Stella & Chewy’s Duck & Goose Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Stella & Chewy’s Duck & Goose cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Mr. Gray ate up a lot of the Stella cat food from Chewy.Com. My new addition to my cat family Faith ate away at the Duck & Goose cat food. Hilford seemed to like the Stella and Chewy’s cat food also.

Garfunkel 3

Stella & Chewy’s cat food is natural with added vitamins and minerals. There cat food is made with cage free poultry with no added hormones or antibiotics. The Stella cat food has no grains, artificial preservatives, or colorings. The cat food has probiotics and taurine in it. There cat food is made in the USA. Stella & Chewy’s cat food is freeze dried and you just add water and serve. There cat food is 98 % poultry, organs and bone. Pet owners and vets tell us that by feeding Stella & Chewy’s cat food you help support your cats digestion, skin & coat, stamina and teeth and gums. The cat food is good for all life stages of cats. An eight pound cat should eat one and a quarter cup size serving of Stella & Chewy’s Duck & Goose Cat Food from Chewy.Com.

I gave some of the Stella cat food to my outdoor cats. Maggie and her sister and Onyx ate the cat food dry and they seemed to like it dry.

My indoor cats Garfunkel and Kohl also ate the Stella & Chewy’s Duck and Goose cat food from Chewy.Com. Garfunkel and Kohl ate the Stella cat food dry the minute I placed it in their food dish.



I love the fact that Stella & Chewy’s cat food is freeze dried and easy to serve to my cats. I definitely like any and all cat food that I feed my cats to be made in the USA. I also like cat foods that have no colorings, grains or preservatives in there formula.

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My Favorite Cat Litter

All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own. I was provided Worlds Best Cat Litter from Chewy.Com sometime ago to facilitate my review.

I have thirteen cats all together that use litter boxes.  I have tried out many  different kinds of cat litters over the years. I  have three different kinds of cat litters that I use on a regular basis. All of my cats are very happy using anyone of the three different kinds of cat litters.

kitten in a litter box

I use Tidy Cats litter for multiple cat households , instant action and there glade scented cat litter. The Tidy Cats cat litter works good in my litter maid self cleaning litter box. I love the scent of the Tidy Cats cat litter as it leaves your house with a pleasant smell. I have used Tidy Cats cat litter for many years with no problems whatsoever.

Cat Litter

I like Arm & Hammer  Clump and Seal cat litter. It forms hard clumps that are easy to remove from your litter box. I have also put the Arm and Hammer cat litter in my litter maid self cleaning litter box. Arm & Hammer cat litter gives you home a pleasing and pleasant smell. All of my cats like the Arm & Hammer cat litter.

I like Worlds Best Cat Litter that I got for the first time from Chewy.Com. The Worlds Best Cat Litter last for a long time and it is easy to remove their waste from the litter box. The Worlds Best cat litter is a clumping cat litter that has a pleasant fresh grain smell. There cat litter is made with whole grain corn. My three house cats in my house love this cat litter.

When you change cat litters make sure you have your old brand of cat  litter in another litter box just in case they do not want to use there new cat litter. Make changes gradually and your cat should be happy.

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Genetics and Your Cat

Your cat may be born with an excellent genetic makeup by the luck of the draw. Some cats are born with an excellent ability to cross the road without getting run over. There will be several generations of kittens that will inherit the ability to cross the road without any problems for generations to come. After maybe five to ten years this wonderful trait will slowly disappear due to a new Tom cat on the seen or too much inbreeding.

Genetic mutations will generally show up as your cat becomes more mature. I have had  cats that inherited lung cancer, anemia, breast cancer, eye cancer, ear cancer, and liver cancer. Sometimes it does not matter that you are very diligent on taking your cat for his yearly checkups. The best taken care of cat in the world can inherit some genetic mutation that has kept quiet in his body for years until something stimulates it to rear its  ugly head.


I had a Maine Coon cat given to me by one of my cousins years ago. She lived to be about ten years old. I had not had a Maine Coon cat born on my farm for about thirty five years and then one of my pregnant female cats gave birth to a male Maine Coon cat. I gave him to one of my cousins for a house cat. She is delighted to have him as one of her pet cats.

Rex cats or hairless cats are a result of a genetic mutation. A farm wife discovered two fur less kittens in her barn one day. She decided to keep  the fur less kittens and now we have a new breed of house cats that do not shed any fur in our homes.

We never know when some horrible genetic mutation might pop up and take the life of our beloved house cat or pet.

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Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea Formula for Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea Formula from Chewy .Com to facilitate my  review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My cats next door were very  impressed with the Duck and Green Pea Formula made by Natural Balance. Russ, Mr. Gray, Hilford and Addi started eating the Duck and Green Pea Formula the minute I put it in their food dish. I moved the food dish to another room. Russ, Mr. Gray , Bella and Cali were all eating the Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea Formula from Chewy.Com.

eating cat snacks

I gave some of the Duck and Green Pea Formula to Maggie and her sister outdoors. Her sister liked the food so much that she did not want to share it with Maggie whatsoever. I moved some of the canned cat food to a different location for Maggie so she could eat her food in peace.

