held. Cats do not like it if they think another cat in your household is getting more attention then they are. I give each one of my three cats  cat treats  so they know they are getting treated equally. I spend quality time with each one of my cats throughout the day to assure they are happy cats.

Kohl profile

I hope your cats are happy and healthy.

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A high price has been paid for freedom over the years. Many battles have been fought and many lives have been lost for us to be free. Never take your freedom for granted. We live in a country were freedom abounds and surrounds us day after day. We have a right to work for wages and we our free to purchase goods for our needs and wants. We can dress in whatever attire we see fit to be dressed in.



Freedom is a great privilege. We can purchase and own a house or land and reap the rewards of our labor. We are free to form labor unions and other social groups without interruption. Being free means I can travel to others countries and learn more about my family heritage and  the mannerisms of people in different countries. No matter where we live in the world we all want the same things in life. All of us want our children’s lives to be better then ours and we want good health for all of us and our friends.

Use your freedom to help others that are not free in life. Pray for the oppressed, poor, downtrodden and reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Give people a helping hand gleefully and ardently and strive to make their day brighter and much more enjoyable.


We are free to congregate and share our opinions in public places. A lot of young people have spoke up against oppression over the years and sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom for all of us. Sometimes all it takes is one person to save a village as the old saying goes.

I do not take my freedom for granted. My freedom has come at a very high cost which came with the loss of many lives on the battlefield. God bless the USA. Let freedom ring today and into eternity.

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Some Of My Favorite Cat Supplies

I like all of my cat food to be made in the USA or Canada. I like Grain free cat food and dye free cat food. I prefer the smaller size pieces of dry cat food because they are easier for my cats to chew up and swallow. My cats prefer chicken, turkey, tuna, and beef flavored cat foods. I like freeze dried cat treats and treats that I can put in a toy that they have move around to get a treat dispensed out of for them to eat. Cats get some exercise when they have to work at getting their cat treat out of the dispenser.

catit ball

I like stainless steel heated water bowls which can be taken apart and you can replace the heat element in them. The plastic heated water bowls do not last long and when the element wears out you have to throw the bowl away since it does not come apart. I have used a stainless steel water bowl with no issues whatsoever for eight years. I like all of my pet food containers to be stainless steel or pottery pieces that are easy to clean and maintain for your cats optimal health. Plastic bowls harbors germs once they get scratches in them.

I like K & H  heated cat beds from . The oldest K & H cat beds I have been using are eight years old and  they are still giving my cats the comfort of warmth. The heated cat beds sense when there is a cat on them and only put out heat once the cat is situated in the bed. It does not cost a lot to keep your cats nice and cozy all winter long with a K & H heated cat bed.

Conrad in a heated bed

I like clumping cat litter which is much easier to work with then the traditional cat litter. Your home will smell extra nice with a long acting clumping cat litter. I like the catit self sifting litter boxes and the Litter Maid cat box.

My favorite cat toys have catnip in them. My cats love to play with circle toys , toy mice, balls, birds, and Zoomer a robotic cat that meows and follows them and makes a lot of different cat sounds.


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You Bring Sunshine to Someones Life Everyday

Acts 26: 13

At midday o King, I saw in the way a light from heaven, above the brightness of the sun, shining about me and them which journeyed with me.


Your life brighten’s someone else’s life everyday. We all have a purpose and a cause in life. Without your help in the universe something magnificent might not take place. By helping others we are bonding Gods children each and everyday of our lives. We encourage each other to carry on even when there are surmountable odds against us. Each and everyone of us can make an amazing difference in the world.


Teachers teach us what we need to know to discover ideas that will have a significant impact on the World. Someone may discover a cure for cancer or become an excellent President of the USA. No matter what you learn in life and how you use that knowledge may affect future generations to come. Be diligent in your studies and strive for perfection each and everyday of your life.

We all have different callings in life so use your calling wisely. Remember to spread Gods good works each and everyday that you are in this World. As we grow older we may have a different calling in life that is now the calling that God has wanted us to have at this stage in our life.

peace memorial

We should help each other discover their true path in life. All of us need guidance now and then to keep us on the right path in life. May your presence in someones life bring sunshine into their life today and always. Be the kind of person that someone wants to a take a journey in life with. Only you and the people that you associate with in life can make big differences to other people and their lives and the journey will continue with them and their friends.

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EVO 95 GF Chicken & Turkey Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided EVO 95 GF Chicken & Turkey Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave EVO canned cat food to my outdoor cats. Maggie ate up her portion ASAP. Maggie’s sister enjoyed her portion immensely. Onyx always loves a fine canned cat food that has chicken and turkey in it.


EVO is 95 % animal protien and has no gluten or potato and is grain free. EVO is made in the USA in Tenn. by Mars Pet Care and is formulated to meet all of your cats nutritional levels or needs. Feed an eight pound adult cat about 3/4 of a can daily.

I gave a large portion to my cats next door. Hilford let me pat him on the head after he ate his EVO 95 GF  Chicken and Turkey canned cat food from Chewy.Com. Hilford is very shy so this was a major event for him. Bella ate away at some EVO in the Living Room and then she proceeded to eat more in the laundry room. Faith ate in one room and she also went to another room to eat more EVO. Russ, Addi, Cali, and Sherlock ate more than their fair share of EVO also. Mr. Gray ate up a lot of Evo,  he loves to eat as it is one of his treasures in life.


