A Stray Cat With Digestive Issues

A stray cat came to a friends house.  She was very friendly and she sat on their laps. She would gently rub across their legs. They gave her to me and I named her Faith because I have faith that she will get better. She could not keep any food down for about five days. She must have been keeping down a small amount of the tuna and salmon that I was feeding her. She had healthy looking bowel movements. I was very concerned for her. My friends said that they would pay my vet bill. I took her to my vet to be tested for feline leukemia and luckily that test came back negative. She also had a complete battery of blood test. I have not yet received the results of those test since it takes one week to process the results.


I had been feeding her the same dry cat food that my other cats eat. She was so thin and emaciated that her stomach was not able to digest foods right from lack of food over a long period of time. I went to a pet store and they suggested that I feed her grain free cat food. Faith has been able to keep all of her food down now.  The grain free cat food that she is eating is free from dyes and preservatives and her stomach is able to digest it without any trouble. My vet said to keep on feeding her the grain free cat food.

I am quite sure she used to be a house cat that someone no longer wanted or they could not afford to keep her. My vet said she was one year old. I had guessed her age to be about six months old. Poor faith had to fend for herself for who knows how long. Faith would have staved to death had it not been for people intervening on her behalf. As good stewards we are to take care of all of Gods creatures great and small. I have faith that Faith’s blood test will be fine and that I can provide her the loving home that she deserves and desperately needs. Always have faith.

Faith has now recovered from her ordeal. She has gained weight and she has not vomited for over one month. With faith all things are possible.  Faith has to be only the size of a mustard seed but it can have huge rewards. Never ever lose Faith that things will get better.

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Traveling in my Convertible

I love traveling in my convertible. The wind blowing through my hair is relaxing and refreshing.

I have taken my convertible twice to Colorado. I drove through Estes Park , Lyons , and Boulder Colorado. Taking pictures while you are traveling in a convertible is quite easy. I just pull over to the side of he road and take my picture and then I am on the road again quickly to my next photo opp. There are breath taking views of the mountains in a convertible that you would totally miss if you were driving a sedan. I love the flatirons in Boulder , Colorado. I never get tired of taking pictures of God’s wonderful majestic masterpieces that he has created for us to look at in Colorado and all over the World.

Sara and I were in my convertible recently in Ohio. The weather was perfect for our trip. We took pictures of wonderful old majestic lighthouses. You could really see the lighthouses well in my convertible. Backing up in a convertible is very easy  and safe because you do not have any blind spots with the top down.


We drove to Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island before we got on our Ferry at each destination. The drive to this area was gorgeous. I loved looking at the fields of oats and he old windmills. Travelling in a convertible is a wonderful way to enjoy and see the great outdoors. You can hear the different sounds in nature that you would miss if you were driving in an ordinary car. I enjoy listening to the various birds that each different location has to offer.

My convertible works good for two people traveling. The back seat has no room what so ever for adults to be sitting in he back seat. I use the back set for extra storage while I am traveling. Do not miss out on God’s majestic Creation and travel in a convertible on your next travel adventure.

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Bargain Hunting

I always go to the manager of the store if I want to ask for a lower price on the item that I am interested in purchasing . The workers at the store never seem to have the authority to lower the price on any items in the store.

When I buy litter boxes or heated beds for my cats I check out several places on the internet for the best price I can find on that particular item. Buy the heated cat beds out of season for the best possible price on them.

Conrad in a heated bed

When I purchase carpet I always buy a full roll  of carpet because their is more wiggle room for them to lower the price on the carpet. I have a few rental homes so I will use up the roll of carpet eventually. If an item is damaged in a store I always ask for a discount on it. Buying paint in five gallon buckets will generally save you the price of at least one gallon of paint. When I purchase a car without a trade in I can save from one thousand to two thousand dollars off of their asking price. You can always sell your old car on your own and get more money then what the car dealer has offered you for your old car. If the car dealer will not negotiate on the price of the car ask for a new set of tires for the car you want to buy or an extended warranty on the car. They can buy the tires at wholesale price. You will likely get a new set of tires thrown in for the car you want to purchase from them.

Antique dealers will generally take 10 % off of their asking price. Furniture stores have taken off 10 to 20 % on the new furniture in their store. Jewelry stores will normally take 20% off of their higher priced items.

You can save a lot of money buying items on line. You don’t have to spend money for gas for your car or waste time going from store to store looking for the item you want to buy.

I hope this will help you save money on your future purchases down the road.

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Cats and Accidents

I have had many cats get run over by cars throughout the years. Most of the time it has been young kittens. Kittens will sit on the tires of a car shortly after the car has been driven. The tires on the car are still warm and the kitten thinks it has a warm area to take a long nap. I have also had cats sleep on the motor of a car.

We had a tenant run over four of our lovely kittens at one time. There was a kitten on each one of his tires. My Mother gathered up the dead kittens and my Father gave them a burial service.

