Kohl and his Cyst Removal

I took Kohl to one of my vets because he had a large cyst above his left eye. My vet said he could not remove the cyst and it would keep getting larger. The cyst would get so large that Kohl would not be able to open his left eye eventually. My vet gave him an antibiotic shot. The shot did not help the cyst get smaller.

A friend of mine said to take Kohl to a different vet for a second opinion. I am sure glad I listed to her sage advice. I took Kohl to another one of my vets. My vet said he could remove the cyst. I was able to pick Kohl up from my vet yet that afternoon. I had him sleep next to me in a cage all night long so I could keep an eye on him and make sure he got  along fine in the night after his surgery.

Kohl profile

The cyst remained swollen for several days. Kohl removed the glue that acted as the stitches. Kohl ate the glue with no side effects. The cyst drained more after Kohl removed the glue and licked away at the area where the cyst used to be. The swelling in the cyst is about gone completely now.

Kohl is in good spirits and is very active again and playing with his cat toys. Kohl has a good appetite and all is well in his World again. Kohl is eight and one half years old. He is sitting in my picture window watching the birds eat out of my bird feeders.


Always remember to get a second opinion in your pets health just as we humans need a second opinion in our health. It might be a matter of life or death if you do not get a second opinion quickly and efficiently.

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Tiki Cat Aloha Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I feed my cats next door the Tuna with Tilapia and Pumpkin. All of my young cats ate it up quickly except for Peter. Peter was to shy to come out from behind the board where he likes to hide. I gave Bella some and it was gone in no time flat. Cali also thought it was the cats meow. The pieces of meat were small and the cat food has a pleasant smell to it. My cats next door highly approve of this variety of  Tiki Cat cat food from Chewy.Com.

tiki cat

My cats next door ate the Tuna with Calamari and Pumpkin. Hilford, Lorenzo, Mr.Gray and Sherlock ate up the Tiki Cat quickly. Addi came over and licked the bowl clean. Bella licked the entire contents out of the foil packet that the cat food came in. Nicole only got a couple of bits of the Tiki cat food because she was slow in coming to the food dish. The pumpkin in the Tiki cat food is a gentle source of fiber that supports healthy digestion. For a seven pound adult cat feed 2 to 3 pouches of food a day. Tiki cat is made for cats of all ages to enjoy.


I feed my cats in the other house Tuna with Shrimp and Pumpkin. Lorenzo, Russ,Mr. Gray, Hilford, Sherlock, Nicole and Addi ate up the Tiki cat lickety split. Bella licked all of the Tiki cat out of the foil packet.

Russ in an Outdoor Playpen

I gave some of the Tiki Cat with tuna, calamari and pumpkin to Onyx my outdoor Tom Cat. He ate up every single bite of it.

My cats tried the Tiki Cat Tuna with Ocean Whitefish and Pumpkin this morning. Hilford, Sherlock, Addi, Mr. Gray and Bella loved it. Russ came over to the bowl later on and licked the bowl completely clean.

My cats love Tiki cat from Chewy.Com.

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Why My Cats Throw Up

If my cats eat to quickly they will throw up. Garfunkel eats very fast and therefore he throws up now and then. If your cat eats a new kind of food that does not agree with him he will be sick.

Garfunkel 2

My outdoor cats love to eat grass when I let them outside for awhile. By eating the grass they will generally get rid of a hairball. If you do not groom your cats often enough they will throw up a hairball now and then. Cats need to be groomed more often in the spring and summer months since they are loosing their winter coats of hair.

Do not feed your cat too much on  one single day. If we eat too much in one day we do not feel to great either. Do not give your cat a can of cat food, cat treats and his regular dry cat food in one day as it will be too much for his stomach to handle in one day.

If your cat is nervous or upset about something he may throw up. When I leave on a vacation my cats throw up for a couple of days because I am gone and they feel uncomfortable having someone else take care of them.


Cats do not like any change in their daily life whatsoever. A new piece of furniture or a new house cat could cause their stomach to be upset. A house guest can make your cat feel nervous and uncomfortable. Moving into a new home will cause your cat to be very nervous and anxious. Your cat will not have any of his familiar scents in his new home and or territory. We are anxious also when we move to a new location. We wonder will we find a new job and make new friends quickly.

If your cat throws up over several days take him to your veterinarian ASAP as he may have a serious medical condition.

