Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper From Chewy.Com

I was provided A Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I set the carry – me sleeper on my Living Room floor and Garfunkel walked right in. I was very impressed with the Gen 7 Pets Carry – me Sleeper From Chewy.Com for the fact that Garfunkel just walked right in on his own with no help from me at all. I generally have to struggle to get a cat into a cat carrier but not this time. Garfunkel thought of the carrier as a bed so he felt comfortable and safe walking into the carrier bed combo made by Gen 7 Pets.


My cat Kohl walked into the Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper that converts from a carrier into a bed from Chewy.Com and did  not want to leave the comfort of the bed in the carry – me sleeper and he had an hour long cat nap in the sleeper until nature called. Conrad smelled the bed and wanted to go in it but Kohl said the bed is all mine and mine alone since I am the senior cat in the household. The next day Kohl went back in the Gen 7 pets carry – me sleeper and had another awesome cat nap.


The Gen 7 Pets Sleeper comfort pad is machine washable and easy to remove from the carrier. The carry – me sleeper comes with a 12 month warranty.The carrier has an interior tether, storage pockets, soft fleece bed, and a shoulder strap. The Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper is made in the USA. The Gen 7 Pets carrier has a nice large side screen area where your cat can look out easily and has lots of screened in areas and the zippers are made wonderfully and work very smoothly. The carrier is ideal  for transporting  small dogs and other small animals. Your cat should feel relaxed in a Gen 7 Pets carrier when going for a drive or on the way to the vet for shots or a checkup. At the vets office your cat can lay on the nice soft bed and relax and wait for the vet to come in. In a nice and cozy area anyone feels more relaxed and at ease and is in a peaceful place and in an excellent frame of mind to make things less stressful and a positive experience.  I absolutely love my Gen 7 Carry – Me  Sleeper. The Gen 7 pets carry – me sleeper  is the best designed and thought out carrier I have ever used or seen.


I hope you and your cat have many fond memories with your new Gen 7 Pets Carry – Me Sleeper from Chewy.Com.

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What makes you happy in life ? I love to travel and learn something new everyday. I love to visit with people in Rest Homes. I love their stories from the past. I find their lives and experiences very educational and informative. I love how their faces light up when you visit with them and bring a little sunshine into their lives.


I love taking care of my pets and tending to their needs. My pets make me very happy. I love watching them play with toys and I just plain love watching them sleeping in comfort and ease. A pet purring or sleeping on my bed at night makes me very happy indeed. Pets love you just the way you are and you do not have to try to impress them.


I am happy when I read a history book in my hammock and listen to the birds gently singing in the trees. One of my pets lays under the hammock while I read and she keeps me company while I read. I love to work outdoors at mowing  the lawn, gardening, weed wacking and much more.

People that share the same interest that you do are wonderful to be around and they bring great happiness into your life. Wonderful friends are necessary to have great happiness in your life. A strong connection with God is an absolute to a powerful happiness with life in this World.

Wesley Church

You cannot get happiness from wealth or material possessions. The things in nature are the things that will give you the most happiness down the road in life. People, animals, plants, mountains and things made by the hand of God are the key to happiness today and everyday in your life. God bless you with happiness in all that you do for others for you will be rewarded greatly  and in many many ways.

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Temptations Holiday Dinner From Chewy.Com

I was provided Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor cat treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I first gave Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats to Garfunkel and Kohl. Garfunkel loves to place a paw on the cat treat so Kohl cannot see it and then he eats it as soon as he is finished with his cat treat. I make sure Kohl gets his fair share of cat treats. Conrad came along later on and ate up several Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor cat treats from Chewy.Com.


Temptations cat treats are 100 % nutritionally complete and balanced for adult maintenance and under 2 calories per treat. Temptations cat treats have lots of vitamins and minerals and natural turkey, sweet potato flour and dried cheese and more for your cats health. My cats love cat treats that have pumpkin, squash or sweet potatoes in the mixture.  Just shake the container and your cats will come running for the wonderful Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats. I love the stay fresh pack Temptations come in as it is very easy to dispense the cat treats for your cat to enjoy.

I gave some Temptations cat treats to my outdoor cats this morning and they were absolutely enthralled with them.  Maggie and her sister ate more and more treats as I laid them out for them to savor.


Mr. Gray came running the minute he noticed the Temptations container as he has memorized the looks of a Temptations container. Hilford and Nicole got in on eating the Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats from Chewy.Com ASAP. Russ, Cali, Faith and Addi ate as many cat treats as I could give them. I put some cat treats in a little bed that Sherlock was resting in and he woke up very pleased with his early morning Temptations cat treats. Peter was in a large heated cat bed and placed some cat treat in it for him to savor which he did ever so quickly.


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Some Of My Cats Favorite Items

My cats love to play with bright shiny toys. They love to play with catnip filled toys, balls, birds, mice and much more. If I dangle a bird or fish on a string they jump up and down and act like young kittens as they try to get the fish or bird as their reward for their hard work. My cat Kohl loves to play with rubber frogs. Conrad loves to play with a rabbit that dances when he pulls out its tail. My cats next door love catnip filled mice and toy balls. Conrad will spend at least 20 minutes a day batting a ball around his track toy for cats. Garfunkel plays with a wide range of different cat toys. Cats need and want to play with toys to keep them in shape and keep their natural instincts alive and well.