An older or a sickly cat will also sleep on tires or in the engine compartment of a car. The engine is warm and they are cold from an illness. When someone starts the car the unfortunate cat will suffer the consequences.

We had several outdoor cats get run over shortly after I had them neutered. They got run over about three months after they were neutered. I never had another outdoor Tom neutered again after that experience.

Manx cat

I had a Mother cat by the name of Trisha. Trisha was a very good and smart Mother cat. All of the kittens Trisha had in her life never got run over. Before Trisha would cross to the other side of the road she would look both ways at least three times and then she would cross over to the other side of the road. Trisha taught all of her kittens her road crossing skills.

I watched Elite one of Trisha’s kittens crossing the road. She used all of the skills of road crossing that her Mother had taught her.

I gave several generations later of Trisha’s kittens to a friend that lives on a busy highway. I am glad to say they also have learned Great Grandma Trisha’s road crossing skills.


I hope none of your cats ever get run over by a car.

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Memorable Kittens in My Life

I have had many kittens born on my farm in my lifetime. Certain kittens have stood out more than others have because of their character and how they acted in general.

I had a small black female kitten born on my farm in the early summer. She was smart around cars and avoided them at all cost. She would always walk under your feet and I was always afraid I would step on her and kill her. She remained very small for her age. I placed an ad in my local newspaper under giveaways and a nice young couple came and adopted her. I called them about a year after they had adopted her to see how she was doing. They said they loved her so much they had adopted another cat to keep her company. I also inquired about her size. They told me she was fully grown and she was the size of most female cats now. I was very happy my kitten got a loving and caring home.


Blacknose was a beautiful tortoise shell kitten. She would follow me around the farm and wait with me for the school bus to take me to school. In her adult life she would catch and kill garter snakes.


One of my tortoise shell kittens would sit on my shoulder while I would paint the farm buildings. She was a very loving and affectionate kitten. When she was about a year old she got run over by a pickup truck. I missed her dearly.

Midnight was a black kitten. He liked to follow my Father around the farm when he was feeding our pigs. One day Midnight jumped on my Fathers shoulder at five  in the morning. My Father jumped and to his relief he discovered it was Midnight that had jumped on his shoulder and not some wild animal.


I  had  one Himalayan kitten born on my farm and she was very gentle and had a kind disposition. All of the kittens on my farm are part Siamese, Himalayan, Maine Coon and domestic short hair.


I have had  so many memorable kittens born on my farm throughout the years that there are too many to mention. My kittens have given me great joy in my life. My kittens have given joy to the people that have adopted them over the years. I am very thankful for all of my kittens that have become wonderful and loving adult cats to share my life with.

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Fall Festival in Wabasha, Minnesota

The fall festival in Wabasha, Minnesota is a wonderful fall event for the entire family to attend. The town is decorated with wonderful fall decorations and pumpkins of all sizes and shapes. There were pumpkin carving demonstrations and face painting for the children. The houses in Wabasha were decorated nicely with gorgeous fall decorations and displays of different types and varieties. They had popcorn and candies and much more to eat. Some of the stores in Wabasha had wonderful fall displays that would work in any ones home to enhance the true beauty of the fall season in your home.


It was wonderful to see that the old Anderson House Hotel was up and running again. The rooms are nicely appointed and each room has its own private bathroom. The suites in the Anderson House Hotel are out of this world. The suites are lovely and spacious and you could not ask for anything more in a lovely and majestic suite. They serve wonderful food when you stay at the Anderson House Hotel in Wabasha, Minnesota. The hotel has a nice gift shop.


The town of Wabasha has many nice shops that offer a variety of different items for sale. I found a nice antique store, cardy and coffee shop, jewelry store, hardware store and more. Do not forget to visit the National Eagle Center while you are in Wabasha, Minnesota. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about Eagles that you never would have  even imagined. The size of the Eagles nest will amaze you. Be sure to watch the awesome video that the National Eagle Center has put together to show and depict the life of the wonderful majestic Eagle.


I would highly recommend a fall trip to Wabasha, Minnesota.  You and your entire family will have an awesome time in Wabasha.

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Stella & Chewy’s Duck & Goose Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Stella & Chewy’s Duck & Goose cat food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

Mr. Gray ate up a lot of the Stella cat food from Chewy.Com. My new addition to my cat family Faith ate away at the Duck & Goose cat food. Hilford seemed to like the Stella and Chewy’s cat food also.

Garfunkel 3

Stella & Chewy’s cat food is natural with added vitamins and minerals. There cat food is made with cage free poultry with no added hormones or antibiotics. The Stella cat food has no grains, artificial preservatives, or colorings. The cat food has probiotics and taurine in it. There cat food is made in the USA. Stella & Chewy’s cat food is freeze dried and you just add water and serve. There cat food is 98 % poultry, organs and bone. Pet owners and vets tell us that by feeding Stella & Chewy’s cat food you help support your cats digestion, skin & coat, stamina and teeth and gums. The cat food is good for all life stages of cats. An eight pound cat should eat one and a quarter cup size serving of Stella & Chewy’s Duck & Goose Cat Food from Chewy.Com.