The LID in the name of the canned cat food stands for – Limited Ingredients Diets. The Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea Formula is Grain Free and made in the USA. The canned cat food has a lot of vitamins and minerals in every can. You can feed two cans daily to a cat that weighs 8 pounds.  Kittens can also eat the Duck and Green Pea Formula canned cat food made by Natural Balance.





I love the fact that you get 24  cans of canned cat food when you buy the Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea Formula from Chewy.Com. The lid comes off of the canned cat food easily. There are only 160 calories in one can of cat food.

Onyx  my Tom cat thought that the Duck and Green Pea Formula canned cat food was the cats meow. I called him and he came and ate every single morsel of food out of the can. I strive to feed my cats good quality and limited ingredients cat food that is made in the USA.

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My Cream Colored Cat Named Russ

Russ was given to me by friends that go to my church. He has always been a kind and loving cat with a heart of gold. He greets me in the morning with a friendly meow and he wants to be held. He loves to be around all of my other cats next door. He even helped take care of Addi’s kittens when they were very young. He would play with them and they would play with his tail.


Russ likes to go outside and eat a little bit of grass now and then. He just barely steps out of the door and chews on some grass and then he wants back in the house. He never growls at any of my other cats. One day one of my neutered Tom’s was trying to get in a fight with Bella  and Russ broke up the fight right away. Russ is Bella’s knight in shining amour.

Russ waits for his turn to eat the cat treats. Mr. Gray waits for know one and eats as many treats as he possibly can. Russ likes canned cat food with pumpkin in it. Russ loves to take afternoon naps in the sun by the window or on top of a bench. He is like a steward of my other cats next door. He makes sure everyone else is just as relaxed and calm just like he is.

20160104_145141Russ is three years old now. He still likes to play with toy catnip filled mice and birds. He has several different cat circle toy ball games to play with. Russ is an exceptionally nice and kind cat. If your cat grows up in your house as young kitten and his Mother and Father are both kind and loving changes are that your kitten will be kind and loving also. I am so Thankful to have Russ as one of my cats.

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Marblehead and Vermilion Lighthouse Located in Ohio

Marblehead lighthouse is the oldest continually operating  lighthouse on the Great Lakes.The lighthouse has been in operation since 1822. Guided tours are available May thru Oct. Th lighthouse is a 85 feet tall limestone structure that was built in eleven weeks.  Its beacon helped lead wayward ships back to the shore safely. The beacon had 13 oil burning reflective lamps originally. The lamps generally burned whale oil. The lighthouse keeper had to keep the lamps filled with whale oil which was heavy work and hard work in lifting the lamp oil up all of the stairs to the top of the lighthouse were the lamps were located. Today the lighthouse has a 20 watt led  fixture. When touring the lighthouse make sure you look at all of the historical photos and artifacts, including the last Fresnel lens to operate the lighthouse. I loved my tour of this magnificent old lighthouse that is still operating yet today.


The Vermilion lighthouse is a replica of the original that was moved to Lake Ontario. Vermilion was without a lighthouse for 63 years. The lighthouse is located next to Main Street Beach. You can walk around the lighthouse but you cannot enter it. I was impressed with the beauty of this smaller lighthouse.

marblehead house

The town of Vermilion had a lot of old shops and stores that looked like they would be very interesting to go into. I was very impressed with this small town. People were sitting next to the beach eating ice cream cones and relaxing an having a good evening. The stores were all closed as we entered Vermilion because it was ten minutes after 5 PM. I would like to go back to this town when all of the stores and shops would be open for business.

holly hocks

I love to look at all kinds of lighthouses and discover the vast history of these tall majestic beauties hat helped saved the lives of many people over the years.

marblehead photo

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Is Your Cat Extra Shy Or very Outgoing ?

Kohl is a very outgoing cat and loves to be around other people. He loves to play with a fish on the end of a stick with anyone that comes to my house to visit. He loves to eat string cheese out of a cat snack dispenser. Kohl makes sure people are watching him get his string cheese out of the cat snack dispenser.


Garfunkel and Conrad are basically my cats only. They love to be held and petted by me and me alone. Conrad’s Mother was very shy and very cautious of all human beings. I do not know about Conrad’s father as he was a feral cat that came to my farm.

Kohl profile

Maggie is a very friendly and outgoing cat and the complete opposite of her sister. She loves to be held and petted by people she has gotten to know for some period of time.

Conrad upside down


Cali and Russ and very outgoing and can hardly wait for someone to come to the house to hold them and pet them. They both purr and  purr away while they are being held and petted. Peter is shy beyond shy and likes to hide back of a board most of he day. Addi the Mother of Peter’s kittens is semi shy. Addi’s children Hilford, Mr. Gray and Sherlock do not want to be held or petted. Peter and Nicole are Conrad’s brother and sister. Conrad likes to be held and petted by me only.