I stepped out the house for a little while and when I came back in Nicole had found the wonderful EVO 95 GF Chicken & Turkey canned cat food from Chewy.Com and she was almost smiling as she ate it. Nicole had the most contented look on her face as if she had had a feast fit for a King.

All of my cats were thrilled with their EVO 95 GF Chicken & Turkey canned cat food .

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Pottery, Clay and Vessel

Isaiah   64 : 8

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the work of thy hand.

I have made a lot of different pottery pieces in the past. I start out with a formless ball of clay and I start forming it into a shape on the potters wheel. One sign of an experienced potter is a thin vase or cup, etc. A potter without a lot of experience will have thick pottery pieces until he masters the clay and manages to pull it up into a thin shape successfully. It takes awhile to master the skill of pulling the clay into shape without it toppling over and you starting over again.

God has a lot of patience with us as he shapes us. We start out as a ball of clay and God leads us along to form the perfect shape for our lives . On the potters wheel the potter makes useful vessels that he can use to drink out of, eat off of, display flowers in and much more. Pottery is very useful and always serves a purpose. God forms us to serve a special purpose on earth.

We have many purposes on earth : mother, father, caregiver, comforter, teacher, lawyer, farmer, librarian, minister, builder, doctor and so many more necessary professions that enrich and add to other peoples enjoyment on earth. Let God make you the vessel that you are supposed to be on earth. You want to be a vessel that will enrich other peoples lives. Always be a good steward so people can see Gods light shining through you and all that you do. Do what you excel in doing and always learn from you mistakes. No one is perfect but strive for the best that you can be and spread Gods good works and you will be a perfect vessel on earth.


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Ziwi Peak Rabbit & Lamb Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I was provided Ziwi Peak Rabbit & Lamb Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I opened up a can of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb cat food for my cats next door. My cats came running at the sound  of a can opening. Bella ate & ate away at her Ziwi cat food. Russ, Faith and Hilford ate side by side will they ate their Ziwi. Cali is part Siamese so she ate her Ziwi food off in an area by herself. Addi and Mr. Gray ate side by side and they both ate a large amount of Ziwi Peak Rabbit & Lamb Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com. Sherlock came out of hiding and he shared with Bella.



Ziwi Peak Rabbit & Lamb canned cat food is made in New Zealand. All of the Ziwi food is hand crafted in small batches.The meat is free range with no antibiotics, no grains added and no BPA. Their recipe is 93 % meat, organs & New Zealand Green Mussels. There are no preservatives, rendered meal, wheat, glycerins, antibiotics, fillers, soy, potatoes, TSPP, carageenan or sugar. For a 6 lb. cat feed approx. 1 can of Ziwi per day.

I gave some Ziwi to Maggie one of my outdoor cats and she woke from her cat nap ASAP and ate every single morsel of her Ziwi canned cat food. I noticed Maggie’s sister in one of the outdoor buildings and I gave her some Ziwi canned cat food which she polished off in a matter of seconds. I saw Onyx laying in the grass and I called to him and he kept coming in my direction. He always keeps a keen eye on where I place the canned cat food for him to eat. Onyx finds the food rather quickly and he ate up the Ziwi quickly. My cats give a paws up to Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food.


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In Honor Of My Loving Parents

One of the Ten Commandments : Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

My parents were remarkable and outstanding parents. I have been very blessed to have the most wonderful and perfect parents in my life. They helped shaped me into the person I am today and so much more. My parents are an inspiration to me everyday in my life to succeed and move forward in life to achieve everything humanly possible while I am on earth. My parents were compassionate and understanding and considerate to my needs. Everyday that I am alive I strive to make my parents proud of me.

When I was about eight years old my Father made a seat for his tractor for me to sit on while he planted corn,etc. My Father always wanted to keep me safe and out of harms way.  My Father thought me how to deal with contractors and business men. My Father told me to get several bids on a project so I could get a good deal on a project without being taken advantage of. I followed my Father around as much as I could and I learned how to make a lot of different repairs on all different kinds of items by watching him over the years. My father was kind and compassionate and always willing to help someone in need. I am posting a picture of my Father showing me my very first cat Flossie. Flossie walked out to the field where my Father was to die. She wanted to be next to him when she passed on.


My Mother would read a book to me at night until I feel to sleep. My Mother was kind, gentle, compassionate and very caring. My Mother would pick me up from school when I was sick and take me home and I would get better quickly with her loving care. When I was very sick as a young child my parents slept on the floor next to me in my hospital room until they knew I would finally get better.

My Mother was a librarian for over thirty years. She checked out a lot books from the library for me to read. My Mother read a lot and now I love to read a lot. Knowledge is learned through books and from your parents, God and friends.

I  was very blessed to have the most perfect parents possible in my life. My parents had good Christian values. Some of their values were treat people like you would want to be treated, help people in need, if you cannot say anything good then do not say anything at all and the spoken word is like a sped arrow lost in the night.  My Mother wrote down the following to me in a autograph book that I had people right down sayings in. My mother wrote : As down the river of life you glide I wish you a long and beautiful ride.

My Father and I took care of my Mother at home until the last three days of her life. My Mother died in our local hospital. I went to visit my Father everyday in the Rest Home for three years and three months. My Father died in the Rest Home. God Bless my parents for enriching my life in so many wonderful and awesome ways.

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