My cats love a variety of different cat treats.  Cat treats are good as a reward for good behavior or great as an afternoon snack. Cats love to eat a quality canned cat food. My cats enjoy anything made with tuna, lamb, chicken, shrimp and meat mixed with vegetables. I buy a dry cat food that does not have all kinds of additives and words that you can’t even pronounce in the mixture. I try to stick with cat food that is made in the USA or in Canada. I love to order my cat food, heated beds and toys and more from Chewy.Com.


My feline friends love heated cat beds and water bowls. I have heated windowsill cat beds that my cats absolutely love as they can rest and watch birds at the same time. I have individual cat beds that my cats can curl up in ball in and stay cozy all night long on cold winter nights. My outdoor cats have a building with heated outdoor cat beds and a large heated water bowl.


I hope your cat has lots of toys to help keep him active, content and healthy. Cats love a heated cat bed to keep them warm and cozy. Good quality cat food helps keep your cat healthy and active and your cats coat nice and shiny and healthy looking. I hope you and your feline friends live to a ripe old age.

Conrad in a heated bed

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Boudin Bakery In San Francisco, California

Boudin Bakery has been in business since 1849. They are known for their famous Sour Dough bread. Mrs. Louise Boudin was quiet the business woman and made the company what it is yet today. The sour dough bread is made in the shapes of teddy bears, turtles, alligators and more. They sell light and dark breads, croissants and much more. The Sour Dough bread has only four ingredients which are : mother dough, flour, salt and water. The sour dough bread is made with a mother dough which has Lactobacillus sanfrancisco bacteria in motion that gives it a unique sour dough taste that can only be produced in San Francisco.


My friend and I ate several times at Boudin Bakery which is located along Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco. I ordered the Turkey and Avocado sandwich on a croissant and Clam Chowder soup in a sour dough bread bowl. My friend had the same except she had the tomato basil soup. Our food was excellent and came to our table quickly. I ordered some hot chocolate later on and it was perfect with lots of chocolate.



The bakery is constantly very busy with people buying the various breads and ordering food to eat.  I enjoyed the museum upstairs that tells about the history of Boudin over the years. I enjoyed watching their big commercial ovens and the entire operation of making the various breads. The breads only take five to twenty minutes to bake depending on the size of the loaf of bread they are baking.


Boudin Bakery has something for everyone. They have a vast menu and many gift items available. I purchased a can of clam chowder soup and drinking chocolate to take home with me and enjoy in the long winter months to come. I ate an Almond Croissant that was filled with almond paste and it was outstanding in taste and flavor. I would highly recommend going to Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, California.

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Home Memories

Leviticus 27 : 14

And when a man shall sanctify his house to be holy unto the Lord, then the priest shall estimate it, whether it be good or bad : as the priest shall estimate it, so shall it stand.

Proverbs 24 : 3 – 4

Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established,

And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

The old saying says home is were the heart is. My home sanctify’s me as I love every nook and cranny in my home. I have so many pleasant memories in my home. My Grandparents built the home that I have lived in almost my entire life. I have lived on my building site my entire life. I love walking around the yard, gardening, lawn mowing and much more. I used to follow my Grandfather around the farm and later on I followed my Father around the farm and learned how to repair many items by observing my Father at work.


I have fond memories of eating breakfast and having coffee with my Grandparents. My Grandfather used to keep wintergreen mints in the cupboard and he would always give me one to eat when I came over to visit. I had a toy box at my Grandparents house and I still have the plastic doll that I used to play with. I would generally eat Cheerios for breakfast at Grandpa and Grandmas house.

I remember the Christmas dinners that we used to have and all of the wonderful family gatherings that we used to have at our home. Home is a place of happy and wonderful life long lasting memories. A home has laughter, love,joy,peace and hope in it from all the people that have enriched your life by coming into your home and sharing their life with you.

Home is were you have family time and talk over the days activities at the end of the day. You have love and concern for each others needs. You make each other smile in a happy home and all that enter your home are glad that they came. Peace and happiness may it fill your home for all of your days.

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The Story of My Cat Hoover

Hoover was one of my first cats kittens. Hoover was named after our Hoover vacuum cleaner. As a child I did not get very original when I named my cats by myself. Hoover was very gentle and he would let a young child pick him up and hold him without even giving me one scratch. I would carry Hoover around with his legs drooping down but he would purr away contentedly.


Hoover would wait for me to come out of the house every morning  to hold him and make a fuss over him. He would wait with me while I waited for the school bus to take me to school in the morning. Hoover got a lot of table scraps to eat along with dry cat food and fresh water to drink everyday.

Hoover had his Mother Flossie and his siblings to keep him company. I had his siblings  Blacknose, Sprite and an adopted cat Fresca. Sprite and Fresca were named after the soda pop that I drank.


