Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My two outdoor cats absolutely loved Tiki Cat Chicken with liver, gizzards and heart. Maggie and her sister had the whole can completely gone in a matter of seconds.

eating cat snacks

Russ, Mr. Gray, Hilford, Sherlock, Bella, Faith and Cali indulged in the Tiki Cat Chicken & Pork. Bella growled as she ate her portion. Sherlock licked up every little sliver of food that he could find. Russ and Mr. Gray ate side by side in perfect harmony. Hilford and Cali ate up and large portion of the Tiki Cat. Faith came along last but she still ate all that she could find.

Tiki Cat is grain free and is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all Lifestages. Feed 3 cans per day for 7 lb. Adult Cats. Varies based on age, variety, and lifestyle.

Maggie was very excited when she ate her Tiki Cat Chicken & Beef Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com. She was in seventh heaven as she gobbled down her Tiki Cat.


Mr.Gray, Russ, Hilford, Sherlock and Bella loved the Tiki Cat Chicken and Lamb. Bella ate every single morsel of her serving. Sherlock kept searching for any over looked morsel of Tiki Cat Chicken and Lamb which was about impossible to find.

Maggie and her sister savored a can of Tiki Cat Chicken  &  Lamb. The can of cat food disappeared out of thin air it seemed like.

Hilford ate a Quail egg out the can if Tiki Cat Chicken & Quail Egg. Hilford was absolutely consumed with his wonderful find of the Quail egg. Bella ate the entire amount of all of her Tiki Cat including the wonderful juice that each can is packed with. Mr. Gray Sherlock and Faith were eating and licking up all that they could. Nicole came out of hiding as she smelled the can of Tiki Cat Chicken and Quail Egg being opened and she purred away with great delight as she ate.

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The Lowell Inn located in Stillwater, Minnesota

The Lowell Inn has been in business since 1927. The Lowell Inn has an upscale American restaurant with awesome food and the food is served by a waitress or waiter in full attire which is nice to see.


I was very impressed at the inside of the Inn. I loved their lighting and the table and chairs and just the atmosphere in general. I love the touch of charm that an old inn has to offer as it is very homey and welcoming to me. I love to look at their old buffets and silver coffee service and portraits and pictures and antiques as I love the old world charm.


Th fall is an excellent time to book a room at the Lowell Inn. You can take a drive and the look at the vivid and vibrant colors of the fall leaves. I like go to the various orchards and get fresh apples for eating or making applesauce which looks mighty good in the long winter months ahead.

The Lowell Inn  is an excellent place to have your wedding reception. Your wedding guest will be absolutely amazed by the fine food that they will be served. You could stay at the Lowell Inn for your honeymoon. The perfect place to go to have a lot of wonderful wedding memories for years to come.


My friend and I had lunch at the Lowell Inn. Our waitress was very attentive to our every need and want. I ordered a bowl cream of mushroom soup and I asked my waitress to ad one piece of grilled chicken to it. My soup was the best soup that I have ever had, My friend ordered there crab cakes and she said they were very good.


I would highly recommend eating at the Lowell Inn for an amazing upscale dining experience with an awesome atmosphere.

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Caru Tuna Recipe Cat Treats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Caru Tuna Recipe Cat Treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

My house cat Kohl was extremely excited as he gobbled down his Cara Tuna Baked Bites from Chewy.Com. Kohl wanted more Caru treats constantly. My house cat Garfunkel ate the Caru treats the second they were laid in front of him.


Caru Tuna Recipe Baked Bites are made with wild tuna, no GMO ingredients, no wheat, gluten, corn or soy ingredients. Caru means” to love” in Welsh. Caru is prepared to help keep your cat happy, healthy and full of life. Caru is made in the USA with tuna caught in Canada or the USA. Caru is a healthy snack or supplement to your cats diet. Caru is a family owned company.

I gave Caru Tuna Recipe Cat treats from Chewy.Com to my next door cats. Mr. Gray ate up the Caru treats ASAP. Russ was happy with the Caru tuna recipe cat treats. Cali ate up a good share of the Caru tuna recipe cat treats. Hilford found the treats quickly and Nicole ate up her portion of Caru Tuna recipe Baked Bites from Chewy.Com.

I gave some Caru tuna recipe treats to Maggie my outdoor cat. The treats were barely placed in front of her and they disappeared like streak lightening. Maggie knows a healthy treat when one is presented to her. She gives it her stamp of approval quickly and efficiently.


I gave some more Caru tuna recipe baked bites from Chewy.Com to my house cats again this evening. Kohl loved his Caru treats again. Garfunkel just about inhales the Caru tuna recipe baked bites as he eats them up faster than the speed of sound practically.

I love feeding my cats healthy cat treats that are made in the USA with high quality ingredients.