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African Safari Wildlife Park Located in Port Clinton, Ohio

I was provided tickets to the African Safari Wildlife Park Located in Port Clinton, Ohio to facilitate my review . All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

buffalo at park

We were provided a large cup of food to feed the animals just before we entered the park. Alpaca’s ran up to our car to great us. We threw out some food to them and they ate it up quickly. We could watch them through the car windows or you can have your windows down on your car. The Alpaca’s would literally stick their heads in your car and look at you. As we drove through the park a lot of small deer came up right next to our car  and we feed them also. Later on the White Bison ran up to the car and looked at us. A car in front of us had the Bison sticking their heads in their car waiting for them to feed them. I liked looking at the two humped camels and the Scottish Highlander cattle. Some people had purchased carrots from the man at the gate to feed the Giraffe’s. The Giraffe’s would stick their heads down over the fence and eat up the carrots that they were given. I found our drive through the park very interesting and educational. I was not aware of the fact that these animals would be as gentle as they were.

alpaca at park

We did the walk thru part of the park also. The White- Handed Gibbon’s entertained us with their acrobatic movements. They would swing on the ropes and sway back and forth on the ropes. I loved looking at the Red Kangaroo in the park. I found the White American Alligator interesting to look at in the fact that it was all white. Their were many more animals to look at. They have a pig race for the kids and camels that the kids can ride on. For more information on the park go to AFRICANSAFARIWILDLIFEPARK.COM.

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Catit Treat Ball from Chewy.Com

Kohl started rolling around the catit treat ball. Conrad came running and started dispensing the cat treats that were inside of the catit treat ball. Garfunkel looked it over for a long time and he let Conrad and Kohl eat up all of the cat treats.

The catit treat ball from Chewy.com has an auger inside of it and the treats have to be moved along the auger to get dispensed. Conrad has a natural talent for getting cat treats out of cat treat containers quickly and efficiently. Kohl does know how to work the catit treat ball. Kohl figures let Conrad do all of the work of dispensing the treats and I will just eat them up.

catit ball

The catit treat ball keeps your cats mind and body alert while they get a delicious treat for their efforts. Conrad even had fun rolling around the empty catit treat container. Conrad took the empty catit ball and hide it under the couch for his own personal enjoyment. Conrad quickly dispensed all of the six dental treats I had put inside of the catit treat ball. Any of your cats favorite treats will fit inside of the catit treat ball easily.

My cats love to eat fish treats out of the catit treat ball. My cats love all kinds of dried salmon cat treats. Conrad really loves his catit treat ball.  Conrad does not want to let the nice blue colored catit treat ball from Chewy.com out of his site for long. Garfunkel inspected the catit treat ball more when none of my other cats were watching him. Garfunkel loves to bat the empty catit treat ball around on the floor.

My house cats like their blue colored  catit treat ball. The ball gives them a lot of psychical exercise and mind exercise. A good treat ball for cats of all ages to enjoy.

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Tips on Taking The Perfect Picture of Your Cat

I like to take a picture of my cat in a room that is well lite. I never try to pose my cat I let my cat pose for me. My cats are very relaxed when they first wake up in the morning. I like to take a picture of my cats when they are resting or they are totally relaxed.


I generally just use my smart phone to take pictures of my cats. I have found that my smart phone does a better job of taking pictures then my camera does. I find it easy to down load my cat pictures to my website from my smart phone.

I love to take pictures of my cats at play. I also love to take pictures of my cats relaxing or sitting on top of furniture. I have taken pictures of my outdoor cats sitting on top of an old wooden fence post or sitting up in a tree.


To get the perfect picture of your cat they must be in a relaxed and calm area. A nervous or excited cat will not let you get a good picture of it no matter what you try to do. I talk to my cat before I take his picture. My cat is then looking right at me and the camera lens for the perfect cat picture. I like to take at least three pictures of my cat at once so I can save the best picture out of the three.


Cats like calm music or complete quiet. When I take my best cat pictures my cats are calm and not distracted by anything. I like to take pictures of my cats sitting on my lap. The cat on my lap is generally purring away and is happy as a lark to be siting on my lap. Remember to take your time and have a lot of patience while you are trying to take the perfect picture of your feline friend.

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Merry go round musuem located in Sandusky, Ohio

I was provided tickets to the merry go round museum  located in Sandusky, Ohio. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

I enjoyed looking at all of the carousel items. I found out that the rooster was a very rare carousel item as compared to the horse or the tiger.

chicken merry go round

I enjoyed riding on the old Merry go round at 9 miles per hour. Most Merry go rounds go around at 5 miles per hour. It was my 50 year anniversary of riding on a Merry go round. I enjoyed my ride again after a fifty year wait. At the Merry  Go Round Museum, relive your childhood excitement as you ride the fully restored Allan Hershel carousel. They have a lot of the old carousel tigers, horses ,etc. that the great carousel masters took lots of pride and joy in making them. The admission is only $6.00 for adults and $4.00 each for children 4 to 14 years of age and free for children four and under. You receive a token for a free ride on the Merry Go Round with your admission price. I loved all of the craftsmanship that went into the horse that I sat on on my merry Go Round ride. The carving of the wood and the paint was spot on.

tiger merry go round

I especially love carousel tigers, lions, and the more unusual variety of animals. I love the old carousel pump organ music that reminds me of my early childhood days. There are not that many old carousels left in the world for us to enjoy anymore. I love the fact that the merrygoroundmuseum.org  in Sandusky, Ohio takes great pride in preserving these great wooden masterpieces on the carousel rides.