Hoover was a red tabby tuxedo cat. He would play with leaves and his Mother’s tail as a small kitten. Once in awhile he and his sisters would play chase and tussle around together. He was a good hunter like his Mother and he would bring dead gophers and mice up to the house so we could get a good look at his catch of the day. His sisters were very successful huntress’es.

Hoover and the other cats would follow my Father around the farm and luckily they all knew enough to stay away from the farm machinery. They loved to sleep up in the hay mow of the old barn we used to have. They were nice and cozy in the hay and they got the warmth of the other animals in the barn. They drank milk along with their normal cat food in the winter months. They always had heated water to drink in the winter from  a heated water tank for the farm animals.

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Hills Science Diet Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com

Maggie and her sister ate up the can of turkey and liver from Hills Science  Diet the minute I put it in their dish.  Maggie ate up and licked up every single morsel of her turkey and liver entree. Maggie’s sister kept watching Maggie to make sure she would not eat up her portion of the turkey and liver entree.


My cats next door found Hills Science Diet to be very tasty indeed. Russ, Hilford, and Faith were licking their faces clean after eating up their Hills Science Diet Variety Pack From Chewy.Com. Mr. Gray and Nicole had been eating some catnip but they stopped eating that and indulged in the Hills Savory Chicken entree canned cat food.


Hills Science Diet is made with meat, vitamins and minerals for your cats daily needs. Feed 1.3 cans for a ten pound cat. A cat that eats healthy food is generally in good and health and has a nice shiny coat and is in peak condition.

My outdoor cats  loved the Savory Turkey dinner from Hills Science diet. Maggie’s sister growled at Maggie the whole time she ate her turkey entree. The turkey meal disappeared in a nano second.

Russ, Mr. Gray and Hilford ate away at their turkey entree. Addi, Faith and Sherlock were in another group eating away and they seemed to savor each and every little morsel of their turkey entree. Peter showed up when I shut the door to the house and he ate a large portion of the savory turkey entree. Nicole finally showed up and she found her portion quickly and she swallowed it down quickly also.


My cats seemed to enjoy all of the different meat combinations in the Hills Science Diet Variety Pack Canned Cat Food From Chewy.Com. My cats  put there paws up in the air for Hills Science Diet variety Pack for the purrfect review award.

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FieldHouse Restaurant Located In Clear Lake, Iowa

I was provided Farm -to-table food for my evening meal at the FieldHouse Restaurant Located In Clear Lake, Iowa to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I was impressed with the inside of  the FieldHouse Restaurant. The restaurant is nicely appointed and has an inviting feel about it. It is fun to look over at the park while you eat. I loved how quiet and restful and relaxing  it was in the FieldHouse Restaurant. It was easy to visit with your friends and unwind after a stressful day because it is nice and quiet.


I love the fact that the food is Farm -to-table at the FieldHouse restaurant in Clear Lake, Iowa. Our waitress came to our table with water and she offered us other beverages to choose from. Our waitress came back to our table with many different and outstanding dishes for us to try.


I first tried the Brussels Sprouts salad with dried cranberries,chopped pecans,Gorgonzola pear & crispy shallots. Served with a Molasses Balsamic Vinaigrette. I loved the Brussels Sprouts salad as it was seasoned to perfection and I ate several servings of the salad.


The Seared Beef Tenderloin with Herbed garlic butter served with Brussel sprouts, Bacon, Parmesan and onions was so nice and tender it just fell off of my fork and melted in my mouth. The Brussel sprouts were cooked to perfection.


My Lamb Sirloin Chop with Chimichurri Sauce, Garlic, Green Onion Mashed Potatoes was excellent and one of the best lamb chops I have ever eaten. The lamb chops seasoning was spot on and was easy to cut away from the bone. My mashed potatoes were perfect with just the right consistency.


I loved the Homemade Tuna Cakes with Lemon Aioli and Micro Radish Citrus Salad. The tuna cakes had a nice balance of flavors and tasted awesome.


The Fieldhouse Beef Burger, Carmelized Onions, 10 year Aged White Cheddar, Red Romaine, Tomato, House Pickles & Aioli On Homemade Brioche With Hand – Cut Potato Wedges was the best burger that I have ever eaten in my lifetime. The flavor of the beef burger was out of this World and was outstanding. The homemade potato wedges were not greasy and I loved the house made ketchup that I put on them. I ate a lot of their wonderful potato wedges.



I ate the Fieldhouse Roll- Shaved Beef, Seasonal Vegetables, Avocado, Cucumber, Jalapeno topped with Korean Sauce, Spicy mayo, Honey mayo. Scallions, & toasted Sesame Seeds. My Sushi roll was excellent and you can order the spice mild to hot.


I would give the FieldHouse Restaurant in Clear Lake, Iowa 5 stars out of five stars.  The FieldHouse Restaurant is a Farm- to – table restaurant that represents fine dining at its best. I  will be eating at the FieldHouse Restaurant in Clear Lake, Iowa often. I love eating at a fine dining restaurant with top quality food.

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