Home is a place where laughter abounds around every corner. Memories  are found in every nook and crevice of your home. We always come home for celebrations and funerals. Home is where the heart is. There is no place like home as the old saying goes.

We gather around the table on Thanksgiving day reflecting back on all the people in our lives that have made Thanksgiving day a day to be truly Thankful for. We are thankful for our families, friends, good health, a good job and so much more. God has blessed us with a bountiful harvest of family, friends, and good food and an everlasting tie to God that cannot be broken.


We come home at Christmas time to be with our family and awesome friends, We reflect on all the people that have come and gone in our home throughout the years. We remember past Christmases as a child and what a joy it was to find that perfect Christmas present under the tree waiting for us to unwrap it and have fond memories of it yet today.


A home changes throughout the years as people die and babies are born. A new family moves into your old home place to make fond memories of their own. They remodel your home to meet their current needs at the time. There is a constant circle in the chain of life. Life cannot go on without changes in it. We have to adapt to constant change in our life day after day if we are to survive in this World.

All of us come home to die or to be buried in our hometown. We all want to be in a place where everybody knows us and loves us for who we are. I  love my home, family, friends, pets and God my creator.

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The Older Cat

As your cat gets older he will require more sleep. My older cats like to sleep in the warmest place possible in my house. They like to sleep next to heat runs and in heated cat beds.

All of my older cats still love to play with cat toys. By having a young cat in the house with your older cat will make your older cat more active. My older cats still rule in my house.  If they want to sit on my lap they give my young house cat a gentle little nip on the rump and my lap is theirs now.


Some older cats get arthritis and your vet can give them some pills to lessen their pain. The older cat does not maneuver around as good as he used to. He might jump on top of something and knock things down now.

I have had several cats live to be eighteen years old. They were very limber up to about age seventeen. They would still chase rabbits and kill mice. One of my fifteen year old outdoor cats had one kitten on Dec. 1 . She managed to keep the kitten alive. She would sit on her kitten most of the day to keep him extra warm.

Older cats will not be able to groom themselves like they used to. The barbs on their tongues wear down with age. Help your older cat by brushing and combing out his hair and his coat will have that magnificent luster once again. Remember your older cats immune system is not what it used to be. Make sure all of his shots are up to date and remember to keep all of his annual checkups with your vet. You and your cat can enjoy each others company for many years to come. I hope you and your cat stay happy and healthy to a ripe old age.

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Fall is a time for us to harvest the fruits of our labor. I love eating my frozen garden vegetables in the long cold winter months ahead. Fall is a time when we can plan out a garden for next year and see if we want to try out any new varieties of garden vegetables.

I love to make applesauce from my apple trees. I do not ad any sugar to my applesauce as it is sweet enough just from the plain apples used in making the applesauce. Applesauce is a wonderful winter snack.  I used too freeze a lot of apple pies that I would eat or give away or take to gatherings.



I love looking at the awesome fall foliage in the fall. The trees have vivid and avid colored leaves extending from their branches which are one of Gods awesome creations. I love the fall temperatures which are neither too hot or too cold . I love to walk outdoors and hear the leaves crunch under my feet. I like to pick up pretty fall leaves and press them in a book between wax paper.

Fall lets the soil rest until next spring. The soil gains nutrients through the stubble left behind after the fall harvest which makes for rich soil in the spring.


It is fun to watch the squirrels gathering up walnuts for the cold winter months ahead. They bury them in the ground or hid them in a building, woodpile, car, house or various other places. My cats start getting a nice thick coat of fur on their bodies to give them a little extra insulation in the winter months ahead.

We put finishing touches on all of our outdoor projects. We check the anti freeze in our cars, caulk, sweep out the garage, check the tread on our tires, till up our garden, trim off old foliage and lots of other things to get ready for the long winter ahead.

I take my convertible out for a few more drives before it gets too cold. We check our furnace, foundation for leaks and ad insulation to our attic if necessary.

I hope you and your family have an awesome fall driving around looking at fall foliage and going to orchards ,etc. I love to take short little trips in the fall as there is so much too see and do.

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Cats And The Predicaments They Get Into

My Mother had a cat years ago that jumped onto the top of a wood burning stove and she burned the bottom of her paws. Their cat let out a horrible wailing sound. They put Vaseline on the bottom of her paws and she healed up quickly from her wood burning stove ordeal.

I had a half grown cat ride on top of the gas tank of my car all the way to the college that I was attending which was about a twenty minute drive from where I live. I noticed my cat sitting on a tire in between my classes. I told the secretary at the college my predicament and she gave me a box to put my cat in. It was Sept. and I did not have to worry about him getting overcome with heat by being in my car. He stayed in the box until my last class. I noticed him looking out of my back window. We drove home and he jumped out with no effects from his adventurous day of travel.