I gave some of the Stella cat food to my outdoor cats. Maggie and her sister and Onyx ate the cat food dry and they seemed to like it dry.

My indoor cats Garfunkel and Kohl also ate the Stella & Chewy’s Duck and Goose cat food from Chewy.Com. Garfunkel and Kohl ate the Stella cat food dry the minute I placed it in their food dish.



I love the fact that Stella & Chewy’s cat food is freeze dried and easy to serve to my cats. I definitely like any and all cat food that I feed my cats to be made in the USA. I also like cat foods that have no colorings, grains or preservatives in there formula.

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My Favorite Cat Litter

All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own. I was provided Worlds Best Cat Litter from Chewy.Com sometime ago to facilitate my review.

I have thirteen cats all together that use litter boxes.  I have tried out many  different kinds of cat litters over the years. I  have three different kinds of cat litters that I use on a regular basis. All of my cats are very happy using anyone of the three different kinds of cat litters.

kitten in a litter box

I use Tidy Cats litter for multiple cat households , instant action and there glade scented cat litter. The Tidy Cats cat litter works good in my litter maid self cleaning litter box. I love the scent of the Tidy Cats cat litter as it leaves your house with a pleasant smell. I have used Tidy Cats cat litter for many years with no problems whatsoever.

Cat Litter

I like Arm & Hammer  Clump and Seal cat litter. It forms hard clumps that are easy to remove from your litter box. I have also put the Arm and Hammer cat litter in my litter maid self cleaning litter box. Arm & Hammer cat litter gives you home a pleasing and pleasant smell. All of my cats like the Arm & Hammer cat litter.

I like Worlds Best Cat Litter that I got for the first time from Chewy.Com. The Worlds Best Cat Litter last for a long time and it is easy to remove their waste from the litter box. The Worlds Best cat litter is a clumping cat litter that has a pleasant fresh grain smell. There cat litter is made with whole grain corn. My three house cats in my house love this cat litter.

When you change cat litters make sure you have your old brand of cat  litter in another litter box just in case they do not want to use there new cat litter. Make changes gradually and your cat should be happy.

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Genetics and Your Cat

Your cat may be born with an excellent genetic makeup by the luck of the draw. Some cats are born with an excellent ability to cross the road without getting run over. There will be several generations of kittens that will inherit the ability to cross the road without any problems for generations to come. After maybe five to ten years this wonderful trait will slowly disappear due to a new Tom cat on the seen or too much inbreeding.

Genetic mutations will generally show up as your cat becomes more mature. I have had  cats that inherited lung cancer, anemia, breast cancer, eye cancer, ear cancer, and liver cancer. Sometimes it does not matter that you are very diligent on taking your cat for his yearly checkups. The best taken care of cat in the world can inherit some genetic mutation that has kept quiet in his body for years until something stimulates it to rear its  ugly head.


I had a Maine Coon cat given to me by one of my cousins years ago. She lived to be about ten years old. I had not had a Maine Coon cat born on my farm for about thirty five years and then one of my pregnant female cats gave birth to a male Maine Coon cat. I gave him to one of my cousins for a house cat. She is delighted to have him as one of her pet cats.

Rex cats or hairless cats are a result of a genetic mutation. A farm wife discovered two fur less kittens in her barn one day. She decided to keep  the fur less kittens and now we have a new breed of house cats that do not shed any fur in our homes.

We never know when some horrible genetic mutation might pop up and take the life of our beloved house cat or pet.

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Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea Formula for Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea Formula from Chewy .Com to facilitate my  review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My cats next door were very  impressed with the Duck and Green Pea Formula made by Natural Balance. Russ, Mr. Gray, Hilford and Addi started eating the Duck and Green Pea Formula the minute I put it in their food dish. I moved the food dish to another room. Russ, Mr. Gray , Bella and Cali were all eating the Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea Formula from Chewy.Com.

eating cat snacks

I gave some of the Duck and Green Pea Formula to Maggie and her sister outdoors. Her sister liked the food so much that she did not want to share it with Maggie whatsoever. I moved some of the canned cat food to a different location for Maggie so she could eat her food in peace.

The LID in the name of the canned cat food stands for – Limited Ingredients Diets. The Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea Formula is Grain Free and made in the USA. The canned cat food has a lot of vitamins and minerals in every can. You can feed two cans daily to a cat that weighs 8 pounds.  Kittens can also eat the Duck and Green Pea Formula canned cat food made by Natural Balance.





I love the fact that you get 24  cans of canned cat food when you buy the Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea Formula from Chewy.Com. The lid comes off of the canned cat food easily. There are only 160 calories in one can of cat food.

Onyx  my Tom cat thought that the Duck and Green Pea Formula canned cat food was the cats meow. I called him and he came and ate every single morsel of food out of the can. I strive to feed my cats good quality and limited ingredients cat food that is made in the USA.

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