I truly enjoyed spending part of my afternoon at the Merry Go Round Museum I saw people their with their children having an awesome time.

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What Type of Carpet or Furniture Should I Buy When I Have a Cat ?

I always buy a piece of carpet with a tight weave that is also stain resistant. I never buy a light colored piece of carpet because it will show stains that you cannot remove. Try to buy a neutral color of carpeting for your home it will clean up easier and last for many years to come. Do not buy a piece of shag carpeting or one that has a loose Berber weave. Shag and a loose weave of Berber carpet will not be easy to clean and your cats claws will destroy it quickly. For oriental rugs I like one that has a tight weave with no fringe on it. My cats have removed the fringe on one of my oriental rugs. I have one oriental rug that has some wool in the material and it is very easy to remove any stains that may get on it.

Kohl profile

For couches and chairs I want a fabric that is stain resistant  with a tight weave. Even though my cats front feet are de-clawed they can still catch the fabric on your furniture with their back claws. Before I buy a couch I ask the sells person in the store about the fabric on the couch  that I am thinking of buying. I tell the sells person that I have cats and I want a fabric that my cats claws cannot grab onto when they are jumping off of my new couch. I always end up with a nice piece of fabric that has a tight weave and that is very easy to clean.

To take care of any cat claw marks on your wooden furniture use Old English or a furniture marking pencil to cover up your cats unnecessary art work. I also rub lemon oil on my wooden furniture.


Good luck on all of your carpet and furniture purchases. I hope my ideas will help you and that your carpet and furniture will last for many years to come.

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Kelleys Island, Ohio

We were provided free boarding passes on the Jet Express to Kelleys Island. We were also provided the use of a golf cart from Lil Casino to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

The Jet Express is the fastest way to the islands. The seats on the Jet Express were soft and comfy . There rates are reasonable and you make it to your island in only twenty minutes. The Jet Express was very clean. jet-express.com.

We picked up our golf cart from Lil Casino . Our golf cart worked fine and it was a breeze using it on Kelleys Island to get around safely and quickly. kelleysislandcasino.com.

kelleys island

Kelleys Island, Ohio’s largest island, is an outdoor-lover’s delight. The island has awesome views, hiking trails, coastline and quarries. It is very relaxing and enjoyable to ride around Kelleys Island in a golf cart.

The island is home to 600 acres of state park land. We looked at the Glacial Grooves, which are the largest exposed glacial grooves in the world. The island has hiking and biking along the shore line with magnificent coastal views.

glacial grooves

There are a lot of places to eat an ice cream cone. You can dine at an outdoor patio and eat some of Lake Erie’s finest walleye or perch. I had a perch sandwich and it was absolutely delicious. I love the architecture of the homes on Kelleys Island. The entire island is on the National Register of Historic Places. I was fascinated with the architecture of the older homes and buildings on Kelleys Island.


I loved shopping  and looking in the various stores on Kelleys Island. We went to the Glacial Grooves and I was absolutely taken back with what nature can do over a period of time to rocks. I would highly recommend looking at the Glacial Grooves. I loved the peace and tranquility that I felt while I was on Kelleys Island. It is very rejuvenating to spend time on Kelleys Island.

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Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate  my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Salmon cat  treats to my house cats. Garfunkel ate the treats up vigorously. Kohl tried to get more than his fair share of  Pure Bites Salmon cat Treats from Chewy.Com. I had to place my foot between the snacks so my other cats could eat their share of the cat treats. Conrad ate up the treats placed in front of him first and then he ate the treats that were back of him. Conrad ate up his cat treats strategically so Kohl thought Conrad had eaten up all of his salmon cat treats.

Garfunkel 2

I gave my cat Maggie some of the salmon cat treats. Maggie found that her cat treats were very easy to chew up and to shallow . Maggie loved her salmon cat treats as they were very palatable.

My cats next door got very excited the moment I opened up the bag of Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com. Lorenzo came running full steam ahead for some of the salmon cat treats which he devoured with vim and vinegar. Russ, Hilford, Nicole, Mr. Gray, Cali , and Bella showed up Johnny on the spot for the salmon cat treats. Mr. Gray seemed to be very impressed as he was eating his cat treats. My older house cat Bella found that the Pure Bites cat treats were very easy for her to chew up and to shallow. Nicole came out of hiding just to eat up some of the Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com. I put a few cat treats back of a piece of plywood were my very shy cat Peter hangs out now and then. Peter ate up very single Bite of his delicious salmon cat treat.


Pure Bites are made with only one ingredient which is wild pacific salmon made in the USA. Feed as a healthy treat for your cat.

All of my cats could not MEOW enough praise about Pure Bites Salmon Cat Treats from Chewy.Com.

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