I have had house cats climb up trees when I let them out for awhile. One of my cats stayed up in the tree even though it was starting to rain outside. When she was soaking wet she decided to come in and she gave me a look that could kill. I told her I tried to get you to come in but you would not come.

I have had friends tell me that their outdoor cats had got their heads stuck in a can, jar, hot dog wrapper, etc. Luckily all of them noticed their cats predicaments right away before they suffocated to death. They used a can opener and butter to get the can off of their cats head. They very carefully broke the jar off of their cats head with a hammer and the hog dog wrapper only required a scissors to remove it from Fluffs head.

I hope all of you and your feline friends are successful in getting out of your predicaments.

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Job 11: 6

And that he would shew thee the secrets of wisdom, that they are double to that which is ! Know therefore that God exacteth of thee less than thine iniquity deserveth.

Job 11 : 12

For vain man would be wise, though man be born like a wild ass ‘s colt.

Job 38 : 2

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge ?

With age comes knowledge and wisdom. A just man will use his knowledge correctly for the benefit of all mankind. If you use your wisdom to harm people you have learned nothing at all. Knowledge comes from books and surrounding yourself with the right people that will lead down the right path in your life. Be careful of the company you keep because ultimately you become the company you keep.

With wisdom comes a deeper understanding of all things. You develop a clearer picture of things in your life that are truly important and forget about the little trivial things. Surround yourself with people that will increase your wisdom and knowledge and you will be able to achieve great things in your life.


Wisdom can take along time to come to some people. The wise man never lets grass grow under his feet. God is very wise, he knows us better then we know ourselves. God knows our thoughts and needs and what we need in our lives and we can achieve most anything with Gods knowledge and wisdom helping us each and everyday of our lives.

Everyday that we are alive on Earth is a day to gain more knowledge and pass on our knowledge to future generations to come. Wisdom is earned and learned from the process of everyday living and perfecting on what we have learned to help people live longer and to be able to accomplish their up-most achievements that will benefit all of man kind for many years to come.

Be a life long learner and study the Bible everyday of your life and you will truly be a wise person to do this on a regular basis.

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Halo Chicken Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided Halo Chicken Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My cats next door absolutely loved their Halo canned cat food. Mr. Gray, Hilford, Nicole, Russ, and Bella started eating their chicken Halo canned cat food immediately. Bella growled at her other house mates as she ate away. Peter came out of hiding and ate large gulps of Halo chicken canned cat food from Chewy.Com.


Faith and Cali decided to try some Halo and they ate some but they had filled themselves up on dry cat food before I feed them. Sherlock found a large piece that I had set to the side for him and it was gone in a split second. Addi let her grown kittens eat all the Halo they wanted. Addi always lets her family eat first.

Addi on a Trixie hammock

Halo is grain free and has a chicken recipe Pate made with whole meat, non – GMO vegetables, and has lots of vitamins and minerals in it for your cats health. They use no rendered meat and Halo is made in the USA.

Mr. Gray could not wait to eat more Halo. I hardly put the Halo down for him and he started eating to his hearts content. Bella noticed the canned Halo immediately and she growled as the other cats came to eat. Bella is the senior cat in the house and she lets the others know her hierarchy in the house. My other cats let her have her moment in the sun when it comes to her favorite foods. Russ, Hilford and Sherlock get to eat next to Bella. Bella likes Russ as he always stands up for her and he is her knight in shining  armour. Addi finally decided her grown kittens had eaten enough and she enjoyed her portion of Halo Chicken Canned Cat Food from Chewy.Com.

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Love Is Not Judgmental, Boastful Or Jealous

If you are constantly judging your friends every mood or action you do not really love them unconditionally. If you have to fit into a certain little mold that the other person wants you to fit into your friendship will not last long.

If you are married and your husband  will not let you keep your old female friends he is controlling you and do not allow him to make his own friend list for you. If you are a man and you can never get together with your old buddies your wife is controlling you. If you feel the need to control someone or something that is not love it is a power trip over another person at their expense. If  a person is jealous of your old friends from the past they really don’t love you they just want to control you constantly and life is too short to have conditions put on friendships.

upper range light


I think of my friends equally nobody is any better or any worse than another friend is. I will not pick one friend over another to please someone. Good friends are hard to come by treat them with the up most respect and dignity possible.

Do not be boastful or  brag about things. People that love you  know the real you. Do not make yourself seem bigger then what you really are in life. Be honest and open in your relationships with others in your life. Being honest to yourself and others is one thing that will take you very far in life.

lower range light

Be kind, gentle, caring and giving with all of your friends. Be an anchor for your friends. Be a lighthouse that will light the way for your friends when  the storms  of life enter their life. Be a beacon that always leads your friends back to the shore which is on solid ground. Remember God is always by you side in the storms and turmoils in life. God bless all of you each and everyday with his constant and undying love for each and everyone of us in this World and Beyond.

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