I think it is  part genetics in the fact that some cats like to be held and made a fuss over where other cats rather be left alone. In most cases the kittens act like their parents do around people. Some cats can come around and become completely tame with their human caregiver. Cat snacks and tuna canned in water can make a change in your cats personality for the better. Good food and extra love can sometimes make the feral cat extra tame over time and with lots of patience.

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Lanterman’s Mill Located in Youngstown , Ohio

I had the privilege of taking a tour of Lanterman’s Mill with one of the descendants of the original builder of the mill . I always love to look at the mechanical workings of a Grist mill. It is fun to watch the grain move along the conveyor belt into the grind stone area of the grist mill. You can observe the ingenuity involved in the early production of meal and flour. You can smell the aroma’s that the freshly ground flour gives off. I love the gentle sound of the water as it flows towards the water wheel. In their gift shop area you can purchase stone ground cornmeal, buckwheat, and whole wheat flour that are preservative free. Some of the local stores sell their flour also.

lettermans mill

Lanterman’s Mill , a historic landmark, was built in 1845 – 1846 by German Lanterman and Samuel Kimberly. The mill was restored in 1982 – 1985 through a gift from the Ward and Florence Beecher Foundations. The mill is a community treasure that represents one of the many pioneer industries developed along Mill Creek and operates today as it did n the 1800’s grinding grains into flour.

lantermans mill

Walking around the mill is wonderful with breath taking views of the mill and bridges. There are plenty of beautiful flowers to look at. Explore Mill Creek Gorge for a dramatic peek into the area’s geologic history. Gorge Trail is a beautiful two – mile loop along Mill Creek bordered by rugged outcrops of sandstone. A boardwalk spans 1000 feet of this trail.

In 1933 the first floor of the mill was converted into a nature museum, then into the Parks historical museum in 1972. Lanterman’s Mill was entered into the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the interiors in 1974. The renovation of Lanterman’s  Mill was no small feat. Many obstacles had to be overcome during the costly and painstaking renovation which began in 1982. I am very glad that people had enough interest in this grand old mill to save it and get it back into working order again for generations to come to love and enjoy as much as I did.

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Cats and Games

Your kittens first game is playing with their Mothers tail. Young kittens like to pounce and jump on leaves that have fallen to the ground. Kittens like to throw a dead mouse in the air and carry it in their mouth before they throw it up in the air again. Kittens watch their Mother play games and learn by watching their Mother.

Addi and her kittens

Mother cats will play with a cat toy ball and their kittens will also chase after the ball and roll it around on the floor. My young cats love to bat a ball that is in a circle toy. My kittens watch their Mother play with whatever games I bring into the house for them to play with. My young cats perfect their skills on the various games by watching their siblings play with the games. Toy mice are always a favorite toy that cats love to throw up in the air and pounce on. My young cats also like to carry the toy mice through the house as if to say look what we caught for you today Mother.

Cleo as a kitten

I have a couple of toy birds that are stuffed with catnip and they also sing like a live bird when my cats grab on to them. They absolutely love playing with the cat toy singing birds. My cats also love to play with other cat toys that are stuffed with fresh catnip.



Cats like to play with the cat treat dispensers. My cats keep rolling the dispenser around on the floor until a delicious treat comes out for them to eat and enjoy. I have a catit, friskes, and a temptations cat treat dispenser.

My cats also like to play with large toy bugs and green plastic frogs and various other cat toys. A cat that plays games will be happy and content and psychically fit.

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Kohl and his Cyst Removal

I took Kohl to one of my vets because he had a large cyst above his left eye. My vet said he could not remove the cyst and it would keep getting larger. The cyst would get so large that Kohl would not be able to open his left eye eventually. My vet gave him an antibiotic shot. The shot did not help the cyst get smaller.

A friend of mine said to take Kohl to a different vet for a second opinion. I am sure glad I listed to her sage advice. I took Kohl to another one of my vets. My vet said he could remove the cyst. I was able to pick Kohl up from my vet yet that afternoon. I had him sleep next to me in a cage all night long so I could keep an eye on him and make sure he got  along fine in the night after his surgery.

Kohl profile

The cyst remained swollen for several days. Kohl removed the glue that acted as the stitches. Kohl ate the glue with no side effects. The cyst drained more after Kohl removed the glue and licked away at the area where the cyst used to be. The swelling in the cyst is about gone completely now.

Kohl is in good spirits and is very active again and playing with his cat toys. Kohl has a good appetite and all is well in his World again. Kohl is eight and one half years old. He is sitting in my picture window watching the birds eat out of my bird feeders.


Always remember to get a second opinion in your pets health just as we humans need a second opinion in our health. It might be a matter of life or death if you do not get a second opinion quickly and efficiently.

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